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  1. Wow, get a load of the air over here at Epitan land! Can some of your ramping types head over to Polartechnic just so they can reminisce for a moment? But EPT, although moving at a pace which doesnt really offset continental drift, is at least moving surely and in the right direction. But I though the news report suggesting it could be related to impotence cures a bit rich
  2. Gidday Gents, well I have had a look through yesterdays blurb and I see nothing to cheese me off at all. the words drive to profitability alongside 2005 looked OK to me, and I think they made some pertinent points about off shore and domestic markets performance and requirements. I think what they need is someone selling their stuff like billyo in the states which they didnt mention anything about. See no real reason for todays slide though. Anythoughts fellow polar bears?
  3. Anybody still in apart from me? Are we all taking cold showers and waiting for the upturn to start? Has to happen sometime (although I started saying this a year ago). The company has a good product, is making sales, and doesnt have thumpingly large expenses. What gives? Anyone?
  4. Sorry to intrude everyone but can anyone here point me in the right direction where I could get an industry overview for the alcoholic beverage sector. Preferably comparing the Fosters guys to the LNN types etc. Thanks for any help
  5. braganza


    Well I can at least say that I originally got in more than a year ago when they were about 60 odd cents, so I am marginally up. But not as up as I was at christmas. But thanks for your info. Agree with you on the buying shares to make money thing, but I did originally buy because I thought the technology was OK, and I still do. I know the market has spoken, but I still reckon its a goer. Now I might go and study these charts a little. Thanks, Kiwi
  6. Have our boys called open misere?
  7. braganza


    Hey guys, particularly any learned ones out there, can anyone tell a man who has shares in this firm stashed away in the bottom drawer why it is that they have halved in value since January and are worth about a third what they were in November last year? Also I am a complete non graph reader. I know these charts are saying something interesting but I dont quite get it. Could some one explain it to me or point me to a web site that will? In return I can tell you I am a boffin and that the science these guys are into is first rate, and if it comes off (and I reckon it will) it will come off big.
  8. well the SP has dropped another couple of cents today I see. I am hoping that the Grey fraternity simply needed to offload all of their shares for end of year reasons and that from here on in the way is UP! I am still holding although I dont really see the new board member as adding much value unless they looked like doing somehting which contravened corporate laws or some such. As far as I can make out they are well worth buying into, i'll probably grab some more myself soon.
  9. braganza


    I agree, I would have thought it would be travelling much better than it has over the last few weeks. I am wondering who has been doing the selling. As far as I can make out the fundamentals are fine and all is AOK, and I wouldhave thought the London listing should be driving the SP beyond the 1.50 mark. They will have funds to reseach to their hearts content, and they have a game plan for making it pay. Although as we all know sometimes these things dont follow any particular logic.
  10. I think you might be on to something there. Just who is owning the stock at the moment? My understanding of the announcement a week or so ago was that Grey effectively controlled the lot. But I am wondering if there are buyers for what he is offloading. The days of Deutsche bank propping up the SP of these guys are long gone. But as we say, it is scope for bargain hunters as I agree with your comments about the product, which makes it a simple matter of time and steady growth (which they seemingly have commenced), with an upside of development of things in the US which should boost them considerably I would have thought. But it is a somewhat flakey market at the moment and I am just wondering if they are a little bit oversold on sentiment as much as anything fundamental.
  11. And has everyone let go of their pants? It is one of those Polar Bear things happening. I know the market has the oil jitters, I know Tony Grey is selling out of everything he worked for ten years on. But surely this has to be one of the great oversells of all time doesnt it? Thoughts anyone?
  12. anyone any thoughts on the rather large plunge in the SP for the polarboys in the last couple of days?
  13. braganza


    Well this afternoon looks the time to buy for sure. Has anyone got any ideas on the sudden price drop on NAL? I would have thought that with all they have happening they would be looking right up. But not so. Do we know when they will be listing on the FTSE?
  14. Well I agree with the push on the USA, I think it will certainly be a goer, I think the product os good, and I have the tip from someone somewhere to hold onto my underpants. Why do I feel strange? Perhaps I have had some serepax and the stock price is moving faster than I realise. Perhaps I am an idiot. Perhaps it is that old polar aroma all over again. I love this stock so much I hate it.
  15. Yeah I definitely think that it is beter to keep the rise slower and steady with a bit of backtracking rather than a mighty climb. Dont forget these guys have come 25% in 4 weeks. Yep, I certainly agree there is some accumulation going on, which bodes well, i reckon, for a continued steady climb. Might accumulate some more myself.
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