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    good evening fellas, goodness, arty seems to be on everything, =) i pretty much see his charts on almost everything im looking at =) bta's an interesting play, don't know how long i am going to be juggling this one but BTA needs to perform fast. =) goodluck!
  2. nice move yesterday, time to load up again today.
  3. This stock just doesn't know how to slow down a little? hehe making me a bit nervous....
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    PBG keeps popping up.......... time to ride the wave
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    =) spookingly quiet in here =)
  6. Hi Grommit, Please check your PM - don't really want to spam LYC's thread with incrediblecharts hehe =) Cheers, Tony
  7. Hi there Mistagear! My scanners picked up LYC just below 60 cents (55 day price breakout, turtle trade entry) recently after seeing it break $1 i had a price target of $1.20 and a stop at 82cents but i didnt expect it to hit $1.20 so soon, =) expecting a bit of a pull back but im not fussed...i'm in for the long haul... as long as it doesnt breach 82 cents soon (highly unlikely at this stage) i'm more then happy for this to pull back, then hopefully run again to make a new high for me to raise my Stops. i'm not a big fan of stocks that run too hard too fast, give me my 45 degree uptrend please! hehehe. its good to see Diana and NS on this one! Hi Guys and Gals! good to see that you guys are still here, hehehe! Good luck Mistagear, you'll be fine =) keep it up =) its a strange market to be in these days..the 200 has somewhat double topped at around the 5000 range back in april (bear trap?) 4589 is our resistance now created in june and august... currently it is sitting on resistance so who knows where this is going? if it breaks ill continue to add more to my portfolio. but yeah...not a big big big fan of trading during dead zones( up/down?) basically.. my view is.. crack 4589, run hard... come back and test it... if it passes the test, i'll be a happy man... =) fall below 4257 and ill have to build my short portfolio up to speed. Currently holding alesco corp david jones lynas corp myer seven straits resources toll holdings and shorting macquarie group =) if you're curious on what scanning program im using.. its no secret and nothing special - incrediblecharts(freebie). 55 day high/low with 2x volume.. makes life easier for me to pick stocks. =) hope this helps! Goodluck Mistagear! ' Goodluck everyone! =)
  8. Good to see wolv is on board. stay above 26.86 and we're headed north. long term wise... if we dont see 26.86, expect this to run to $32 then $40. take a look at the monthly chart, very interesting. ill whack on a chart over the weekend. enjoy ps - tomorrow is a very very very important day =)
  9. the moment it went below $54 it was screaming - TIME TO SHORT!!!! i've been shorting MBL - now its CBA's turn!
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    Enron Prophet of Doom, Jim Chanos, Down on Macquarie Bank...Uh Oh THE DAILY RECKONING - 28/05/2007 Jim Chanos has Macquarie Bank (ASX: MBL) in his sights. Uh oh. You may not know Chanos. But he's sort of infamous on Wall Street. And when he talks about stocks he hates, people listen. Chanos went from reputable short-seller to stock market legend with his call to go short on the Houston-based energy trader Enron in late 2000. It turned out to be the call of the decade. Enron blew up in spectacular fashion. Cameras flashed. Congressmen bellowed. Investors howled. The stock plummeted. With Enron, Chanos spotted the special purpose entities (SPEs) that were at the heart of the company's balance sheet chicanery. The SPEs were used to borrow money that didn't show up on the parent company's balance sheet. Privately, the company's insiders said SPE stood for "s*** piled everywhere." What it meant is that investors never had a clear picture of just what the internal finances of the company were until it was way too late. We aren't suggesting that Mac Bank is the next Enron. But at an event in New York last week, Chanos is said to have highlighted the fact that the bank, "relies heavily on off-balance sheet financing and related party transactions," says Alistair Barr at Marketwatch.com. Frankly, we are baffled by the financial engineering that takes place today. We wonder if anyone understands it. The buying and selling of assets is a tricky business. Macquarie did well enough at it the first half of the year, with AUD$733 million in net income. But with AUD$30 billion in buyouts, short-sellers are beginning to wonder if the bank has paid too much for acquisitions and whether it will be able to flog off assets for a profit. There's no doubt MacBank is the poster child for modern financial engineering in Australia. It's got a growing portfolio of global assets and a much higher public profile abroad. Such a high profile, in fact, that one of the world's best short-sellers