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  1. Its always good going long when you're in the same boat as wolverine and K1. Charts are showing that we need this baby to move up and close positive tomorrow, price wise, anything above 27.51 would be fantastic, but to make things even tastier, a close above 28.09 would be a nice desert. mmmm volume wise, close positive and give me 40-60 million and i'll be proud. now its just a matter of sitting and waiting =) lets hope the news over the weekend moves this baby. goodluck fellas.
  2. BHP's dip just a blip for Chip By Andrew Trounson August 25, 2006 12:00am BHP Billiton chief executive Chip Goodyear says he sometimes has a "chuckle" at some of the share-price falls companies suffer in a fickle market, because he prefers to focus on the long term. So, he wouldn't have been too concerned yesterday when BHP shares, after having posted a new Australian corporate profit record of $US10.45 billion ($13.7 billion), fell 88c, or 3 per cent, to $27.51. The fall came with an easing in otherwise high metal prices, and some disappointment that BHP's results didn't beat expectations. And while analysts are expecting another record this year and maintaining their "buy" recommendations for the stock, they aren't all happy, given continued strong commodity demand, tight global mine supply and BHP's rising production profile. "Delayed new projects, cost overruns, production disappointments, lower disclosure and management access, senior management departures and strikes take some gloss off a strong result," Goldman Sachs JB Were resources analyst Neil Goodwill complained in a research note. "We believe these issues would test the market's patience in weaker markets, but we aren't in a weak market," he said. Australian stocks slumped nearly 2 per cent yesterday, as investors were unnerved by US home sales that were weaker than expected. BHP is struggling to increase oil and gas production and hopes new petroleum chief Michael Yeager will provide more operational and development focus. It is also facing cost blowouts in Western Australia and the Gulf of Mexico. It also faces an ongoing strike at its Escondida copper mine in Chile, the world's biggest, which is losing $US16 million in profits every day, according to Credit Suisse. But with BHP forecasting continued strong commodity prices and demand, the market is already speculating on BHP increasing the $US3 billion share buyback it announced on Wednesday. "Clearly, that outlook opens the door for ongoing capital management initiatives and opportunistic mergers and acquisitions," Macquarie Equities said. Citigroup yesterday said BHP could complete its newly announced buyback in less than six months, raising the possibility of further capital returns in early 2007. "The $US3 billion buyback wasn't enough to quench the market's thirst for capital returns, but history would indicate completion in less than six months," Citigroup said. And while BHP will initially focus the buyback in the cheaper UK listing, Citigroup believes the majority of the buying will still be in the Australian listings, given the attractive 14 per cent discount its previous buyback achieved in the Australian market.
  3. seems like you can't go wrong by buying AUZ when it approaches 2cents with tight a stop loss. =) amazing... but yes.. GO BHP!!!! hehehe go AUZ!!!
  4. Bloodwynch - im still in can you believe it... i hate doing it but i did, last night i managed to change my stop from 27.30 to 26.99,,, bhp just swings way too much in the mornings... i hope it pays off.. come on BHP you can do it!!!! gap filled!!! now all it needs to do is fill in the gap between $27.55 and $100 hehe
  5. some more interesting reads According to CNN, 40% of the world's minable uranium ore lies in Australia. This one country owns the mother lode of this precious commodity. More than twice as much as its nearest competitor, Kazakhstan. Yet there are only three operating uranium mines in Australia, plowing 40% of the world's raw uranium out of the ground.. But as of April 2006, only one company now owns the world's largest mine, with "proven and probable reserves" of 391,000 metric tonnes of uranium ore, according to Australian government geologists. That's nearly 13 times the recoverable ore of any uranium deposit in the world. Better yet, this company also: * Has the most expertise in digging resources from the ground than perhaps any other company, with copper, silver, zinc, nickel, metallurgical ore, manganese and even diamond operations on every continent... aluminum smelting operations in Mozambique, oil rigs in the Gulf, and even natural gas plants in Australia. This is one company that knows how to extract precious commodities... * Is flush with cash... In fact, available cash currently exceeds $3.7 billion. Its recent fiscal-year profits skyrocketed to US$6.4 billion - up almost 100% from US$3.5 billion in 2004, only one year earlier... * Is so flush with cash that... In February 2006, the company announced a capital return to its shareholders of $2 billion... a tidy dividend that's likely to expand in coming years. * It already exports more than $3 billion worth of commodities to China. In fact, its ties with China are so strong that Chinese officials attended its board-of-directors' meeting this past June right in Beijing. This company is overflowing with cash... sitting on the largest uranium deposit in the world... with the best expertise in mining and commodity exportation