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    Movement in the SP with the proving program sounding positive. Arrows offer for BOW and the location BUL wells encompassed by Arrow would make you think another could be possible
  2. camaybay


    I thought you should know, I didn't <H3 class="r g0">amelioratedpast participle, past tense of a·me·lio·rate </H3>Verb: Make (something bad or unsatisfactory) better. More » Merriam-Webster - The Free Dictionary
  3. Hey Arty, the chart even shows the wither, must be right!
  4. camaybay


    It never ceases to amaze me how the market can read siesmic charts better and at critical price time than geologists!
  5. I think it is disbelief,and the resources needed to achieve the goal, that made the market to sell down on the announcement . cheers
  6. camaybay


    Good work Tinkus and your ladder to success! I am free carried as from today. The sp did not jump on test results after the GinGin discovery, so I think that this market sentiment may prevail again (maybe some ack of field size), I think that the interest will subdue and then bootline will be the next good event. I am always wrong. Cheers
  7. It is always the endeavour to buy in at the bottom, just looking at the chart and referring to the upcoming 34 hole event and Libya, that couldn't be far off? but i'm always wrong cheers
  8. camaybay


    I think you should be looking from more than 2 cents depending what your entry price was, but for a guide look at the highs in the charts Hope this helps DYOR
  9. Advice given (ann) that 21 Feb more likely due to wet conditions to shift the drilling equipment for likely spud date. To morrow the offer closes for the 1 / 7 option @ 0.0075 with a late 2012 elapse time @ 0.10 conversion price. There is an earlier conversion date with bonus options @ 0.20 (Exp 06/13). What do you get for your money? It has previously been said here that the conversion price for both offers is high. SP 0.06 approx So in Sept 2011 you pay 0.10 for the options, or let it ride for 12 months and pay, only in each case if the head price is greater Where is the benefit, a delayed payment scheme? Cash for the coy ongoings is understood. Cheers DYOR
  10. I was dreaming,I ment ARH. Waiting for >30 here. Long lead time. Cheers
  11. I cashed out at 100%, and was / am waiting to re-enter at 45, maybe in my dreams! Not many shares on offer and close for Friday didn't receed. Cheers
  12. camaybay


    up 11.5 cents today so far. the selling que is light, so it may keep on going . The speeding ticket reply was answered by Sergeant Schultz- " I know nothing!" cheers
  13. camaybay


    Still no ann as stated about finance, obviously something is known as shown in sp . very good. What will happen when the news is out? cheers
  14. On oprah show today, Jane Fonda looking good 70 +. Joke What is the difference between a shopping trolly and a blonde? The trolly has a mind of its own! Cheers
  15. Rey has enjoyed a 50+% increase from in December 0.21 to 0.34 to-day, with no major ann apart fom the Indian money. Still 2013 before first export. Could be a retace following the SP growth Capital raising was done at 0.20. DYOR
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