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  1. yea not very impressed at all!! http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/sad.gif infact its pure BS! offer citi,jp ect to buy more at $1.43 yet the average investor gets done over!!
  2. capital Raising eh, any predictions what BPT will open up on friday at? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/sad.gif
  3. $1.57!!! some nice rally there!! good 30% in like 2 weeks..
  4. Hi there, i rate Macquaire Prime! $20 trades, positive interest payments on available funds,margin lending facility,CFD' s + heaps more 5 star! :D
  5. yea tru tru :-) ill take a look at metastock, ive also been lookn at paritechs marketscan sfotware which seems rather good. :-) Scott,
  6. im also after a stock scanner..one which as excellent tech analysis capabilites. such as being able to scan the entire market for sotcks that match MA, MACD,STO,VOL criteria?? i was lookn at "marketscan" by paritech? anyone used this?
  7. Cheers BSA, the thingi like with integra is it scans the entire market and then reports in a easy to interpret interface of technical indicators of which u can narrow down from 1900 shares to say 30 or so which may all have positive indicators such as MACD and STO ect....or does "marketscan" by paritech do the same do u know? :D? thanx for ur help :D scott,
  8. Hey guys , just wondering if anyone has used or heard good reports bout integra stock trading software? looks ok from what ive seen...
  9. hey people! Macquaire Prime !! :D
  10. QUOTE (mayo1975 @ Monday 04/06/07 11:53pm) haahah yea, i got sucked in hard! the guy on the phone was verry convincing...but its a good read i guess and i got it verry cheap in comparison to their "retail" or their apparent retail price..but yea i also find books are great but i kinda need some propert eduction and understanding from a hand on direct approach.. ie share market course...so much to learn hey....its good tho! im keen as mustard.... btw im scott, howdy! sk,
  11. In reply to: falko on Monday 04/06/07 02:23pm yea im also subscribed to australian stock report which is a good read..ive been reading a few books which provide good info but i still need some kind of guidance i think and i thought a course would provide that, cheers for the info :D
  12. In reply to: ADMIN1 on Monday 04/06/07 10:53am cheers, thanx :D
  13. Hi people! ive been lookn at some curses reg trading and investment ect, i notice one which looks really good "diploma in share trading and investment" with "wealthwithin" its veeeery $$ tho. with a price tag of round $6000 for the diploma and $13000 for the ADV diploma, i notice finsia does a few certs but im really after a diploma. and the good thing with the wealthwithin diplom is its accredited.. has anyone had any experience with these courses? or any othe courses? any advice would be great http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif Cheers :-)
  14. yea id have to say RIO, with MBL in 2nd
  15. Hi, Im currently using IGMarkets! i was thinkn of goin with Macq CFD but 9 out of 10 people seem to vouch for IG, but yea if anyone has had any xperience with Macq CFD i would also love some insight :-) BTW im scott :-) Hi
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