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  1. Flower...exactly what I thought. Do they expect eight inexperienced novices to make money in the middle of a global financial crisis, although they have the means to short stocks. Geez make it hard for them...they may have had a chance to make money in a bull market.
  2. Yeah, that was for the final dividend. Telstra has since paid an interim dividend of 14c on 9th April. Cheers.
  3. In reply to: sabretoothed on Thursday 04/12/08 09:55pm Welcome back. Cheers.
  4. In reply to: jfgao on Monday 15/09/08 06:04pm How come you got a kiss? Cheers.
  5. In reply to: Vickos on Friday 24/02/06 11:14am The market generally does not view a capital raising as a positive so think the share price will drop. Only my opinion. Cheers.
  6. In reply to: Vickos on Friday 24/02/06 09:23am Capital raising as per asx announcement.
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    Hey Coop Thanks for the detailed reply. Appreciated. Regards Ron.
  8. redace


    1 bonus option for every 2 ASC shares held as at 5 p.m. WST on Friday, May 14, 2004. Each option gives the holder the right to subscribe for 1 share in the company at an exercise price of 10c each on or before June 30, 2006. Source: ASX Company Announcements May 5. As this would increase the number of shares on offer, would this dilute the share price? Comments appreciated. Regards Ron.
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