has taken notice. This prompts an open-ended question for you, dear reader: Is it now time to look at short-selling Aussie stocks? If Chanos is down on MacBank, what about resource stocks? Base metals prices are high. But rising energy costs must certainly be set to cut into profit margins for Rio, BHP, and others. Hmm. Could revenues continue to grow for Aussie blue chips, while net income declines? The answer to that story will be found in the monthly cash-flow reports for Aussie companies. Also See - Macquarie Bank: Cheap Credit Makes Asset Valuation Difficult PM - Monday, 28 May , 2007 18:42:00 Reporter: Stephen Long MARK COLVIN: Remember the $33-million man? Two weeks ago Macquarie Bank was riding high after reporting a 60 per cent rise in net profit. Now its reputation and its share price are under assault. The reason, that the investor who first predicted the collapse of Enron has turned his sight on Macquarie. He's the US hedge fund manager Jim Chanos. Economics correspondent Stephen Long reports. STEPHEN LONG: You might not have heard of Jim Chanos, but Wall Street has. And when he talks, people listen. Mr Chanos runs a hedge fund called Kynikos. He's famous for being the first big investor to say publicly that there was something wrong with Enron's accounts. Jim Chanos makes his money by short selling, picking high-priced stocks that are headed for a dive. Dan Denning, an Australian correspondent for the Baltimore-based newsletter The Daily Reckoning, has followed his career. DAN DENNING: Chanos is a short seller, that's what he specializes in and he looks for companies where something's either critically wrong with the business or where he thinks that something's catastrophically wrong with the accounting. STEPHEN LONG: Late last week Jim Chanos told a gathering in New York that Macquarie Bank is his number one short sell. Because he reckons Macquarie Bank's investments strategy is unsustainable. His key criticism is that Macquarie's been selling assets to its own spin-off funds at inflated prices, then milking the funds for fees. "Macquarie doesn't care what it pays for assets and flips those assets into entities funded by other investors," he's quoted as saying. Jim Chanos observed, "this only works in a world of cheap credit and asset inflation". The man who blew the lid on Enron isn't the first person to raise these concerns about Macquarie Bank. But he's probably the most significant. Dan Denning. DAN DENNING: Well it's certainly gonna attract a lot of attention. Chanos made, was, really made his name when he went public with his exposure of Enron in 2000 and said that something wasn't right at the company and that was news to everybody at the time. No one really understood how Enron worked and no one had bothered to ask how it worked. And Chanos came out and said, it's not working and he was vindicated from his analysis shortly thereafter. So, when he spots something now people listen. He's not always right but the fact that he's paying attention to Macquarie Bank is noteworthy and will be noticed by a lot of people in the States. STEPHEN LONG: For the record, Jim Chanos is not saying that Macquarie Bank is the next Enron. But he did reportedly highlight the fact that Macquarie Bank relies heavily on off-balance sheet financing and related party transactions. It's a concern also shared by Professor Karel Williams of Manchester Business School, who wrote a path-breaking analysis of the collapse of the Enron. KAREL WILLIAMS: The accounts of Macquarie Bank and of its major subsidiaries are simply very uninformative, that's to say it's easy to see that the money is being made but it's not easy to see how the money is being made. But Macquarie adds a further complication in the Macquarie is essentially a kind of holding station or a clearinghouse before the assets move on, traditionally into listed subsidiaries and now into unlisted funds. Now, if you look at that, there are all kinds of transactions between related parties. Now, in orthodox corporate governance terms, one would need to have a very high level of disclosure indeed so as to be sure that these related party transactions were in fact fair to all parties, particularly to the shareholders in Macquarie Airports group and Macquarie Infrastructure. STEPHEN LONG: Well how concerning would you describe those related-party transactions as you put it, in Macquarie? KAREL WILLIAMS: Nobody knows, is the short answer. One can observe the results of the different subsidiaries. Nobody knows whether or not that is in a sense being manipulated by Macquarie through, in a sense; transfer pricing of sales of assets. STEPHEN LONG: Professor Karel Williams. According to reports, Jim Chanos also mocked the cult-like devotion Macquarie Bank enjoys among investors and its lavish pay scales. Macquarie Bank said in a written statement it rejects Mr Chanos's observations. No one from the company was available for interview. MARK COLVIN: Stephen Long.
