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  1. My pessimistic guess is a fizzler of an announcement, typical sla fashion after close on a friday to avoid the wrath of shareholders over the weekend. Hope i'm wrong though!ÂÂÂÂÂÂ
  2. This post is not in the context of the thread, just wanted to express a bit of an i-thought-so in regards to the 'big launch' of ropren. Yet again the directors get their remuneration report, the company gets most of the funds from the now paid slaca's thanks to the big pump up before the due date. I was going to pay them, but decided not to at the last minute. I'm not putting another cent of my hard earned into this co. We'll see if they ever sell any volume of courses. Happy to be proved wrong. I STILL hold.... :-(
  3. Ahh it's ok I'll send a cheque, just wanted to do it the 21st century way.
  4. Someone mentioned paying the slacas by B-pay. I'm looking at my call payment notice and it seems the only provisions for payment are via cheque. Anyone know if there are Bpay details and if so where? Cheers
  5. Well they've looked forwards to sales before without saying anything about a 'big launch'. What are we talking, the president cutting a ribbon or something? What I'm saying is that I bet after the launch there will be something else before any money is exchanged for ropren. That said I am a long term holder just a jaded one. And understandably so, particularly when im being asked to pay up for my slacas at the moment.
  6. I'm serious. Is there any indication as to when sales and money come? Or is it just assumed it will happen after the launch?
  7. After the 'launch', when do we get sales? Or do we need a post-launch sales licence?
  8. Some quick quotes from announcements, not including what Denis was saying on BRR or in the annual reports: 25/01/2006: "The directors anticipate the full registration of Ropren should be in place during the second quarter of 2006 with the first sales generated in the third quarter" 28/02/2008 "Ropren will be available for sale in russia towards the end of april 2008" 02/10/2009 Message From the Chairman - "the big launch is scheduled for the second half of november" I have done this in 10 minutes, I would find more if I looked harder, through the annual reports and through BRR. I'll believe it when I see it. And I hope I do see it, I hold a lot of shares.
  9. Thanks for your responses to my last post. When's the opes money coming, and how much $?
  10. Hi all, Very long time, no posts from me. I've held on since opes and kept an eye only half on the stock. What I am picking up and have for a long time is a strong trend of big promises just before the directors are about to get their bonuses approved, followed by endless delays. We all remember how they can put these launch dates off... I suspect that the touted launch of ropren in 'late november' will not be what it seems. It will either be put off while SLA blames someone else for a delay in acquiring a 'licence' of sort or volume will be nowhere near expected. Can anyone please answer - Who knows when the last day is to pay the SLACAs ? Or sell them? Has Denis Kilroy bought back in?? Does he even still hold? Cheers
  11. Yep, I finally got my slaca's as well. :-)
  12. Interesting take on it Super E. It's not inconceivable that they are expressing those thoughts through the announcement.
  13. Not sure if I follow the logic that Russia can't pay for Ropren because of the GFC. The $1000 contribution/subsidy from the government is pure logic from them designed to increase the uptake, the widespread health benefits, and therefore the general load (therfore cost) on the health system. Spending money saves them money. As for the extra $125 the consumer has to pay, that's less than $10 AUD per week over the three month course.
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