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  1. iNDEX rating may help. All systems go.
  2. Just checked their web site. Very impressive and professional. HNY nifty
  3. G'day Ross The patient long termers have been rewarded. Spend most of my time over the road! Cheers Nifty
  4. Sold at 2.70. Just saw better value elsewhere. Bye
  5. Thanks Kiril I will continue to hold. Nifty
  6. Kiril Appreciate that post. Do you share Gus's optimism? Nifty
  7. nifty49


    I have had mine for a long time. Finally rewarded for keeping the faith! Just in front now. Gone from 0% of my portfolio to nearly 5%. Nifty
  8. Something is coming as per the TH announced today. Hopefully, will justify the recent surge in interest
  9. Agreed 100%, am wondering however if it's SP is already fully valued, ie are all these results factored in to todays SP of $2.05? All depends on the POG. They are to spend 50 mil on explration next year! Nifty
  10. Closed at an all time closing high of 77.5 today. Has touched 78. Investors taking positions? Nifty
  11. Got my 5K's worth in full. Thanks CAJ. Now to reach that elusive Dollar mark? Touched 98 yesterday. Just a great growth story. Nifty
  12. That barrier was certainly broken! Now heading towards a $. I participated in the SPP @ 76. Just another growth stock. With Andrew Demetriou at the helm, I am happy. Nifty
  13. Bam Bam Thankyou Maam Yes, I still hold and topped up @40. Fairly priced atm, but is a growth story. Further commercial contracts will provide the impetus. Now a bottom drawer stock for me. Nifty
  14. Arty I believe Neuren is not a penny dreadful. Especially now. Very good ann. Watch this space? Nifty
  15. All the stars aligning for AJX. US DOD contract to be signed soon. Emerging flame resistant technology to the forefront. Top level US investor involved. Holding for the longer term as it a growth stock. Nifty
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