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  1. In reply to: Rockyboy on Friday 04/04/08 06:30pm Rockyboy Mount Gibson has to be the next Portman? They are purely into hematite ore which we know that market wants and are positioned to grow. A lot of the other iron ore miners are full of hot air, takes alot of work to get an iron ore mine going, bulk commodities are difficult if you do not have access to rail!! Beauty about Mt.Gibson is that they have Tallering Peak up and running using rail and Koolan Island loads right of the beach!!! My bet is that they will go from strength to strength, look for them to start heading north once the iron ore prices are finalised as Mt Gibson can captialise on these pronto. Can see them heading south of $2.65 only north from here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. In reply to: mick 2006 on Tuesday 03/07/07 12:29pm mick You still into QOL? Suprised no one has said anything about this stock for a long time? I have been slowly adding small parcels to build up a healthy position. Mine construction is going ahead nicely and we are quickly heading for a plant commissioning date of June/July. Mining has started and they are already building the Run of Mine ore pad ready for commissioning. I believe stock is cheap and believe it has potential to go to 31c once the mill is up and running. Thats double what the share price is now!!!!
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    Interesting article relating to growth in Mn market: http://www.stockinterview.com/News/0626200...-manganese.html
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    In reply to: farmer fred on Tuesday 26/06/07 07:56pm Interesting point about OM Holdings Limited (ASX code: OMH) they operate the Bootu Creek Maganese mine in the Northern Territory. The state that is is expected to produce 550-600Ktpa @ 45% Mn ore per annum. Cast costs of $105/tonne, i think slightly cheaper than CSM. There share price has gone from 15c late Dec 06 to currently 90c. So obviously there is belief in Manganese and that it can turn a decent profit? All we need now is for CSM share price to appreciate in the upward direction to truly reflect the value of the Manganese business + Chromite + Nickel + other investments
  5. sylar


    In reply to: sylar on Wednesday 27/06/07 09:35am Sinner and all CSM shareholders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just read through the proxy form they sent out and it states the following: "I/We being a member/s of Consolidated Minerals Limited and entitled to attend and vote hereby appoint (Chairman or individual or body corporate)" At this point the Chairman or individual or body corporate will vote as you direct them on the form. i.e. tick AGAINST continues on... "failing the individual or body corporate named or if no individual or body corporate is named, the Chairman of the Meeting, as my/our proxy to act generally at the meeting on my/our behalf and to vote in accordance with the following directions" So if you fail to nominate the Chairman or individual or body corporate as your proxy, the Chairman of the Meeting will be automatically assigned as your proxy. continues on.... "(or if NO directions have been given, AS THE PROXY SEES FIT)" Below the voting box section it states: The Chairman of the Meeting intends to vote undirected proxies in FAVOUR (i.e. FOR) of the item of business. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/devilsmiley.gif Which means he will approve the Share Scheme on your behalf, so if you do not direct them they will assume that you are FOR the TAKEOVER. Hence by not filing out the proxy form you are automatically VOTING FOR the takeover!!! Hence why everyone needs to appoint the Chairman or individual or body corporate as their proxy if they are unable to attend and tick the AGAINST box, then the Chairman must put your votes (remember every share you hold counts as a vote) in the AGAINST column, preventing the takeover from going ahead!!!!! HENCE EVERYONE WHO HOLDS CSM SHARES NEEDS TO COMPLETE THE FORM THE SEND OUT AND SEND IT BACK FOR YOUR VOTES TO COUNT AGAINST THE TAKEOVER!!!!
  6. sylar


    QUOTE (Sinner @ Tuesday 26/06/07 07:10pm) Sinner That was my impression, if you chose not to vote then the Chairman votes on your behalf but I will have to read the bible they sent out and check. But I am pretty sure by not voting you pass your voting power to the Chairman, but I will check and let you know.
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    In reply to: Sinner on Tuesday 26/06/07 02:25pm Yep thats exactly right, as long as you take the effort to tick AGAINST and send your form back then your vote will count, if you do nothing they will vote on your behalf which will be FOR NewCSM. All votes count........so make sure we VOTE NO!!!
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    In reply to: PeterH on Monday 25/06/07 03:54pm You really got a phone call.................they must be keen..............if there calling shareholders and printing and mailing bibles out then they must have more cash in the coffers to offer. I'm NOT SELLING I know that for a fact!!!!! These guys are loaded with cash and they can cough up more before they will get me to accept. I'm no idiot and nor are the rest of CSM shareholders so they need to start stop treating us like idiots and give us an offer that reflects the real value of the company and not some bargain basement price..... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/grrr.gif
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    Does anyone know what mining method they are using at Challenger and what they are using as backfill in there stopes?
  10. Good progress on Mining Leases........unfortunately concerntrate is going to be pushed back into 2008 Q1. Getting the Mining Leases granted in October is the main priority as then at least work can on getting the mine into production. Even will slightly late concentrates, QOL will still me first into production with moly!!!! http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
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    In reply to: ice man on Saturday 23/06/07 05:49pm why is that, do you think all these projects will be up and running by 2011/12?
  12. In reply to: JONS on Saturday 23/06/07 09:12am When you look at the ORGM drilling it was done some years ago with older technology and older drilling equipment, a lot of core loss which meant most of it ended up in the sump rather than in the assay. They have proved that the deposit is deeper than ORGM drilled and so far all twin holes have upgraded Zn or Pb grade or both. When you look at the inferred resource it is based on 30 ORGM holes and 4 TZN holes, hence the results are biased towards ORGM i.e. lower grades and lower tonnes. As TZN drills more holes and that ratio tilts in TZN favour then surely the grades have to improve as well as tonnes. It is nice to have lots of tonnes but at high grade the profit margin will be greater which will mean greater profits.ds The high grade core to the deposit has not been closed off and when you think this is in the vicinity of say 11Mt (conservative figure), then TZN can essentially high grade the deposit in the early years, pump out cash while metal prices are high and more profit in earlier years means higher Net Present Value (NPV) which will mean the brokers will value the share price of the company higher which means higher share price!!!! Does that sound right to you? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wacko.gif
  13. sylar


