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    In reply to: ijay on Wednesday 26/04/06 09:09pm Hello Ijay, Thanks for your post-excellent news all round. When you start doing the sums on both projects over the anticipated life of mines, it gives you more reason to hold this company, especially if there is no further dilution of shares (which there shouldn't be). Hope we get to see MDL achieve these plans without some other acquisitive company also recognising the potential of this company. Sounds like the debt requirement of about $170m USD to complete the projects is well in hand with Rand Bank & EIB both significant and high profile financiers. So once this is finalised they should be in a position to start construction on both projects. Pretty amazing achievement by this company to be effectively developing simultaneously two world class projects. Thanks again. Buyhigh.
  2. buyhigh


    Hello Ijay and any other MDL er's. Wasn't going to post until we reached $2 and this does only appear to be a matter of time. It really impressed me a company could raise equity representing about 50% of their capitalisation at only about a 10% discount to the market price at that time. The fact that this was an equity raising also avoided any messy debt covenants which may have required hedging of future gold sales. This may be a good outcome seeing the the gold price appears to be consolidating above $610-615 USD. The share price has now climbed back to near highs and would be surprised if there is much weakness in share price after shares under the SPP are allotted and there is still a second large tranche of shares under the placement to come onto the market at the end of April. This may also be a good thing as the stock may become more liquid. I took up my 2 full entitlements under the SPP without any hesitation and have no plans to sell. The next quarterly activity report should be due soon and I hope this contains further assay data for Sabolda. Somewhere in the past couple of months I can remember reading they had about 80% of drill results and were waiting on further assay results. The meeting tomorrow should hopefully provide a progress report on these together with proposed construction activity now they have raised funds. And then there may be an update on the progress with the mineral sands project as well. If there is anything of significance at the meeting tomorrow could you please do a quick post. However that said, another thing I like about this company is that they do keep shareholders well informed.
  3. buyhigh


    In reply to: ijay on Monday 27/02/06 04:54pm Hi Ijay amd all other MDL holders. I still have my MDL shares from before the last SPP a couple of years ago and I also was lucky enough to put 50,000 shares into my super fund at 60 cents in July 2005. Have no intention of selling either if my holdings as this company is well managed (albeit having 2 projects in Africa which still causes me to worry about sovereign risk) and has a lot further to go over the next 12 months. Excellent quarterly which indicated there will be news on both Sabodola and Grande Cote by the end of March. I sent an email to the company about 2-3 weeks ago and whilst not providing dates they did confirm there would be further announcements hopefully be mid March-will be interesting to see if this includes anything on their finance requirements given announcement in 12/2005 they had appointed Macquarie but may be a bit early for this as MDL still had $16m at end of last quarter. Also suprised me the MDL market cap has reached $280m which may also see it coming to the attention of institutional investors over the next 12 months as further advances are made by the company. Good luck to all MDL'ers.
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    In reply to: ijay on Tuesday 09/08/05 08:47pm Hi Ijay and any other secret MDL followers. I really liked the quarterly report as well and the progress being made-the bit about social responsibility and the use of a consultant to assist in this reinforced my opinion of the management of this company. It may now only be a sideline with the African progress but there was no mention in the quarterly of the mineral sands marketing venture in Tamil Nadu-it was mentioned in the 3rd quarter report though. The company website shows the webpage for this project as being "under construction". Might send MDL an email about this project and if there is anything of consequence will put details on SS. Buyhigh
  5. buyhigh


    In reply to: ijay on Monday 25/07/05 08:21pm Ijay, you are not alone. Have been a silent supporter of this one for at least the past 2 years. Initially brought a small speculative holding of 10,000 shares at a price of about 27 cents from memory, and kept topping up since (including SPP about 12 months ago). Have just brought more in the past fortnight, this time for the super fund. African based projects and sovereign risk usually concern me but MDL to date have really not put a foot wrong and you don't seem to hear too much about Senegal n the news (which I hope is a good thing). They also have diversification with the mineral sands and I agree with you Ijay that the mineral sands side of the company is looking strong given current mineral prices. You won't see any rapid share price rises with MDL but definitely confident we will be sitting well above the current share price in 12 months time. As usual PDYOR. Regards BUYHIGH. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
  6. In reply to: whitepointer on Sunday 30/01/05 10:45am gip azc gun iat deg
  7. buyhigh


    Came into GGN via a holding I had in Spinifex. It hasn't done much since that time but stuck with it as I liked the overall picture and bought more in the SPP. In the past week volume and price has picked up and charts would indicate some resistance around 30 cents was broken (just) on Friday. Hopes to be a gold producer by QE 12/04 and it looks like there might be some interest in this one now.
  8. Thank you Anne for a very informative post. I'm pretty confident about this one too and despite any short term price movements am inclined to put this one in the bottom drawr for a while. I agree with you about any efforts to remove Stephen Millar-this can only be good for the company and SP.
  9. Have been watching this one over the past week and bought some yesterday. There seems to be some pick up in volume and price and charts would appear to confirm this uptrend. However I'm fairly ordinary with TA and would like to hear from any chartists with an opinion where this one is going.
  10. Bought some of these Monday morning at 13 cents. Price is now 15 cents with what looks like good buy depth at 14 cents and below. Some posters have expressed concerns about this company but would be curious what members think where the share price is going in the short term.
  11. This one has been on my watchlist for a while due to the level of franked dividend yield. Today the price hit a 12 month low and the buying depth doesn't look good. Has anyone any thoughts as there has been no recent announcements from the company.
  12. New member so hi everyone. Bought some MTT for the super fund last week as I like the plans this company has for the next 12-18 months. The majority shareholder is of concern if it decides to sell though. Has anyone any thoughts
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