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  1. Great result. The market likes it!
  2. Tuesday's trading halt in NZ was short-lived and necessary owing to the 2 hour time difference. NZX started trading after the ANZ profit announcement but before the ASX start. Musn't allow arbitrage between the two, it seems.
  3. Shareprice turning up today. Time to think about covering those shorts?
  4. Not a big deal. ANZ announced some time ago that it intended to sell its "bits and pieces" to concentrate on the core business. Recent sales include shareholdings in a couple of Asian banks, Australian finance company Esanda, NZ finance company UDC. Also thought to be interested in seling Australian insurance and wealth mangement businesses. Certainly, the capital released this way will be useful, given higher capital requirements!
  5. Personally, I'd wait for the RSI to turn and start to rise.
  6. Shareholders always pay for the incompetence and mistakes of management - there's nothing unusual about that. Woolies just happens to be a big, expensive example of such a failure of strategy.
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    Thanks, clark, much appreciated. Pretty comprehensive for "random thoughts"!
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    And it touched $15 in 2008 before the GFC brought it back to earth. I held them a few years previously, made a modest profit and have spent the last decade being tempted to have another nibble. Never did!
  9. FBU reports increased profit and increased final dividend. No mention of any "bust up"!
  10. Nothing more since this announcement about the possible IPO for a partial sale of the Gum Creek prospect. Less than 3 weeks ago so perhaps a bit soon to see anything further. Meanwhile, the recovery in the PoN seems to have run out of puff. http://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20160711/pdf/438h54c629npjh.pdf
  11. Something like 50% in the last five months. Perhaps it's the news of the massive house building boom expected in Auckland in the next several years.
  12. Confusion between Trustpower - TPW on the NZX - and an entirely different TPW on the ASX. The former traded today at $7.74 and has a low for the last 12 months of around $7.20.
  13. Anticipation of the PFS for Carapateena which is due to be finalised this month and released before the end of May.
  14. Yes, the shareprice jumped from around $3 to to $3.75 on that announcement and is now trading at a shade under $4. The future now looking much brighter! Disc: I hold a few.
  15. Yes, one certainly wonders! Can only assume that with all operations being mothballed, cash will run down rapidly and will need to be replenished- hence the bargain-basement priced cash issue. It may turn out to be a case of throwing good money after bad but the only way to prevent dilution of one's holding is to take up the rights.
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