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  1. So mista, Are you suggesting that 'Assumptions' which are made in almost all so called 'research' cannot be highlighted? Once there was a degree of intellectual rigor on SSc. However we now have the situation that any idiotic statement has to be 'respected'. What a lot of b/s! As you may have guessed by now,my view is that Australians ( I'm one) have an inflated opinion of themselves which is totally result of good luck and nothing else.That luck,imo,is running out. These threads are full of comments from folk who cannot grasp even the simplest of concepts such as what a ratio represents.If these people actually traded in a significant fashion they would have lost their capital years ago. There have been many illuminating moments on SSc.These generally demonstrate a total lack of appreciation of the most fundamental concepts of logical thought. My pick for the most ridiculous posts would have to be SLA. Unhappily there are many close runner ups. The good news is that this is my final post! No more will I have to endure that Gold 'is worth' $3,000,that the U.S. Economy is about to collapse,that FMG was a bargain at $6,that the USD is about to collapse...updated yearly,that there were only three Universities in the UK in 1960,that going long on stocks in a long term downtrend is a great way of making money etc,etc. So,to a few of you on SSc...you know who you are..a fond farewell .
  2. The asset values you quote are totally dependent on the assumptions that are made by the analyst.Suggest you read those assumptions:they range from $60 to over $100 per barrel.These numbers are way in excess of current price. The above is just one example of (imo) such alleged research being a waste of space.If any analyst anywhere in the world knew what the price of oil was going to be in 12 months they would sell the house,buy as many Futures contracts as possible and retire to somewhere sunny with a pleasant companion or two.
  3. Remind you of anything Louie..... 12 Dec 2007 Read Topic In Topic: IFE 20m shares and 600,000 mmt of IRON ORE U DO THE MATHS IFE slipping UNDERNEATH THE RADAR Management Team stripped from BHP Olympic Dam and others ONLY 20 Million Shares on offer and will soon control 80% of Wilcherry Hill said to contain around 600000 million Tonns of Iron Ore DO SOME RESEARCH BUY SOME SHARES My gift to you - MERRY CHRISTMAS CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP Current share price of IFE..? About 2 cents.Unhappy Easter.
  4. Flower, The Hartleys valuation is very recent whereas those you quote are less so.I thought I had made it clear (fwiw) that it is not my own view.The post was meant to be of interest to those who may hold the stock.As you may have gathered I hold Broker's opinion to be worthless. What is interesting is that you have faithfully posted every single ASX Ann. (Including those announcing that a Director farted) wrt CVN,however for some reason...you failed to post this one.
  5. Some interesting reading on that website triage…thanks
  6. FWIW….from a couple of days ago……….."Carnarvon Petroleum Price Target Cut 36% to A$0.18/Share by Hartleys"
  7. Sprott Asset a Management eh. Hope Eric Sprott is not part of this outfit.Dear old Eric made a confident forecast to his devoted followers (in 2011) that Silver would be $100 per onz by 2012!Almost correct except for the decimal point.Today Silver is about $16.50. As for RMS,let's hope it goes well despite the Sprott connection.
  8. BHP has been one of the worst stocks to be in,if long term investment was your aim.Same SP today as 9 years ago. How about now? The TA suggests another leg down is more likely than not.As mentioned previously,it needs to stay above $27 :if it doesn't,expect a large fall.(fwiw,that is what I believe will happen over the next year or so)
  9. Chomp chomp. Give it a rest Louie .
  10. wren


    AUD takes a whacking today on the back of weak China numbers.Down1.0 US cents. China is looking more like a shrinking monster: not good for the very lucky country.
  11. RTR....never heard of it,however they have just appointed Nathan Tinkler as a Corporate Advisor! I'm in!
  12. Agree with all that. If one wishes to be an accurate forecaster,forecast frequently.Sooner or later you wll be correct! When that moment happens..which it will one day..." There you are,I told you so".
  13. Transfer of wealth eh Louie? Members should read Louie's posts from 2009,2008,2007.Now those tips "chomp,chomp",really did transfer wealth,but not to those who fell for Louie's b/s.
  14. ' No cut' it was. (can't be wrong all the time…) Sorry eb,missed your post.
  15. BCI down 11% today.Another Iron ore stock which may go the way of all flesh. The terrible truth is at last being recognised by the market.
  16. Going for 'no cut'. The AUD has had the stuffing knocked out of it.Low commodities are death to AUD (and Oz,imo),so I reckon they will do nothing. Level of confidence in forecast…..low.
  17. I stand corrected.CVN also made some very bullish statements,however these must have been subsequent to Apache. So,what do you make of the recent Ann?
  18. The Market response to the independent assessment could be described as 'muted'.There is plenty of technical comment over the road for those interested.The consensus is that the results are disappointing with some suggesting that CVN initially overcalled their discovery.
  19. wren


    "Atlas Iron Requests Suspension Pending Business Review" Ann. expected within 2 weeks. The beginning of the end for AGO? Dreams of unlimited wealth and endless overseas holidays are fading fast.
  20. FMG has fallen to a multi year low.The price of FMG's bonds is falling.A yield of 14% is available on their USD Bonds.
  21. wren


    Flower, you say "Overnight the broader US market got clobbered" Actually,what happened (I do realise that the real world is irrelevant ) was that the S+P 500 fell 0.40%. Is that "being clobbered'?
  22. Apologies. Slayer,I missed your question.Yes Australian cash ( foreign exchange ) reserves are about $40 billion.Apple has 3.5 times that sum in USD,remarkable really.
  23. Twiggy may have made some very illadvised comments where he seems to have more or less suggested the IO producers should get together to control the price of their product.imo this could be quite serious for FMG.The maximum fines for any such offence...and no charges have been laid at this point,so maybe no breach of the Act actually occurred...are horrendous.From memory,the maximum Civil penalty is 10% of turnover.I believe there are also Criminal provisions though as always it all depends on context. I doubt that this issue will simply fade away.
  24. By the time all the Allied troops were finally evacuated on Jan. 9, 1916, they had suffered 130,000 battlefield casualties, with probably twice that number invalided because of diseases such as dysentery and typhoid. For an attack conceived as a way of reducing the carnage in northern France, it doubly failed. Winnie dreamed up the Gallipoli campaign ,by any objective measure one of the most foolhardy 'adventures' of modern times.Enormous loss of human life down to one man's illconceived and poorly considered vision. Churchill.....no thanks.
  25. Hi again K1 I'm interested in your statements regarding the fall in migration to the U.S. This is from the Congressional Research Service,Nov. 2014. "The United States has a history of receiving immigrants, and these foreign-born residents of the United States have come from all over the world. • Immigration to the United States today has reached annual levels comparable to the early years of the 20th century. • Immigration over the last few decades of the 20th century was not as dominated by three or four countries as it was earlier in the century, and this pattern has continued into the 21st century. • The number of foreign-born residents in the United States is at its highest level in U.S. history, reaching 41.3 million in 2013. • Foreign-born residents of the United States made up 13.1% of the U.S. population in 2013, approaching levels not seen since the proportion of foreign- born residents reached 14.8% in 1910."
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