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  1. Out at 42. Momentum is lost for the time being by the looks. Back in the watchlist for another entry down lower.
  2. hungry


    Not sure triage Please be sure to let me know when you find out please. Would be much appreciated Cheers
  3. Hi wren Yep, 31% for 5 trading days not too shabby. Could have got another 9% if I was 2 days earlier but it wasn't looking like a good chart then. I suppose that should have satisfied me (it usually would) but it was still looking very strong a few minutes before the close and vol is still rising nicely, so I've held on. Next week will tell if I am too greedy.
  4. hungry


    A few worth a watch today imo. RSG TRY NCM KCN PRU and maybe SBM Probably a lot more after the big gold run last night. I have some orders in, but doubt I will get them at the price I want. You can expect some big gaps up on open.
  5. Well done Arty, some big moves in those. I managed to exit TEN with a mere 11% prof a couple days before the bloody nose too . More luck than anything. This one might even break my initial .40 target now, after the combination of good news and the gold price smashing though 1300 last night. Then next resis at .525. Will consider an exit when I see what happens at each resis level. I would like to be in office all day today to scalp some of the other goldies, but business does not permit
  6. Up 16 % today on fair vol. Hope you got your chunk Arty.
  7. That's always a possibility Arty The risk you take with a gap up of 6.5% is still prob not too bad, with a stop below recent .29 supp, and a short term target of .395. Still not a bad risk/reward ratio. Not special either though. Looking at the XGD break it's 3 month downtrend gives it a good chance of at least a mini rally. Also the toppy market charts around the world favour at least a short term pullback, hence a rally in gold. One chart I use for a leading indicator is the Dow Transports. Have a look at the vol on the selloff Thursday night. http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=$TRAN
  8. Goldies favoured today. Including this one, with good buy support at the top of the queue. Good vol also after the rep this morning.
  9. Sad day indeed. I watched a doco on his illness a few weeks back and it seemed inevitable. I too, saw them live, supporting David Bowie at Lang Park in Bris in the late 70's. Both of them awesome. RIP Doc
  10. hungry


    Well at least something I own is moving north. On a bit of vol too. Lets see if it can reach the .36 resis area.
  11. hungry


    And yes I know about he 2.20 offer
  12. hungry


    So they pushed the downside to stop out the shaky owners the very day before it exploded upwards on the 13th. No inside trading there Going nowhere since and would expect some downside from here, possibly back to the gap support at 1.915, before any more up.
  13. I cant believe your still around KB. I thought I remembered you from years ago, so I looked up your posts from beginning of history, then had a look at the 10 year charts of all your stocks!!! How do you make money????? Why do you bother ????? I haven't contributed here much for a long time so I can't speak, and I've had a few beers BUT -- SHEEEESH
  14. Last trade stopped out, that's what I get for bottom picking, but still have it in watchlist. Trading halt is for proposed financing transaction. If they have 23.3m in bank and a 440m loan facility available, surely they don't need more?
  15. Went a lot higher than I thought it would on this move, and I was out too early. Nice volume spike on 21/3. Will be worth another look if it comes back below .70
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