of all competitors... and with an established export business with China, to boot. There's rarely been a company positioned to bulge with windfall profits like this one. But more importantly, the proof is in the money. Simply put: This company just made the biggest investment in uranium ever made... A Company That Put Its Money Where Its Mouth Is... To the Tune of $7.2 Billion In August 2005, this company paid $7.2 billion to buy the largest uranium deposit in Australia - and the world. It's the largest stake in uranium ever put down by one public company. The reason is simple: When a company spends $7.2 billion on an acquisition, its executives are pretty certain the investment's about to pay off handsomely... The price tag is a remarkable act of confidence, in and of itself. Not only that, but the company paid what some analysts called a "premium" for the acquisition... after all, the recent rise in uranium prices pushed the acquisition price up... But what analysts didn't realize - and what the company already knew - was this: Demand hasn't even begun to take off. And the recent rise in uranium prices is no fluke, especially when you consider these two statements from the Australian government: According to the Hon. Alexander Downer, Australia's minister for foreign affairs, who's been negotiating trade deals with China since March, 1996: 1. China imports about 1,200 tonnes of uranium a year, believed to be mainly from Russia and Kazakhstan. But China will need 2 million metric tonnes (roughly 44 million pounds) of uranium a year to power its growing number of reactors. 2. China will demand, on an annual basis, the same amount of uranium that Australia produces each year. Professor Zheng of the China National Nuclear Corporation, says "... we need to rely on uranium imports from abroad... Australia is the richest uranium country in the world..." Imagine what it would be like to own even a small piece of the largest uranium deposit in the world... all while the price is soaring to new highs on a historic peacetime shortage... And with virtually every ounce of your precious commodity bought and sold as fast as you could dig it from the ground... One thing I can say with utmost confidence... Investors who know how to take advantage of this situation are about to land on a goldmine. Others will be kicking themselves for not seeing it - and not profiting when they had the chance. That's why only a relative few investors will ever take advantage of this opportunity. Yet for those who do, it will be a life-changing experience... And all of the information for taking advantage of this opportunity is contained in a special report called Riding the Uranium Bull: The Historic Energy Play Set to Return 3,150%. But let me explain the special advantage this unique company has in securing unprecedented returns for investors... A Trade Deal That "Guarantees" a Monopoly on Uranium The company in this report is about to get a near-monopoly on exporting uranium to China on a deal with the Australian government... It's a free trade agreement that all but guarantees every ounce of this company's uranium is exported directly to China. The deal is estimated to account for the largest annual sales of uranium in the world. Here are the facts to consider: August 9, 2005: The Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs announces the negotiation of a uranium agreement with China. August 11, 2005: Mr. Jerry Grandy, president and CEO of the largest uranium and nuclear reactor builder in Canada, meets with the Australian House of Representatives to explain the details of selling large quantities of uranium to China. September 1, 2005: Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer gives a speech in the Barossa Valley lobbying for greater uranium exportation to China. "China's uranium should come from Australia, rather than other suppliers... ," he says. September 24, 2005: Resource Minister Ian Macfarlane is quoted in the Aussie newspaper, The Age: "The demand is there, the opportunity is there, the price has trebled. We are absolutely looking at increasing our exports [to China]." April 3, 2006: China and Australia sign a bilateral agreement, guaranteeing China will use Aussie uranium for nuclear power plants only... sales of Uranium to China begin. Chinese premiere Wen Jiabao says, "The aim was to lay the foundation for reaching an overall free trade agreement..." according to BBC News. The momentum is moving - and quickly. And China's knocking down one trade deal after another... Australian uranium is the next in line... Why the Aussies Have to Sign... And Make You a Quick 216% Australia's foreign debt is mounting. Right now it's sitting on US$22 billion in debt... and growing. It's the biggest buildup of debt in Aussie history, and the crushing effects on its economy and currency are starting to show... The government must already pay a whopping 5.35% average on its bonds just to attract investors (U.S. Treasuries have averaged 1.81%). The strain is even beginning to crack its currency. Now consider this: The Aussie government's recent study shows that exports of uranium to China will generate US$24.4 billion to the Aussie government alone, not only wiping out all the foreign debt Australia owes, but generating the biggest cash infusion the country has ever seen. For Australia, it's an economic miracle... Right now, the full-court press is on, from Alexander Downer and the majority of Parliament, to save the Australian economy.
