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  1. That’s with sales of 200-300k units worldwide, they should do that Melbourne alone. Not sure how they came up with those figures and gave it a buy, as they will clearly add zeros to those sales figures if it work as expected.
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    Might be a little conservative on those future oil prices, but enjoying the read. I hold a few, with the long term in mind. http://cbs.marketwatch.com/news/story.asp?...%7D&siteid=mktw
  3. Cant see $1.50 with my chart, but chart shows an ascending triangle. The way I see it, a breakout would have a target of roughly 80cents. However anythings possible long term.
  4. Update, last bar is todays.
  5. Thanks Matt, got it now. Dunno what happened before. NRT looks ok as well, for now. Chart update.
  6. Anyone else unable to access the Ozestock NRT board?
  7. IN REPLY TO A POST BY mminion, Wed 31/03/04 07:02pm mminion, thanks for the explanation. Didn’t cross my mind that people would even attempt that.
  8. Investigational Anti-Cancer Drug Phenoxodiol Produces Response and Restores Chemo-Sensitivity In Four Studies Wednesday March 31, 8:03 am ET Late-breaking Phase 2 Prostate Cancer Study Data Included at AACR http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/040331/dcw018_1.html
  9. IN REPLY TO A POST BY splitview, Wed 31/03/04 06:13pm Hmm this 15 min edit rule I don’t like. So often I reread something ive said that didn’t come out right. In this case it should be when Phenox was given regularly unlike the ovarian trial.
  10. IN REPLY TO A POST BY theadder, Wed 31/03/04 05:33pm For that prostate trial with regular Phenox unlike the ovarian trials, we have seen 66/67% stabilization on the best dosage level. Couple that with the extension of life, zero side effects again and numerous other things previously mentioned, we begin to what we are dealing with. I suspect the market wont be that keen because it means new trials, but I don’t think they understand the what value this drug might have in 2 years when Yale say they expect to present to the FDA.
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    I don’t deny the market may well want to see $$$$$$, before moving, and that’s fine. I use TA and will be there. Disclosure: I do hold a long term position which is free carried from BQT profits.
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    IN REPLY TO A POST BY one fat lady, Tue 30/03/04 06:19pm I said nothing about dollars being shown now. This may well be a freeby, and as far as im concerned it is, without dollars being mentioned. Never the less it shows the scope of just how far and wide these applications can be used, hence the significance imo.
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    Significant announcement imo. Just think of all the employers out there that would like to keep track of employees in the name of security.
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    IN REPLY TO A POST BY jsm, Fri 26/03/04 11:37am Plan the trade, trade the plan, then you have nothing to regret.
  15. QUOTE (andy20020 @ Thu 25/03/04 11:28am)IN REPLY TO A POST BY andy20020, Thu 25/03/04 11:28am That will be the interesting thing Andy. Will they view it negative as before or will they finally see whats really going on here? I remain confident Yale have something up their sleeve that will surprise even the hardened followers. It might be the 10mg dose. If they do see positives then there’ll be a lot of shorts running for cover, which could cause a huge spike imo. MSHL over 12+ would be a massive positive, I agree.
  16. GeeWiz guys, if your going to put massive road blocks right on my targets ill stop posting charts, lol http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif
  17. QUOTE (andyc @ Thu 25/03/04 07:14am)IN REPLY TO A POST BY andyc, Thu 25/03/04 07:14am Many well educated NRT followers believe we have seen the best dose levels already. I however hold hope for the 10mg/kg dose level as it was that dose that saw the best results in tumor reduction in mouse studies when combined with chemo. Its widely accepted that 20mg/kg will not show better results, it may in fact show worse results, so depends if we are judging on the 20 patients or the patients on a certain dose imo and even then 3mg/kg may be the best. What is important to remember imo, is that phenoxodiol was only administered twice a week the way they see it used in combo with chemo. For all the other monotherapy studies its given daily or even 3 times a day. If we had of given PXD that often we may have seen significantly better results in mono. Before the patients of this recent trials were re-challenged with chemo, we know their cancers had began to progress after the PXD was stopped. This tells me that PXD was no longer doing its thing in the body well enough (not surprising since it was no longer being given). Yet we still saw unbelievable results when these patients (who had failed 2-10 chemo regimes before the study began) were re-challenged. So from the above I don’t think any of these results will ultimately be the best, as PXD has not been given a fair change to shine as either a mono or in combo. Yet the results we’ve seen so far are unbelievable compared to other blockbuster drugs already in the market.
  18. QUOTE (theadder @ Wed 24/03/04 09:14pm)IN REPLY TO A POST BY theadder, Wed 24/03/04 09:14pm Thanks for that posting that find theadder. Wonder how they figure this “"Trials on phenoxodiol are key for Novogen as it accounts for about half of the net worth of the company.†When NRTs 87% stake in MSHL is worth more than NRT itself. For that statement to be right we would need to be at $15/ share right now, given the 87% of MSHL is worth roughly $7.50 per NRT share.
  19. splitview


    QUOTE (haspete @ Wed 24/03/04 09:09pm)IN REPLY TO A POST BY haspete, Wed 24/03/04 09:09pm I do. (Need to expand chart to see 3.50 line for some reason.)
  20. Then when we consider the AACR is only a few days away, shorts are at very high levels, the chart looks positive, the other FA ive mentioned including the reports, then maybe perhaps the 6.50 H&S minimum target is just that.
  21. Zoom into the shorter term action and we see a possible reverse head and shoulders pattern that if confirmed gives us a minimum price objective of (strangely enough) 6.50ish. Im not a big fan of price predictions or fibs, but if the evidence adds up I tend to pay some attention. Splitviews TA conclusion: Up from here perhaps to 6.50 zone. Of course money management, position size and a sensible stop should always be in place.
  22. The fibs again show critical levels based on the highs and lows of the last fibs. Fluke? The trendlines, volume, RSI also flukes? All we can know is probability looks good imho. Our target of 6.40-6.60 looks reasonable with a 50% retrace.
  23. Next chart we zoom in a little and look at fib levels for the way down on a medium term basis. They seem to be about right. Gives me more confidence we have seen a bottom along with the other evidence so now I can place new fibs, but what do they show? PS im no fib expert, but will look at them if the nail critical areas as I believe this chart shows.
  24. My TA...........it takes a few charts but hopefully each confirms the other to give further weight to the probabilities. But as always I reserve the right to be wrong, its just the nature of TA. As we can see the longer term trend is in place and a parallel of it is now kicking in, while being driven by the recently tested medium term trendline in an upward direction. Bears will argue a rising wedge pattern which is bearish, while bulls would suggest an ascending triangle (bullish). To make a fair assessment we need more evidence. This chart clearly shows a breakout of the RSI and rising volume suggesting higher coming, perhaps 6.40-6.60.
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