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  1. Anyone give me some insight as to why FMS would be worth its current maket cap $217 million ? I see the have several Diamond Explortation Programs which I am unsure how much they are worth. I do like the Nearology factor of its 882 Iron Ore project which is next to FMG fields. Their initial estimates is a 300mm tonne of Iron Ore. Thoughts ?
  2. Short Term Bounce then More Downside ?
  3. looks like it filled the gap! 3 Days to go for some action from the russians!! Russian roullette !
  4. In reply to: arty on Monday 21/07/08 01:23pm so i guess the doji is gone ? news on bloomberg http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=con...id=aFz7wavsuxQw 3 major shareholders were offered 90 cents over the weekend (speculation) also they say the russians can offer upto $1.10 for CFE sounds good to me. they have only 4.5 days to come up with the takeover bid. hostile bid?
  5. toilet


    yeap technically this one is not looking very good. but if you compare this one to the overall market its been holding up pretty well. And its main asset is its 2 platinum farms in South Africa (not gold) if you read the latest resource upgrade/update it will note that there is announcment to come withint weeks of a deal. What deal is this ? With Tony Sage having done so well in CFE i am "speculating" he will just be as succesful with IGC
  6. whats a high doji ? traders perspective i think you would be spot on. i am prepared to hold in on CFE until its over 90cents what i really want to see is a bidding war between the russians and chinese then we would be going but i doubt it since the chinese dont hold any at this stage.
  7. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...refer=australia Tony Sage said any takeover bid under $1.20 will not be accepted.
  8. yeah aparantly they russian guy owns Delong which has a load of options too which will take their holding over 20% (takeover bid to come!) btw Tony Sage is also heading up another company IGC do you think it can be just as succesful arty ?
  9. Merrill Lynch could just be acting on someones behalf if you ask me. But thats my guess, they may just be the custodian who holds it on behalf of someone. Thats just my guess though. Last rumour was russians !!
  10. Saw this on the net about CFE http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story...5005200,00.html however it only appears to be exercise of options to me. 14% of issued capital bought up by unknown buyer Ideas? thoughts ? Someone wants to get in to block the sale ?
  11. With the whole market falling its hard for this one to stand up without some good news. People are probably selling to top up margin accounts. However 8 months ago Dont forget there was a takeover bid on NUF when it was trading at these prices for about $17.25+0.30 dividend by the Chinese Company. So if logic does make sense this one should recover if there is no hiccups in the business
  12. toilet


    45% resource upgrade! yet still no action !
  13. toilet


    LLC tried to make an offer for FKP (retirement sector) However this has been turned back by FKP BBC's share price has more than halfed since listing IPO $1.15 LLC has just bought a 6% stake in the company at 45 cents about someone smelling a takeover coming ?
  14. toilet


    Good news out for Sims group http://news.smh.com.au/business/scraps-wor...80618-2sjr.html to me that sounds like its good the industry which is what CMV is doing. However the lack in size of the company could be the drag. Any thoughts ?
  15. hey urgalzmine am i ramping ? hahahaha well just need to calrify then, everything before was just my opinion and does not constitute to a buy recommendation. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gif walmart problem is just a dark cloud atm whether it will rain or clear up no knows for sure. it will be like forecasting weather. so i guess its time to short BXB then urgalzmine ?
  16. Well market sentiment is definately paying a big impact at the moment. For BXB I am assuming people are factoring recession and economic slow down to hit the bottom line. Whether or not this will happen is yet to be seen and well , if u dont have any get some, BXB generates heaps of cash so will still always have takeover rumours!
  17. toilet


    Anyone have the research report on CMV by BBY ? They have a Price Target of 90cents on this stock.
  18. People expecting the MCC Sale not to get approved ? Tomorrow is last date 28th of May for the Foreign Investment Review Board to come to a conclusion. How can this fall so much ?
  19. Looks like forming a make or break situation though. Probably with some new/announcment to send this one either lower or re-rated higher. atm looks like its going to break lower though. once 8.75 is breached.
  20. Anythoughts on the CAB graph people ? looks like a top is forming on the technical side however the business model still looks very good and should see many years of growth ahead.
  21. toilet


    Looks like its attracking interest lately. Will probably attract alot more when it changes its name to SAY (South American Iron and Steel Corporation)
  22. Trading Halt today pending announcment on the Cape Lambert Iron Ore project price action and volumes from previous sessions shows that it should be good news. Any thoughts ?
  23. Lack of Interest in CFE Good opportunity to pick up some before Interest increases http://www.capelam.com.au/aurora/assets/us...wart_300108.pdf
  24. toilet


    Warren Buffet Quote "The smarter the journalists are, the better off society is. For to a degree, people read the press to inform themselves-and the better the teacher, the better the student body."
  25. toilet


    I really dont know what is happening with MFS. To me I really cant see any problem with the company, all I can see is the "POTENTIAL" of the financials being screwed up so we are not seeing everything we are supposed to. 1) We can see Barclays being removed from the Major shareholder list selling at what ever reason ? 2) I know a Stock report site has issued a "SELL" on MFS after business seperation & cap raising was annoucned. I dont know if the above will have such a big impact on the share price or not ? I am also assuming auto stop losses and so forth will be causing it to be sold down too. Whats the major concern with MFS ? DEBT (Centro and Rams) people beleive MFS is another Centro and RAMS, however MFS has announced only 150million to be refinanced in March 08 Only which unlikely to be a problem. All other loans are maturing around '11 which is unlikely to be a problem. Stellas has 930mm in debt from MFS, this one i dont really understand ? maybe someone can clarify. (i dont see this as a problem unless theres more to see than what meets the eye). People are reading between lines and assuming there are problems because MFS is having a equity raising to reduce indebtness. (Personally I thought that was part of the reason and possibly to raise funds to funds some rights on the Centro properties) MANAGEMENT As they previously said they would not need to raise capital and yet not they have coming to the market for money is something of a concern on management creditablity. Whether or not the price drop is justified is yet to be seen. - UBS,ABN, Macquarie, Freehills, KPMG all together on Cap Raising and BUsiness split such big names, can thigs really go wrong ? I say get some Call Options to leverage in on the possible upside while minimsing the intial outlay.
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