    Obviously higher the grade the better no matter what the mineral or metal. I find the best way to get an understanding of whether it is a good grade or not is to compare similar operations. i.e for moly compare what the moly compnies are saying. Some have .3% small high grade deposits, or others 0.05-0.08% large low grade deposits, then you haveto consider open/cut or ug, dtripping ratio, mining costs etc. If a mining operation is running at a set grade and another explorer or company finds a similar deposit at the same or higher grade than you can least have a high degree of confindence that it can be profitable etc. Like i said it best to compare like with like, explore other company website. % is just a metal of parts per million anyway
  14. sylar


    In reply to: lulubelle on Tuesday 12/06/07 01:40pm Why GBG and MIS, these companies have big projects in the midst but a lot of $, man hours etc to come to fruition. Hence why other who have tried have failed i.e. Kingstream Steel etc. However saying that FMG have not even produced one tonne of ore yet and there share price has hit all time highs and are third biggest iron company by market cap so who knows. All I know is that in iron ore railways are everything and it doesn't matter what you have if you cant get it to port than it may as well be useless, hence why in the 70's people didn't want to touh Newman/Mt Whaleback as it was viewed as "too far from the cost". If anything, companies such as MGX provide actual substantial iron ore production that is growing with Koolan Iron being commissioned that does not need a railway, straight from mine into ship. Are companies like GBG, MIS and Murchison Metals going to able to get there projects up and running before the resource boom bubble bursts, I don't think so or not all of them anyway!
  15. In reply to: nifty49 on Saturday 23/06/07 10:12am I'm suprised that MGX has not put out an ASX Release confirming this information, being in the S&P/ASX 200 should attract further interest from larger institutions to invest in the company. MGX should continue its rise in share price as they continue to be a preferred exposure to the mid-west iron ore province.
  16. Sometimes I can't understand why people can't see this stock as a real gem. The share price takes off when there is good news but always seems to pull back 20-30%. With the Angas mine in development and concerntrates expected next year and the ongoing drilling of a world class zinc + lead deposit in Algeria I thought people would be falling over each other to get a stake in TZN. Algeria is really shaping up to be a world class deposit. Current at 55Mt inferred and much more drilling to go I think TZN are sitting on a world class deposit that is 10km for port and a stone throw away from European Smelters. As the drilling continues I expect the grades to improve and tonnes to be added. Companies like Zinifex are out there trying to find what TZN has with not much luck as they need to replace there Century mine in QLD. If you add in what TZN has a Menninnie Dam then this company I believe is really undervalued!
  17. With ROM and crushed stockpiles at 480,000 tonnes there will be plenty of ships on the horizon to take on Koolan ore. Good news that lump:fines ratio is better than expected. This can really impact the bottom line as on average lump is priced 30% higher than fines. Hence is current ratio is 50:50 compared to the BFS assumption of 30:70 then this is a 20% increase in lump!!! Will definitely result in profit $$$$$$$
  18. Share price is starting to head in the right direction. Everything you read about molybedum points to it being the next metal of choice, hence the price should stay up for the medium term. QOL offers exposure to a producing moly mine before the year is out and at this stage will be the only company to be able to offer this. Minor set back in timing but once green light is given there should be a steady stream of positive news to lift the share price higher and higher. Now is the opportunity to gain exposure while the share price has drifted lower, it is a real BUYING OPPORTUNITY especially before the financial year is out. If drilling proves that the system is indeed 3km in strike then resources could definitely be lifted in the 3Mt range which would extend the mine life and provide cash for QOL to expand. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
  19. In reply to: crooked on Thursday 12/04/07 06:09pm Agree....really the only producer who is building production from projects that require modest capital injections. Iron ore is all about railways and ports, if you have the stuff but are too far from port then you have less of a chance of getting your show up and running before the boom is over. A lot of companies with pipe dreams if you ask me, only those that will be up and running in the next few years will survive............others will fall on their sword. Advantage with MGX is that they have sustainable production and good reserve base which will grow. Kooland Island is unique is the Australian Iron Ore Industry as no need for transport, basically crush and load straight onto the ship, minimal freight costs. As distance adds costs, expect larger margin on ore sold from Koolan than any other WA project. Continue to hold....Koolan Island will add to the SP progressively once the project ramps up! http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif
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