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    In reply to: diana on Thursday 23/09/04 01:16pm Nice announcement today, and POS on the move again. Big volumne too. Think this has come at the right time.
  2. In reply to: MoneyMania on Thursday 30/09/04 05:58am By the way i am not anti automation. In fact my house is fully automated using PLC's , computer based software, and other tricks of the trade. It is automated to the extent where I can acces everything via my laptop 9 securely), and control every device in every room. Gees I can even turn the christmas lights on santas sleigh. lol No flimsy protocols or so called U beaut technolgies though.
  3. In reply to: the rooster on Wednesday 29/09/04 09:47pm Most sensible post on this board I have read to date. Good luck to any suckers out there with a view to holding this one long term.
  4. In reply to: extralite on Wednesday 29/09/04 07:01pm Ok Mr scholar. You then enlighten me as to the advantages of their automation ok? You tell me all about the protocol they are using and the benefits its has for 240volt 50hz Ac, Ok?I tell you what. Go down to dick smith Powerhouse buy the latest install it and tell me how you go OK. ROFLMAO As to education Mr Scholar, you're in a school of your own. http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif
  5. MoneyMania


    In reply to: fumod on Wednesday 29/09/04 01:31pm k thx, meant newmont. Doh, how could I have mixed those two up.
  6. SKG being hit again. has been in a downward trend since I last posted here. .046 is a real possibility. This company is based entirely on hot air. They're latest deal with tricky dick means nothing, and I have sussed out they're so called "new technology" In my opinion it's a crock. All of these are my opinions. anyone willing to get shirty about too bad.
  7. MoneyMania


    I daresay the latest weather will mean a bumper crop for SPC. I like it.
  8. MoneyMania


    whats the go with this one guys? I thought they went down after the smelter debacle in Queensland. Anyone know if Normandy/newcrest still has a holding in it? Is there a future?
  9. MoneyMania


    In reply to: brerwallabi on Wednesday 29/09/04 10:48am I agree 100%. The only thing intelligent about that publications is the people behind it. they're the ones making the money. http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/stun.gif
  10. Just a polite question here. Are the same admin running the show, or are they on holidays? I have a problem with PM's. I keep getting prompted that I have a PM from -- time -- date --. I look at my Pm and it is red with two. I open the Pm and there's nothing. Has sharescene been taken-over? http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/ohmy.gif I used to think sharescene was the bee knees but lately I am beginning to have doubts. http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/sadsmiley02.gif
  11. MoneyMania


    My recollection is that it peaked around this time some years back, here's fingers crossed.
  12. Think we are back to mid low nineties, could be wrong though. Good luck
  13. In reply to: LookingConfident on Friday 24/09/04 02:26pm lol You obviously know squat about vfl/afl history. Good on you lol.
  14. In reply to: AgentCooper on Sunday 26/09/04 01:44pm Go Power lol
  15. You'll see. http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif (Whatever that smiley means)
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