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  1. Chill Couldn't have put it better myself. I am starting to get really concerned now. Yes, you would hate to be off them, after being a long term holder, and they actually fluked something, but ge it is tempting to off load into these spikes.
  2. monster


    Fantastic results & on top of others released recently all adds to a great company going forward, with excellent ground. One wonders about SP weakness, given the results. I can only conclude that it is the anticipation of a higher bid for URL that keeps a lid on this. Decided that this will be a long term core holding, and added another 100k to the portfolio. Not much, but I might take a dollar cost averaging approach to these, and pick up the odd 100k lot or so every time the price is suppressed. Going forward, with the current management team, prospects, results to date, and the very real possibility of URL purchase, I think this will be a star performer one day, just hoping its not that far away.
  3. Not many on this at all Yogi. Amuses me, since I nearly picked some up when it hit 50. Decided to put it off till the next day, and now look at it - 62. Oh well, it is a long term hold for me, due to the excellent dividend stream. I have been just putting it in the DRP, slowly building.
  4. monster


    Just to amuse you Carlo, I picked up a small parcel. And that probably marks the death knell for the shares. Mainly got in for an increase in offer, with a pretty tight stop loss. I would think for the time being, the price will have a natural support just below what I paid, so a fairly low risk punt. I am also looking for a great announcement from CUO shortly, regarding outstanding assays. They released a "boomer" whilst in halt, but only one hole, with a lot more to come. If so, that will also prove up URL price. In addition, I would expect URL to announce something juicy in defence. What are your thoughts on the above?
  5. Well I did take some profits, and free carried myself - and surprisingly, still managed to triple my money in the options when I sold. So, I am free carried, up 25k and have 100k FPO's & 50k options. I am well pissed off though. Bet you can guess how things will pan oput in the Jan meeting. By the way Arthur - there are no multi nics in here, so your endless rants about it don't cut the mustard. Charles, Oh well - just another chapter in the Tas epic.
  6. All I can say is bugger, big bugger. Well, another indetermined wait for the next roumd of drilling.
  7. monster


    Fair enough Carlo, go back to sleep then.
  8. monster


    Not saying they are no good, just saying the mangement has not done a good job in getting them out there. Plenty of examples as to juniors being successful from management dong the rounds, whilst keeping an eye on the main game. In fact, if CUO is successful, which I think they will, it will be a great fit. Makes a great deal of sense. Fair go to Rear and others - have a look at the mess they took over. Just to get to a stgae of being a serious concern, that can takeover, well, they have done very well. I only became a shareholder yesterday of CUO - but have looked at them ever since the boys came to the table. This deal, was the clincher for me. If the market thought that there would be anyone else interested, or the bid would increase, over and above a rise in CUO shares, there certainly would be a premium. The fact that there is not should certainly be a worry in the Ingram camp, as a defence to the offer becomes increasingly more difficult. As I stated in my PM, in response to yours, I too am a long termer. My TAS stance surely nacks that up. Go and have a look on that thread to see it for yourself.
  9. monster


    OK Carlo, So, Ingram is the genius, so why are they languishing with Cu @ 16 year highs? URL was pretty mucha pimple on the arse of the ASX until CUO made a bid for them, which is about the only attention they have had. Sure, CUO can't really talk, but at least they have an excuse of restructuring, and trying to make a company from the absolute sculdugery that went on before aka Avon Resources. As I said before, the results look encouraging for them, but the market has not really reacted. Objectively ask yourself that. At the moment, they are at a massive premium of 4% to the CUO offer, and that is after the announcement. mmmmmm let me think.
  10. monster


    Had to have a laugh at the substantial holder release. That may tell you all something. Nice announcement about resources, but smells a bit of desperation. I mean, how long did they have that. Seems to be very convenient timing. Not saying anything dodgy, but it sure does give that impression.
  11. monster


    Talk about squeeling like a stuck pig. Mate, if the management was any good at the art of management, then indeed, the sp would be closer to a trumped up value placed on it by the house brokers taht have a vested interest. Long term, you will be far far far better off under a Company with Rear & de Crespigny involved. They have the runs on the board well and truly.
  12. monster


    So very glad I resisted temptation on this one. Asked a couple of mates about it - steer well clear they said. Am in the industry, the gossip wasnt healthy. Lets see where this one goes with the announcement.
  13. monster


    I would be very reluctant without Brian Rear. He took Straits from zero to hero.
  14. monster


    JB http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif Looked at these in their low, asked the missus - as she is an orthoptist. She had never heard of them. Didn't think that was a good sign, given their announcements at the time. She did however say that the idea was a good one.
  15. monster


    Bad news for you guys, I entered the register yesterday. I think with Brian Rear in the background, and further results due back shortly from Mt Kelly, this stock has both short and long term appeal. And I say this as a former bitter holder of the late, not so great Avon Resources.
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