  6. In reply to: Jay on Thursday 24/08/06 05:57pm woohoo go JAY, fingers crossed for a good day tomorrow... my 27.30 stop loss is getting close lol
  7. In reply to: Harold on Thursday 24/08/06 04:24pm OMG!!!! lol BHP keeps me on my feet, after 2pm the thing was trading at 27.94 then yes... half an hour later,, it gets rorted and hammmered down under, ouch!!! how sucky... oh well.. my stop loss is set at 27.30 it better not hit 27.30 tomorrow otherwise im cryin, lol UBS VALUES BHP AT $38 farout,, lets keep it above 28 for now...
  8. 27.94 is the magic number. fingers crossed, lets close above that figure today. VWAP is looking good at $27.95
  9. here comes the fun, will $27.30 survive, keep in mind that this baby goes ex-div 0n the 4th of september, and what NORMALLY happens after it goes ex? it normally goes down, to make things worse, september and october are the worse months for anyone holding anything...so yes... will $27.30 hold? where do you guys/gals think BHP will fall to before it rises back up? here's the chart
  10. $27.30 will be interesting, i wonder if BHP will fail 27.30? what do you think? million $ question is, will it even get there? who knows? here's something interesting to read. === Investment #1: BHP Billiton (symbol: BHP) Imagine if you owned the world's largest supplier of steel-making materials, and you're located right on China's doorstep. You'd be able to raise prices, practically at will. That's the first business I'm recommending... the world's largest supplier of steel-making materials. The company is not just the world's largest supplier of steel-making materials, it is the largest raw materials/commodities play in the world. With over 100 operations in 20 countries, this company is near the top of the heap in aluminum, energy and metallurgical coal, copper, ferro-alloys, iron ore, and titanium minerals, and it has substantial interests in oil and gas, liquefied natural gas, nickel, diamonds, and silver. The story is simple. China is booming, and it desperately needs raw materials. One company will be the largest outside provider of the exact raw materials that China needs. And that's where I recommend you invest. BHP Billiton is the world's largest resources company. It's valued at $141 billion in the market – over 5 times the size of giant Newmont Mining, for example. But that doesn't mean it's expensive. It's trading at a forward P/E of 13. That P/E is not as cheap as I like. But I think the analysts are underestimating BHP Billiton's earnings power. Wall Street analysts have conservative forecasts for commodity prices. BHP Billiton's earnings are clearly sensitive to moves in commodity prices. A small rise in commodity prices translates to a healthy kick to the bottom line. Roughly speaking, steel-making materials make up a third of their earnings, energy commodities (petroleum and energy coal) make up a third of their earnings, and metals make up the final third. This is truly a diversified resources company. Sales are split as well. A third of sales are from Japan, China, and "Other Asia," a third are from Europe, and a third are from North America, Australia, and others. The nice thing about being well diversified, both product-wise and geographically, is that when the China boom does come to an end, it's not the end of BHP Billiton. BHP Billiton serves the world. BHP Billiton's China opportunity is enormous. It is the growth market. To give you an idea, back in 1990, China demanded 4% of the world's seaborne iron ore. By 1995, that number had grown to 11%. And in 2002, it was 23%. No doubt, the opportunity in China looks great right now. But even if it disappeared tomorrow, BHP Billiton would be just fine. BHP Billiton is so huge that China currently makes up less than 10% of sales. Investors are going to be looking for China plays. They'll be buying BHP Billiton. So the shares could really run up in the coming months. I wouldn't be surprised to see a 100% gain in all the hoopla. If the China bubble ends badly, we still own the world's largest diversified commodities producer... a great place to be. Recommendation: Buy BHP Billiton today (NYSE: BHP) with up to 4% of your portfolio, and use a 25% trailing stop.
