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  1. Lyc has lost its short term support... its headed for its "mother," support.. lets hope it holds.. if LYC goes sideways all week it might buy us enough time to kiss that mother and hopefully start moving from there =) if it fails 1.40 over the next few days,,,, ouchie.. guess the good news is, its been going down/sidways with low volume. lets see if this baby holds 1.40 in the meantime, MND and IFL are doing their thing =) MND... what a dreamy TA stock. almost rising in a straight line. yes you've guess it... my stops are around 1.40 now =)
  2. Yuppy, The only thing i can say is, it should be against the law to place a trade without a stop loss. in saying that, i guess if its worked for you in the past, i am not in the position to judge =) Goodluck, I hope you do well. "Exploding The Myths," Frank Watkins <--- awesome read, nice and thin with plenty of pictures, almost like reading a comic =) Cheers!
  3. Hi Mista, 100% with you on risk vs reward =) entered 1.43 two days ago, my stops will remain at 1.26, to me, to me the % profit/loss on the stock is import but even more important is how much i'm willing to risk on my account, i don't risk more then 2% of my account on any 1 trade, been in the game for too long... so now the million $ is, how many shares did i buy and at what prices? Can i afford to move all my positions to a 1.26 stop loss? =)))))) oh.. sell target as in short term PT wise if this rallies? short term target is 1.89 so one can look at it like a 11% risk for a 32% gain, million $ is... will i sell at that figure or will i continue to hold this swing? what are the %chances of LYC falling below "mother" support and kissing 1.26 over LYC moving to 1.89? what the risks involved? dw, i always consider risk before profits =) money management is king. who knows, if LYC tanks, i'll race you to see who shorts lyc first =) lol! strange how the stock market works as you age, 10+ years ago it was all about profits and potential % and about being right every time... now its all about money management. even if you're right 8/10 times.. with poor money management skills.. it could be all over. good to see this is being discussed, i can't remember reading anything about money management in the past =) im keen to learn what other money mangement/accumulation techniques are being used out there (PM please! hehehe), maybe i try it out on a demo. in terms of trading, gosh... trade through this annoying sideways market... and when the bull/bear comes.. it'd be a walk in the park, looking forward to it =) people are talking about another downward trend before a bull, who knows, unless the all ords/ 200 tanks below support, or breaks and holds resistance, we don;t know whats going on, in terms of cycles... if property is meant to move up................ what does it say about the stockmarket =))) actually wouldn't mind if the market tanks, i'd actually prefer it =) hehehe one thing i dont do is... if the trend is on the up and up... and its breaking new highs,, with considerable amount of volume to back it.... is short it. I can't see myself shorting LYC until it falls below 1.26,,, it will also need to test it with good volume before it qualifies... short at new resistance and not at the break of support is how i do it. everyone has their own set of rules, and that's what makes trading so interesting =) so.. for the sake of LYC's mother trend, umm.. yes.. go up please... =) you've given me 1.52+ now i need you to hooooolllllddddd =) it would be sad if LYC didnt hold, but not the end of the world =) Goodluck to everyone! =) man.... flying to Melbourne tonight for a weeks long bucks! lol any tips on the races anyone? i know @#$ all about horses. =) all in for "so you think" ? =) happy days!
  4. LYC got dumped from resistance, pulled back to its 61.8% zone + horizontal support, ahhh i had to buy yesterday... .. .. stops are set at 1.26, lets hope it doesnt go anywhere near that area. Same goes for MND, kissed support today,,, had to buy.. lets hope it holds =) as for IFL.. piece of @#$@#$ give me a signal!! currently sitting on my fingers. hold/sell? who knows, price and volume will tell. if LYC bounces from here, next stop appears to be 1.90-2.00 good luck!
  5. IFL... such a boring stock......... =( come on................................. do something. give me a signal to hold/sell
  6. and once again, its buy time for MND. in at 16.53 yes stops are set
  7. we need a close of 1.47 or more today
  8. gadget is buying today =) this is what ive been waiting for... kissed support today, lets see what it does at 3:50pm... ill jump in around then =) good to see it close 1.50 ish. stops 1.26 goodluck!!! =)
  9. well lets hope we see 9.05 before a pull back =) go IFL, MND, LYC!!! =)
  10. sings "do you see what i see?"
  11. =) i'll be happy if i see MND kiss 17.50 its all technicals for me, might be long this month.. but if it fails support.. who knows.. i might be shorting it =) hehe
  12. strange close... needed 16.77 closed 16.75 lets see how it holds tomorrow
  13. 16.91 ladies and gentlemen... 8 more cents to go before target 1 has been reached come on you good thing!
  14. I can't possibly be the only person invested in both LYC and MND.... or am I? damn its quiet over there, someone... turn on the music... i'm the only one partying lol
  15. as long as it holds 15.80 next stops 16.99 - 17.20 - 17.50
  16. Like what i am seeing? Go MND! Go LYC! defy gravity =) hehe
  17. =) happy days at MND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! close 16.48+ for me today, and we'll have a great monday =)
  18. LYC hits my target! 1.70 =) amazing stuff go LYC go MND!! =)
  19. Gadget is in =) - lets hope this moves to $17.50 you can do it MND! go LYC go MND! =)
  20. Lyc's fibonanci pullback was great!!! =) i wanted 1.14 but it didnt come =) oh well, had to buy more at 1.25. i will be buying more at 1.40 as well =) come on mr 1.40 show me the money =)
  21. srl's fantastic =) lets see how it performs today
  22. ok... took profits this morning..
  23. shesh, am i the only myr investor? hehe helllooooo? =)
  24. LYC - do your thing.. come down to 1.15 for me =)
  25. =) this is why you have me, hehe i buy on breaks.. essentially.. buy high, sell higher. yeha as long as pru holds above 2.89 im not too too fussed. =) goodluck!
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