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  1. Charts are ugly as hell, and the share price performance over the last X months/years has been below par. Strong MD, weakish board. MD, Simon Mitchell has just been to London to meet with investors. Cannon underground has been essentially farmed out to WestGold (ASX:WGX) to take on the mining rights, with a royalty to SAU for certain levels of production. Should see further revenue received by end of year 2018. South Korea is going well, with Bluebird Merchant Ventures gaining access to Gubong and dewatering lower levels. Great infrastructure in place, with visible gold veins and tailings to potentially release early revenues. Taechang and Weolyu also promising projects that could be brought online a lot quicker than people might think. 50 million shares on issue, low MC of approx. $12M @ 25c. Not your typical junior explorer (and we are a producer) that has 100's of millions of shares on issue, and a more attractive share price to new entrants at 5c. Circa $5m in the bank, and can expect the board to keep the register tight. As a holder, I suggest people do some background checks on this company as a possible investment choice. If for anything, this place to wean itself from being a CUV haven. Also, would love to see some discussion of this neglected company. Cheers
  2. Are any Australian based Solagran employees drawing a salary from this nightmare? Justin, Vadge, Ian Nisbet, Darren Schliebs? Has Tomsk been mothballed? Wiped off the map? Served its purpose? I had a chat with Nisbet once, felt warm and fuzzy for a few days after. That would have been 2 or 3 years ago now. Nothing since.
  3. Ha! In all honesty, I was just about to post a message that I really thought, like really believed, SLA would relist towards the end of 2017, then I read my last post from back in October. How wrong was I, just like I was wrong to invest in the company after all the bullshit I've read. Charles Pellegrino. Bioprospect Limited. Peter Stedwell (rip) Denis Kilroy LOL. https://www.deniskilroy.com.au/ Remember this bloke. Anyone that took the time to discuss their investment with this bloke would.
  4. amen yanman. Another year is about to pass us by. I honestly thought we'd see a re-list this year.
  5. Best SXY quarterly just reported for quite some time. Early 2018 could be quite exciting
  6. Been highly critical of this in the past, we now have a drill bit spinning. Good luck tired old holders!
  7. the o/s trips continue for Vadge. Who funded this one? no mention of Solagran or Prenolica. http://www.thesundaily.my/news/2017/08/03/gerd-epidemic
  8. kept him running around, giving blokes cheap shots behind the play longer than his skill level probably allowed
  9. Time to resurrect this thread. Capital returns are hard to come by in this market. 9% currently on offer in a junior gold producer. DRP also available to those who see ST, MT and LT value - ASX:SAU (Southern Gold Limited)
  10. Well, the dividend has been announced, 3c per share. Yielding over 9% at current price of 32c. The company are offering a DRP, at a price of 25c per share. Incredible stuff. Just announced a green light for land access to Gubong in South Korea. Drill results expected shortly from Glandore, and we should be getting stuck in to the last of Cannon shortly too, to grab the high grade stuff. More funds to come rolling in to the coffers. Cant believe this is still under the radar.
  11. Pine Needle Product boys are still sending their emails with vouchers for discount. I notice that a few amateur sports persons, kayakers and tennis players, are commenting on the product. No Federer type athletes yet lol. Talk about a slow burn. I thought we would have re-listed by now
  12. Russia's version of Monster/Redbull.. All over twitter.. Anton Bondarenko, a BASE jumper from Novosibirsk prepares for the world record for the highest jump from a bridge! C # Tayga8 success is inevitable! and
  13. Glad to hear you're still holding. We should be receiving details of the maiden dividend soon, according to the recent presentation. I'll tip 2c a share, for an outlay of approx. $900k. 7% yield on current SP, with plenty of potential blue sky.
  14. SP dropped about 30% from the highs, but since then we've started receiving cash distributions and Cannon is cash flow positive. One of Australia's most recent explorers turned producers, is now banking profits, and still due to bank its current market cap from Cannon. Prep work under way over in South Korea, and a number of satellite targets around Cannon are getting close to bearing fruit. 45 million shares on issue, a lot of it tied up with the folk from Asiatic who aren't getting to be sellers as their South Korean tenements are still to be drilled. Plenty to look forward to here, and still cheap as chips
  15. no way mate, you've been a staunch supporter for years. Very balanced views from memory. The fact that we have new blood on the board, gives me hope. I sunk a lot of cash into this, and I no I'll be lucky to see 50% of my capital back, but I hold a bit of hope. I was young and naïve when I invested here, I've learnt a lot since, and I know that a lot of you other guys who are holding are not schmucks. There was something about Solagran that drew us in, and someone needs to capitalise on it now for us
  16. I need almost double that price to break even I think. To be honest, I'll be thankful just to have this trading again and have the ability to offload if I want. Geez its been a long tough slog. Will be very interesting to see how this trades, and what sort of reception the market gives it. I could argue that this will plunge on opening, but I could also argue that it'll spike hard. We shall wait and see
  17. Wouldn't bother with Justyn. Go straight to Dr Nisbett. You'll get a very sensible response, although being so close to a potential re-list, he might be a little more tight lipped
  18. Havent received anything in the mail yet, but have notices the AGM and annual report updates on the website. seems to be happening! If it takes 500M extra shares to re-list this, then so be it. I'm sure I wasn't alone in thinking that this would probably never re-list again! Anything from here is a bonus. The ruskies are a bit on the nose at the moment, lets hope SLA can be an exception
  19. Would love to see an updated top 25 list. Get the feeling some Asian fundies are joining us. Exciting future here
  20. My "thanks" button doesn't work either pepee, but appreciate what you have shared! maybe SLA will relist soon and confirm all this wonderful news to its long suffering AU shareholders. SS may start to see the reemergence of SLA posts, instead of the CUV ones lol.
  21. Has anyone been keeping an eye on this one lately? I've been around SAU for years, and now its starting to fire!!
  22. this will be fun to watch when astute gold investors scramble to grab stock. only 33m shares or thereabouts on issue. this should get interesting when testing begins below the current pit
  23. they'll be lucky to raise 20% of what they're after
  24. got mine in the post today too. I'm hoping your shareholding will be so valuable in the next few years that you don't qualify for a pension at all!
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