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    In the old days they just played the game Big controversies like body line made the news Today social media and the rapacious mainstream media want anything to fill the 24/7 news cycle Anything is fodder, a bowler tripping over , a bouncer hitting a helmet The more alarming the better It is as though marginal entrants to the Test arena Are trying to modify the conditions of the contest I’m not too good at hooking bouncers for 6 So could you please ban them for me and all the others like me
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    All the political elites are taking advantage of the electorate being distracted by the COVID "Emergency" to introduce more of their crazy Woke agenda. NZ has spent vast amounts on COVID Their income sources especially tourism will take a while to recover Where is the money coming from? To fund the response to this Wokey Climate Emergency Alarmism The politicians are inhaling their own rectitude Soon to be rebadged by the reality of unsustainable debt as their stupidity What has happened to the NZ War on feral animals? How many fewer possums, stoats, cats, rabbits, ferrets, minks, foxes, pigs , rats are there now? All hot air! You can tell when a politician is on the level when the drivel flows from both sides of their mouth.
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    The fact that we have not heard of any APP notifications from the government propaganda channels means that the APP is Useless
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    BIOVYZR 1.0 Looks good No one will come near you Only US$249 on special Might become mandatory for the nightclub set Like the gear used on that movie "The Hurt Locker"
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    Real reporters are very important but not to the mainstream media. You are right about the cut-paste mentality They save money by plagiarism You know a real reporter when their outlet is attacked by the politicians and the MSM The MSM doesn't tolerate dissent from the anointed line There are some inciteful blogs out there Try Quillette
  6. You raise a good point about HIV etc. They could just as well make the app universal so it covers any notifiable disease.
  7. This thread started when cash was worth something In 2005 you could get 5.5%+ Today you get effectively a negative interest rate CBA settlement account pays 0% and their Saver account pays 0.05% There is a lot of cash earning less than nothing Cash may be still be king because you are "guaranteed" to maintain the face value of your stash Whereas the alternatives are more likely to erode it away. What do you do with it? Bank deposits - hard to find a term deposit that pays 2% ASX - Dividends shot, banks provisioning for Armageddon, iron ore price at whim of china, oil price kaput with 2nd order effects coming Property - Immigration the driver of the market to be cut, mortgage defaults , rent defaults, few international students wanting units, too many units in pipeline Gold - always around but subject to big swings Spend It -? Once the covid emergency is over reality and its judgement will return.
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    He is just providing some lateral thinking. It may be better if he kept it to himself. He seems to lack situational awareness. He generally speaks and acts the same way wherever he is. That is good and bad. Good as he often cuts through the BS the panicky COVID modellers and experts throw up as gospel. Bad in that he opens himself up to criticism from his opponents. I didn't interpret his comments as saying he was favouring injection of disinfectant. He was favouring a search for solutions and just encouraging that. In an election year he is a target and all the naysayers have him in their sights. Jonathan Swift said: "When a true genius appears you can know him by this sign; That all the dunces are in a confederacy against him" I don't think Trump is a true genius but I'm sure that all the dunces are in a confederacy against him.
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    I think the swedes see that the deaths would have occurred anyway but later on. In a severe shutdown there is little population immunity developed, and with necessary relaxation the risk of severe outbreaks and more deaths. They are trying to "inoculate" their population so they are more resistant for the longer term.. A vaccine is unlikely for 18 months or more , if at all. They also rely on their population taking sensible precautions. and they are not restriction free having undertaken some shut-down actions. I doubt that their internal economy has been damaged as much as in other countries.
  10. It is surreal watching the pandemic curve unfold From what I've read three waves are normal Relax then next wave relax next wave and so on until it vanishes We can't keep locked down for too long When new cases are in a falling trend parts of the economy should open up How will the govt reverse the stimulus measures When some one is given money they will not want to give it up, they will want more How will it all be funded when other countries doing same thing COVID Bonds? Can Australia afford to keep paying for the stalled economy I doubt that govt can hold up the east coast real estate market Though it has been suggested that real estate will be the new gold(by RE investor of course) As interest on cash investment account is almost zero Are we heading for hyper inflation fuelled by the printing presses I agree with you that stock market is in dead cat bounce We have had first big down leg followed by bounce then to come - drop then bounce then second big leg down followed by same sequence And hopefully consolidation.
  11. "Going to Bunnings" is the vibe
  12. Is the Australian east coast Sydney - Melbourne real estate markets in a bubble ? A bubble primer - context Canada https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pC6GStFNR8g What is so different about Australia that will sustain our bubble and prevent the bubble burst? Both have chinese money pouring in.
