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  1. Nice to see some good discussion on KCN. I bought in at $3.63 in early January. I thought I was on a real good thing when they quickly went to $4.45. Then I watched them plummet to $2.70, but didn't have the courage to buy more. But I did take up the rights offer of $3.55 a few weeks ago. KCN is one of the top three gold shares on the ASX (the others being OXR and NCM ) and it has a much higher divvy yield then either of those 2. I am buggered if I know why it receives so little attention, either on the other bulletin boards or by the analysts. Thailand is much more politically stable than either Laos (OXR) or New Guinea (LHG). Maybe its just not controversial enough. All it does is mine lots of gold and then pay the profits back to the shareholders. Boring Boring. I am in this one for the long haul, just keep paying those dividends guys. Plumbum
  2. KCN has been up over $4 before, around Feb if I remember. But didn't stay there for long. How long will it last this time? Pb (Also known as leadarse)
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