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    disregard the run just below $100 you know what i'm talking about, the fact that MBL failed to brake 92.74 correctly. if anyone wants an image - ill post it, but i think we all know what im talking about. actually...
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    I have been watching MBL for quite some time - so you guys aren't alone - have been shorting this since it double topped at 92.74 where is it headed? lets hope down =) if it fails to hold 78.24 expect MBL to go to 75.56
  13. Yesterday's Doji said "HELLO?!??? WHAT'S GOING ON?!!!! ARE WE GOING DOWN AGAIN OR ARE WE GOING UP DAMMIT!!!!!?" today we said "TAKE IT EASY DOJI! IF WE CLOSE ABOVE 29.40 IT MEANS WE'RE GOING UP, IF WE CLOSE BELOW 29.40 IT MEANS WE'RE GOING DOWN" the buyers said "BRING IT ON MUMS AND DADS - SELL IT LOW - WE'LL TAKE YOU!" the sellers said "THIS WILL NEVER CLOSE ABOVE $29.40... HELLO... ITS 3:24PM AND ANZ IS TRADING AT $29.17 FORGET ABOUT IT LOSERS!" then out of now where... everyone wanted in...... why? who knows... first came in mr $5,838,000 buying 200,000 @ $29.19 then right at the end at 3:59:54 pm sellers thought they could close us at $29.37 --- FORGET ABOUT IT!!!! WE HAD A BACK UP PLAN..."I SUMMON MR $18,716,439!!!!" anyhows --- to cut this long story short mr $18,716,439 came in @ 4:10:20 pm and closed ANZ at... wait for it.... $29.48!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes... that's the high of the day. The End ..... Ps - since i know i've got atleast 2 people reading --- i thoght i'd try to make it a little bit more interesting... $35.88-$36.366 here we come! pss- if this doesn't go up on monday --- =~( back to the drawing board..... it needs to go up on monday... regardless! its the rulez of the trade. Catcha Guys and Gals - Enjoy ---- To Long term super.. ha!
  14. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/graduated.gif my charts are telling me that if ANZ holds above the $28 mark we could possibly see 35.88-36.366 in the near future.
  15. time to buy again, we just ate up $29 for breakfast
  16. Time to stock up - if this baby holds 28.60+ we should be fine. stop losses in --- now its just a waiting game.
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    $$$$ woohoo! go BNB!
  18. been watching anz all day today - its getting slapped around a bit =)
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    http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/graduated.gif this is crazy,,, it needs to turn around --- why--- so i can buy some. =) tap's looking great... and what in the world is gidget?
  20. Banks have been suffering under fears interest rates might be in for another rise, but Mr Smith wasn't panicked. "Banks make money whatever the interest rate is. It's only temporary,'' he said.
  21. good to seey you're keeping an eye on this wolv picked up a few - waiting to pick up some more when/if anz moves up some more. lets hope this is bottom.
  22. In reply to: Gadget on Wednesday 06/09/06 09:04am breakout yesterday was good, the only bad thing was, it was a break with little volume, below average... give us an up day today with 40-60 milllion in vol and ill be a happy man.
  23. Asian Stocks Rise in U.S., Paced by BHP Billiton, Metal Shares By Lu Wang Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Asian stocks rose for a third straight day in U.S. trading after Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President William Poole said policy makers can be patient in considering further interest-rate increases. Commodity shares including BHP Billiton led the gain as prices of copper, gold and other metals surged The Bank of New York Co.'s Asia ADR Index, which tracks the region's American depositary receipts, advanced 1.1 percent to 145.90. Poole, in an interview with Bloomberg News, also said that inflation is ``well controlled.'' BHP Billiton, the world's largest mining company, increased 95 cents to $43.62. Copper jumped the most in two months in New York, while zinc and nickel prices gained in London on demand from mutual funds and pension systems seeking returns unavailable in the stock and bond markets. Gold and platinum also climbed.
  24. its up overseasssssssssssssssss wooohoo
  25. AUSTRALIA could begin uranium exports to China within months, with their annual value estimated about $250 million a year, a Senate inquiry has been told.
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