  11. In reply to: nizar on Tuesday 22/08/06 11:37pm MELBOURNE (Dow Jones)--Mining giant BHP Billiton Ltd. (BHP.AU) said Wednesday net profit for the year ended June 30 climbed 63% to a record US$10.45 billion from US$6.40 billion a year ago. The world's biggest miner also announced fresh capital management initiatives, with a further US$3 billion worth of stock to be bought back over the next 18 months. BHP Billiton said net profit excluding exceptional items rose 58% to US$10.15 billion from US$6.43 billion in 2004/05. Market consensus had been for net profit excluding significant items of US$10.18 billion. (MORE TO FOLLOW) Dow Jones Newswires August 23, 2006 02:08 ET (06:08 GMT) Copyright © 2006 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
  12. hope this helps, yes i am in. using parabolic sar, 200sma, 30sma and a 30 year chart, you guys can only see roughly 2 years though... notice the bottom line, mother support, we just bounced off this baby 3 days ago which was good news but to confirm a buy... what we needed we for BHP to close above resistance which was at 27.27 which it did.. it closed at 27.90 on the 17th.. looks like BHP is set to move higher until it goes EX DIV on the 5th of september. goodluck
  13. In reply to: crowman28 on Wednesday 16/08/06 04:31pm Crowman, so you're trading the asx200 now =) fantastic, im taking a few days off waiting for confirmation, fingers crossed for a bear market.....
  14. In reply to: spot on Thursday 10/08/06 10:54am i can't see this as a buyers market knowing that september and october is just around the corner... there's a 99% chance that the XAO will be up tomorrow, but can it break the all important 5000 figure anytime soon? it has to break it, and break it soon otherwise, buckle up baby... you're first in on an extraordinary bear market ride that i've been bloody dying to ride for quite sometime now.... oh hurry up!!!! goodluck to all the holders... lets hope the XAO cracks 5000 soon... if you're bearish.. fingers crossed... but yes.. tomorrow should be positive. goodluck. anyone trade index's or am i alone?
  15. Gadget


    ---- TEZZA YOU'VE GOT MAIL ---- nice chart, nice bounce off support. We've just bounced off a strong historic support barrier with 2x the average volume which is good news but great news would have been GDR to close @ 40 with 4x the average volume. hehe some dreams do come true. but yes, this is good for now. =) what do we want? Monday - open 0.35 close 0.375 high 0.375 low 0.35 volume = 500,000 when do we want it.... within 24 hours. this baby is not allowed to close below 0.35 goodluck guys and gals. fingers crossed. nice strong close...come on GDR, we're all waiting. ---i dont hold atm, plan to hold once/if this baby cracks 40cents ---- COME ON GDR!!!
  16. Cat! I've just finished reading both your books and WOW, i love it, love it, love it! =) my other half was like.... "what's this boring finance stuff that you're reading????" five minutes later... "Hey im gonna borrow this to read during lunch tomorrow ok, its interesting, " hehehe all the best!!! GADGET
  17. Gadget


    here you go Maureen 0.3425 is where you'd want to buy if you get a chance, with stops goodluck
  18. Gadget


    Krumbs - 12cents is EXT 1st level of resistance now, well that's as long as it moves up nice and smoothly without dying at 10cents again. fingers crossed, its all luck now hehehe.
  19. In reply to: bigkev on Wednesday 19/07/06 06:17pm that's right mate, im back in on AUZ and EXT, looking interesting.. AUZ looks set to hit 2.7 soon and EXT looks like we're headed for 0.12 wish me luck, fingers crossed. CYA! =) bloody DYL better not spike up tomorrow, otherwise!!! hehehe
  20. Gadget


    0.12cents is coming
  21. bigkev, =( excited no more, the bloody thing isn't moving.. i hope it doesn't boom on me tomorow hehehehe... im out for now, waiting for it to move again. dammit!!! ill be buck oh well, you win some you lose some.
  22. In reply to: hobbes on Wednesday 19/07/06 02:18pm now, all we need is to see 0.026 0.027 tomorrow with atleast 8-9 million in volume. fingers crossed. GO AUZ, GO EXT!!!
  23. Gadget


    updated chart, im smelling 0.12cents anyone with me?
  24. Gadget


    a close above 0.096 would be awesome.
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