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  1. Hi guys--Live next to th Alice-Darwin Rail and note an increasing amount of Prominent Hill going up the line---96 skips today. Am a long term holder and reckon PH will be another Olympic dam ---Tomhar
  2. In reply to: moses on Friday 09/01/09 10:53am Risk may not be in financial markets for 09 ,it may lie in political instability in China and moreso Russia----trouble is civil unrest is often more contageous than financial market problems and might suck everyone in as they try to blame each other. Hope I am wrong Tom
  3. tomhar


    In reply to: widman on Friday 09/01/09 10:46am Hi ,Widman---Is it right GDR has fallen over?when I visited the site in april last yr the plant site had just been cleared ,how much progress was made?----I thought this might be a hard one just looking at the scattered drill pads and the marginal grade (for underground). However MCO is a different story,there are 2 circumstances that could delay/destroy this asset---first is if management trys to make a big mine out of a small one(from my observations they are not falling for this very common trap)so risk seems minor here. second is the gold price,I am not convinced on the inflation story driving Au up,I think the risk leans more to the downside for Au price for 2009/10. either way it is conservatively managed and I reckon it will survive ,although a delay will not surprise if Au price falls significantly, best for the new yr, Tom
  4. In reply to: chesterdash on Monday 27/10/08 08:15pm Heard OZM shut century mine yesterday ---stockpiles of Ni are historically high and I suspect unreported bulks the same -----Cu,Zn,Pb --are all pretty low ---mightent take long for a critical shortage to emerge if mines as big as century keep shutting ----some stuff not making sense---i.e low stockpiles and lower prices----also went to Darwin sunday---Bunnings --standing room only---Harvey Norman --carpark 100% full---tills ringing flat-out---in the meantime my portfolio has lost 15% in a month---buggered if I know. Tom
  5. In reply to: cwjohn on Friday 03/10/08 04:57pm Well said CW--I am 62 from your comments I can tell you have seen it all before and are probably in my age bracket.Although it is un-australian to praise political or public leaders ,compared to the mess the yank pollys and reserve have made since Greenspan started meddling and the regulators turned their backs on stupid lending practices that amounted to --pass the poisoned chalice-take your 10%and run -only to do the full circle and catch the originators with their own toxins---idiots! Our reserve is right up there with best in the world and so are our regulaters----this should be appreciated .I am grateful and proud of their impartial and responsible actions---so should every australian be Tom
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    In reply to: alonso on Wednesday 01/10/08 06:41pm 30 June balance sheet ---"trade and other receivables"--$12m looks like 2 panamex ships,admittedly 1 was only partly loaded but shouldnt the other have been paid for?? I thought these sales were cash transfer BEFORE sailng???Customer might be dragging the chain?? ANY THOUGHTS ??
  7. In reply to: tomhar on Thursday 25/09/08 03:07pm meant UNeconomic on 3rd line
  8. In reply to: sook on Thursday 25/09/08 10:57am I have owned and operated small mines for 33 yrs ,the principal ALWAYS remains the same,mine the shallowest,richest,least complex ,easiest treated ore first to recoup your capital and stop whwn it becomes economic or you go broke,whichever comes first. This practice repeated time after time at the same mines ensures that ALL mines get deeper,more metallurgically complex and far more expensive to operate,of course ever increasing prices make yeterdays dud into todays success story,and will contine to do so until the deposit is completely depleted,OIL is exactly same, EXCEPT regardless of the $ value of it ,when it costs a barrel to get a barrel the jig is up. Oil shale has a few minor problems,like the very high energy inputs to heat it sufficiently to extract the kerogens,,I am told the shale doubles in size,during this process and becomes a VERY dangerous carcinogen,it obviously wont fit in the hole it was extracted from,so what do you do with it?? Tom
  9. In reply to: ComUnNoTerms on Wednesday 24/09/08 03:06pm Must say I am a bit confused with this thread--all commodities suffer demand destruction for the same reason---HIGH PRICES-----high prices are ultimately the result of supply shortages and /or higher input costs. Agree the price will go down over the next few yrs due to slowing economic conditions in the world---- BUT lower prices dont provide a favourable environment for developing "viable alternatives"(there ar NON anyway) Tom
  10. In reply to: strawberry on Tuesday 29/07/08 08:04pm Sorry,srawbs,do you mean a borrower?for outstanding loans????Tom
  11. In reply to: jass on Monday 28/07/08 09:32am Jass,I USED to subscribe to the de-coupling theory but it burnt me badly as the OZ markets slavishly follow the US,sometimes for little good reason,to my very basic thinking there seems to be compelling reason for a serious downgrade of the DOW and not much to make it rise,I was only quoting US markets as a reasonably reliable indicator of our market so reckon the risk is on the downside,specially with a few skeletons bound to be dug up in the financials ,agree the low 4000s looking a possibility,cheers Tom
  12. In reply to: arty on Monday 28/07/08 12:15am Not into technicals,reckon the US pers need to come down a LONG way for a sustainable rise,cant find any evidence a bull ever started from these levels,note another 220,000 homes repo,d ,another 1.5ml ARMs due to reset at 4/5% higher this yr.and despite govt gaurantee,s Fanny,n,Freddy on negative credit watch,just for a bit of fun call a bounce in OZ today ,a serious decline in US tonight with same here tomorrow.using today as an escape. cheers Tom
  13. In reply to: bermuda on Friday 27/06/08 08:20am Is it true the USA govt are giving themselves juristiction over OPEC countries???Is this the start of the Carter doctrine???Have they all gone nuts in the US???the consequences of this could be unthinkable--- what happenned to sovereign rights and other principles??? any thoughts??? Tom
  14. In reply to: macduffy on Thursday 26/06/08 06:36am Read somewhere that there are lots of tankers in the gulf with Iranian oil on board but no refiner wants it even at a discount because it is crap and costs too much to refine Tom
  15. In reply to: seawindpilot on Monday 23/06/08 03:50pm Had a look a couple of yrs ago,save your money and buy som more shares----in leiu visit a windblownn dump with a mob of resident robbers-------same --same Tom
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