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  1. forecast


    At last people are seeing the true potential of this company. Should see 12 cents very soon and hopefully a dramatic increase over the next few months as results from the gold drilling are announced and the future exploitation of the iron ore resources.
  2. Cannon balls and brass monkeys I heard a similar story in the dark distant past. The 'iron' balls were the 3 balls on a prawnbrokers sign and the 'brass' monkey was the fixture on the building that fixed the balls in place. On cold days due to the shrinkage the balls sometimes fell off.
  3. forecast


    GBG beginning to recover well after the cancellation of the agreement with Newmont at Gossen Hill. Perhaps good things are expected from the new Gold/Copper project at Anketell
  4. Thanks Burnham, Moosey an Mminion. Much obliged for the information
  5. Can anyone recommend a product that provides email alerts when a stock hits a certain price?
  6. If it has'nt been cancelled, its the last day of the tipping competition tomorrow. Is there a prize for last? if so I will win it hands down.
  7. I'll be quite happy if the comp is cancelled and another one started. Two of my three stocks have retreated by 40% (HZN & GBG)
  8. forecast


    Cannot understand why the price is dropping with what looks like a good deal for GBG. Perhaps the quarterley report due out anytime will provide some answers.
  9. No problem, just wanted to check who else picked the same dogs as me.
  10. When can we view the lastest picks in the share tipping competition?
  11. Blue Sky Harvest, I forget to mention that you must have sufficient funds in the account before a trade can be done. This is also true for buy orders. To enable you to place 10 buy orders each at $4,000, you must have $40,000 in the account (another downside).
  12. Hi All, Apologies for getting the fees slightly wrong. I forgot to account for GST in the lowest fee. Cris, you are mostly correct, except that after 10 trades (of any amount), all further trades of less than $12,000 cost $13.20 a trade. To Blue Sky Harvest, - Directshares provides market depth -but not provide the ability to inspect course of individual market sales for the day and historically but only give the last 20 trades -and does not provide the ability to download of my data to spreadsheets (eg contractnotes, financials, portfolio) the same day. I have no particular afflilation with Directshares and would have moved to a broker that provides a stop loss facility but as I trade up to 30-40 deals a month for around $4000-$5000 a trade it would not financially viable for me to move. However if the stop loss facility does not appear by the early second half of year I will certainly look again at opening an account with another broker.
  13. I use Directshares (ST George). I have never had any problems using this service and the fees seem the lowest of all online brokers. First 5 trades a month $24.20 a trade, next five $16.50 a trade and subsequent trades at $11.20. Hows that for cheap and they provide most of the required feature for free. The only drawback is that they do not provide a stop loss facility but they have informed me that this feature should be available sometime soon.
  14. forecast


    Couple of times over the past weeks there has been a significant rise in the price only to see it drop back down to 16 cents again. However the quarter report should be out soon and we should get a update on the exploration at Bobby McGee's which I expect to be positive. The price should rise again but instead of dropping back it should continue on to the mid 20's.
  15. Price has'nt moved much over the past month. Anyone know when we can expect some further action?
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