  13. Here is another good one from Auckland NZ, as bad if not worse than Sydney. From a "Lion" of the market. "Secret to buying Auckland property: 'use parents' house', says super investor" "Hoy Fong, an Auckland Property Investors Association member and property coach, is encouraging Aucklanders whose parents own houses to use that to get their own homes" http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/ar...jectid=11753446 What will happen when interest rates go up and property values stop rising ? At some point there will a rush for the exit and property isn't very liquid.
  14. This one bells the cat. From The Australian Business Review 21/11/16 In the Article developer Mr Triguboff is quoted as saying : - "There is no housing bubble, I promise you"
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    Good news , sold out of sugarloaf at profit Will pay off debt Huge rise today
  16. Shows that banks are not exactly keen on foreclosing, as they would have to write off a vast amount Provisioning for $2.5bn only indicates caution as they don't want to collapse the house The outstanding bank loans to oilers must be a huge total Anyone know how much?
  17. You see it well The USD weakening further dragging the AUD upwards until no more commodity price rises can be sustained Then the bubble bursts
  18. wasa, He is just being hesitant or maybe trying to show the futures market who is the boss dog, and he will put rates up next month ! Back in 08 he left rates high too long so he is overcorrecting this time the other way Real estate still seems to be going bonkers and the whole range of dodgy lending practices - no deposit loans seem to be in the news again Banks are sitting on mountains of cash they has to be pushed somewhere The hesitancy seems to reveal that none of us including the banks and the RBA really believe deep down, that with the USA and the Eurozone stuffed that any significant progress will be made, and China is simply spending its savings on a Hope. How long can they keep it going ?
  19. What planet is he from ? "Financial markets are still characterised by a degree of uncertainty" -- when will they ever be otherwise ? He should have put up rates and he will regret today as inflation is booming - maybe traded goods are low but asset markets like housing are again running beserk.
  20. How do they do it in other countries ? Europe - inheritance is typical We think we have unlimited land hence the vast urban sprawl ,while we have very limited liveable land mostly near the coast which so happens to be the arable land which we have built on Europeans value their land for what it can provide , so live more vertically with smaller dwellings Imagine if a tribe of australian real estate developers gained the upper hand in the UK - there wouldnt be a green field left anywhere just a sea of houses - like Kellyville which was once a place of dairy farms but now is a nightmare of legoland houses. All those people could have been well accommodated on half the land footprint so that you would have had some parks or even places left that could grow food The realisation that our land is really limited is catching up with us
  21. blatant money printing you forecast very high inflation to wipe away the debts didnt work in zimbabwe visionary america - a new green revolution - if they can exchange their inventiveness for export income well and good but the rest of the world needs to be convinced that they need the US products - physical or intellectual - more than the US needs their products to make a difference to the US economy
  22. you are right to be sceptical - if it cant be reduced to a simple net bottom line it is too complex. I suggest that if you do have a query about the RBA statistics email them with your question reduced to the simple level you are interested in - they may be able to assist also if you are interested Steve Keen who has a "rogue" economist status may answer your debt questions - his website has a lot of processed RBA data SteveKeen If the RBA the US Fed and all the others were so good and the reporting systems so transparent were they simply asleep and allowed the GFC to happen - any conclusion would have to be that they were incompetent in the role that was expected of them but the politicians were involved and they have no tether to Reason - just populism for re-election - cant have prudential advice getting between a voter and a 100% no-interest loan can we ? as one commentator has said the Financial System would be best assured by the absence of so called "Smart people" experimenting with "fancy products" Accountants need no more than 4 function maths --- not complex at all it is when the accountants cant fulfil the needs of the Greedy fast enough that tricks to increase leverage were introduced reduced to its roots a financial system should be a simple loan service for which you pay a reasonable fee the "financial services industry" is an apt name - a Service industry not a Growth industry - a service at a reasonable utility type profit
  23. Sounds like a signal for the TRUE TOP of the Australian Real Estate Bubble Australians will gamble on a Fly crawling up a wall - are CFDs a gamble ? does a Pie need sauce ? banks exposed 60%+ to RE
  24. Wren, Steve has already done the walk , months ago - he had the courage of his convictions He walked the talk as for Rory - he is a smug fellow and his time may come ? - but as we know the RE moral hazard is so high with the unrelenting govt tinkering that the govt will keep on doing it for as long as they can afford to RE never goes down in Australia ! That Grantham bloke should just shut up and let us have our moment in the sun buying and selling houses with not a worry
  25. like ASIC was for HIH, onetel, opes prime , storm, trees and all the other disasters on its watch - an expensive farce rory robertson reckons there is absolutely no problem in RE - can only ever go up as 75% of the debt is held by the top 40% of income earners like to see Rory drag his pampered self to Mount Kosciuszko
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