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    http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/goatee.gif Some positive news is needed to get this one moving, as not even the growing oil price seems to be able to lift this share. Either another company signing on for the pipeline or a decent oil discovery will do. Another factor that should help the s/p would be an increase in its dividend which is a possibility now there quite cashed up, should find that out in the report due out on the 25th of Feb i believe. Its boring the hell out of me but will continue to hold for as soon as i sell its bound to take off. Tag.
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    Anyone have a view on the latest report being negative or positive? ie Elders trustees to be relaunched. Will FCL finally break through resistance at $1.61-62 as big buy orders keep arriving. T/a wise the stochastic is entering an overbought area and if your into bollinger bands it has been touching the upper band for a couple of days now which usually signals a retracement, but because the rsi is not near overbought the signal may not be relevent. Today i think will be a test to see if resistance can be broken or there in for another retracement. Tag.
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    http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/ph34r.gif In my opinion it would be a good time to top up before gold breaks $400.00. As mentioned by others the way gold is building a nice base around $390 it will push through $400 easily and continue on. Cheers Tag
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