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  1. G'day People, While everyone's on the subject of treating themselves with Bio-A, i should tell of my own experience with it. I have ulcerative colitis, which is a chronic condition resulting in ulcers in the bowel causing pain and the passing of blood amongst other problems. I have had my most severe 'breakout' lately, which would not respond to even the highest doses of the conventional medications. Steroids were the last resort. So before going on steroids i dosed myself with Bio-A 3 times daily and still take them now. To this day i am in remission, with absolutely no symptoms. It only took a month to clear up with no steroids. Good stuff IMO. Seeya
  2. Same here. If i purchase on Monday, then sell before close of trade Tuesday, providing i do not make a loss i do not have to have any money in the acc. You should not have been charged a fee.
  3. reginald


    G'day, I'm no chartist, but it looks like it will close above the 200 day moving average. Looks good. Seeya
  4. reginald


    I agree.... so in reality, the ratio is not that important in the big scheme of things. Only asking a question....not pretending i know better. You don't have to shout. Seeya
  5. reginald


    Thanks for that, Flower. From what i gather from your explanation though, is that gold is unlikely to reach such levels on safe haven buying alone, where runaway inflation is not currently present.
  6. G'day Anyone got any idea why this is getting flogged today? Grabbed an extra parcel @$33, for a bounce.
  7. reginald


    Flower, If the gold/oil ratio is as important as you say, how is there any chance for gold to make a decent rise from here, considering depressed oil prices, which seem to be here to stay for quite a while? TIA
  8. Hi All, Been in this one for a while, too. Bought my first parcel @80c , but have an average of 20c now. Great things to come in 09/10 IMO. Best of luck to all.
  9. Happened more often than that for me, today. Cost me a few hundred dollars too.
  10. reginald


    Check out ACL....sorry not sure how to post a chart.
  11. In reply to: arty on Thursday 15/01/09 12:06pm Yeah i jumped out too, Arty...looks more likely to drop than rise in the near term imo. Seeya
  12. Jumped back in. Hope it can get through 8c. Seeya
  13. In reply to: reginald on Friday 09/01/09 11:04am Well that was too easy...quick 10%. Not worried if it keeps running, there's always another trade. Seeya
  14. Jumped in for a trade on this 'dodgy' bugger. True to form, the props are coming in. Could be ready for a run....tight stops. Seeya
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