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    I think in all fairness one can say that about any analyst(s). We wait and see my friends.
  2. Sagitar


    Well this report certainly woke me up - Hartley's relatively recent report on Sun Resources (SUR) paints an intriguing set of potentially highly profitable plays. Inspect Figure 7 on Page 9 in their report (but minus the Malta project valued at 74c) and the remaining potential upside "unrisked" value equates to approximately 0.49cps. Hartley report - SUR Good luck! S
  3. Sagitar


    [Yawn] Have you heard any news Flower?
  4. Sagitar


    Hey guys/gals, anyone been watching? Looks like things are starting to move behind the scenes. Currently trading around 2 cents with a highly prospective portfolio in the Eagle Ford Shale fairway, Texas, worth an equivalent of $250M, which equates to around 23 cents per share. Drilling for oil to start soon as part of a low risk, high reward program via multi-zoned payloads. Hope you have your seatbelts on, coz this one will be a biggie imo.
  5. Sagitar


    Anyone watching KRL - they have 8 major coal projects in Indonesia, contract in place with the chinese, and no debt on the books, AND all for the measley price of 14c. Clearly, this one has definitely been overlooked, and that's an understatement! I disclose that I bought a stake recently for these very reasons. I think we have a strong chance of a re-rating soon, once they sell one of their projects for some significant cashflow. Watch this space...it's going to get hot. cheers
  6. Sagitar


    G'day maxine, certainly a lot of eyes on EXM at the moment. Attention at the moment will be at what price these newly placed shares will be distributed, how much, in what form and most importantly imo to whom! Drilling expected to start in about a weeks time and attention will turn to getting these sites jorc compliant. Maybe with this new management we might see something pulled out of the hat - a joint venture of some kind? Interesting to watch what unfolds.
  7. I don't disagree with you there Artie...hehehe Moreover, I've been keeping my other eye out on the POG. Bullish sentiment appears to be returning to this sector, as global markets look a bit undecided at the moment. This would bode well for gold producers. I think there might even be a bit more than a few points on this one...will see. cheers.
  8. LOL - there's certainly been a few zigs and zags with this one. Yes, you're spot on - a break above that 2.9 or 3.0c point and things could start getting interesting. Hope your trades go well. Best regards Sagitar
  9. Hi Arty, You still holding FML? Looks as if there's quite a nice pattern developing here - symmetrical triangle. Plenty of liquidity in this stock too, with a potential upside of 4.5, 5.6 and 9.7c target points. I like the fact FML is now a gold producer. I've dipped my toes in and bought a few. Will see how it unfolds. cheers Sagitar
  10. Sagitar


    Anyone watching this one?? Nice climb in sp over past couple days, and not to mention a mere 78M shares traded today. Probably not surprising given that they have one of the largest undeveloped open pit copper resources in Australia, with a JORC resource of 198MT. 9.9M cap and money in the bank. Financing to mine currently in the works - looks to me like a mult-bagger potential in play. cheers Sagitar
  11. Hi Henrietta - LOL yes I can certainly sympathize about not taking profits. I could also kick myself for all the opportunities I've missed, either to buy or sell...oh well, I try to at least learn something from every mistake I've made in the market. And, hopefully not repeat them again. Having said that though I do believe MEL is looking very attractive, both fundamentally and technically. Best wishes with your trades... Sagitar
  12. Hi all, I couldn't agree more with all your sentiments - Metgasco is an excellent undervalued gas play. Shares listed under the rights issue will also come into play end of this month, I believe. I've been accumulating on the pull-backs. Technically it's been developing into a large ascending triangle over the past 6 months, with anticipation that a massive breakout is shortly on the cards. I think we may start to see the signs of that next week. Before it takes off, all we need now are reinforced seatbelts...lol. Good luck & happy trading. cheers Sagitar
  13. Thanks Marleon, you're absolutely correct - that is the way it is commonly read. It is also acceptable to quote a number as long as you state what the decimal point represents in terms of the amount of currency. For example, one and half cents can be 1.5 cents, half a cent can be 0.5 cents, or one & half million being $1.5 million. That's simply what I was referring to...apologies if it was misconstrued. Anyway, looking at the buy / sell depth in LKO, buyers are clearly stacking up. I think it may be in for a run soon. Time will tell. cheers
  14. Or rather it should be 0.5c or half a cent...sound right?
  15. Certainly buyers in this morning and have completely taken out .05c. Nb. In terms of price jargons, one can either say $0.005 or 0.05c (current price). Either way you look at it, it's still half a cent.
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