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  1. Can't you think for yourself ? You say something about a woman that is not able to respond, then you say "I didn't say anything Clive didn't say" If that is the best you want to be that is up to you.
  2. Do you think this is acceptable to go defaming people like this ? Clive Palmer's claims of Gladys being on the take from Pfizer may prove to be on the money (pun intended) in the end. Just wait for the contagion effect as ithe investigation spreads to Victoria. People need to be very careful what they post these days.
  3. I am not trader and I wish I understood charting better. I am in this as a long term investor. HY21 Results. Copied from another site. Revenue up 278.5% (2.2m to 8.4m) Gross profit up 310% GP Margin up 2.87% from 34.84% to 37.7% Operating Loss down 70% from -1.45m to -0.44m Operating (Approx EBITDA) margin from -65.1% to -5.2% SelfWealth growing at a blistering and accelerating rate but they are scaling well with improving margins and profitability imminent most likely this quarter.
  4. Thank you. As it is a business we all understand I am surprised there is not more interest in it. Appears to be a good long term investment.
  5. Anyone following, investing in, or have comments about SWF ?
  6. What would your 100 year old grandmother invest in ?
  7. Or another view : We really should be grateful to our Board for dumping for this once rapidly-growing, dividend-producing, company with a world monopoly on the foremost Latent TB test, and taking it off our hands for a pitance of a consideration just before it is about to run out of steam and become totally worthless. hA Ha! Boy, we were dumb! We didn't even realise what a turkey we bought ourselves. Wow. We sure were stupid! ( For believing all the BS )
  8. With approx 31 cents of our money for each of our shares in the bank we should expect a nice Final Dividend once the SOA is buried. Nice to get some important information from our managers. A1
  9. JB, as outlined by EB above. I would add someone on the Board with persistence that sticks to their word... what an old fashioned silly concept. I will not be wasting my time with the webcast as why should I put any trust in what comes out of their mouth now ??? "Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derilicts. Presistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan "Press on" has solved the problems of the human race." Calvin Coolidge
  10. OK Squiggs now is the time to put up or shut up. What information do you have ???? Regards A1
  11. . This is from the last CSAG update. If this is an accurate quote I think it is very annoying when he refers to"we" and "our" as it is plain they have no regard for the ( possible ) dumped baggage. We will not be involved and it will not be our company. He will still be involved....no sign of a genuine regards for the rest of us here. A1
  12. Below is from an article re the Centro Group. This is used as an example only as even in the view of a judge directors can appear to act honestly but they may be wanting in other areas of their responsibliity. I totally agree we need to show respect until we know all of the facts. I also understand that when people invest in a business they are investing in their future, so when they are confronted by a backflip or U turn from what they understood to be truthful over a number of years, there may be some emotion involved. If the headwinds are that serious, were they asleep at the wheel ?? I thought the good ship CST was sturdy vessel, now we are told to abondon ship and take to the liferafts. Very strange.
  13. mrcurly Why should we think what comes out of their mouth now is any different from the obvious bull...t we have been told about the future of CST over the past ten years ? Regards A1
  14. If management is serious about shareholders making an informed decision on the SOA it is essentiial we have the 2011 FY figures. We are the current owners of CST and I trust our management have not forgotten where their loyalties and obligations should be. With approx $ 30 million in the bank by now ( my guess ) that is 0.31 cents per share of our money $ 3.55 minus 0.31 = $ 3.24 offer. How generous !! A1
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