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  1. Back to express my sadness on the passing of an old friend. RIP Udo. Sincere regards to Dagmar and family
  2. I'm pure swing trader, my horizon does not extend beyond 10/14 days, from pivot point to pivot point. Recent highs or lows, even historical ones have little interest other than to note some people will be looking at those levels and yet I know majority of potential participants in the market do not use charts
  3. Trader, My method comes from the opposite direction, where the plus/minus number varies with mkt volatility and creates the target from previous pivot. My current volatility number Happens to be 100
  4. XTrader, Does the +50 number remain constant ? or do you re-calc as market volatility changes ?
  5. Have no interest in this stock, simply bored and looked at the chart. Here's why I think NAN is destined to go much lower eventually. From 2015 the weekly chart shows how increased volume drove the price higher (more demand than supply) (see green arrows) Since Nov 2016, each volume spike has resulted in no increase in price. ( supply exceeding what appeared to be good demand) (see red arrows) In the normal life cycle of shares, there should be a spike back up which fails to reach prior high levels, followed by more serious decline then decline and more decline. $1 or even sub $1 is easily possible. Of course, I'm often wrong, this is simply one bored persons opinion. Analysts however are always right
  6. take-over both , not going to happen that way unless Solly bros are ready to retire. Sell ede, keep tas all cashed up, would seem to satisfy the way they operate. So they can then go play with something new that requires lots of legal fees paid As far as buy tas as a way to acquire ede. I think tas only owns about 40%, to buy 100% tas to get 40% ede makes little sense imho. I think better to be on the ede cart and not tas, but everyone has their own opinion which makes the market what it is
  7. 100% of value would be released to shareholders in the event EDE is taken-over, whereas 0% will be released to shareholders of TAS at that point. Funds would go into the accounts of TAS and become the next plaything for Solomons to do whatever they see fit in directing TAS cash into various projects. Thats the reason the market is discounting the valuation. imho Market has consistently shown for 12 months that backing TAS is the wrong pony and it will likely continue for duration of this show
  8. tracked this thing for months, patiently waiting for a 9. something entry. Missed by a poofteenth. Some of the faithful have regained lost value in their accounts today.. finally
  9. mistagear


    c'mon, somebody sell some. Am ready for another go at this one
  10. 5110-5085 happens to be my current swing target. ...who knows, might be a good Lotto guess
  11. Eden had a nice swing as I hoped, was a buyer 17.5 and 17 but was a seller today 26.5 Now on the lookout for some pullback ..perhaps 22.5 if I dare hope for a swing that far. Am cautious on this next low and prepared to pay higher than my sells if necessary
  12. Last level did show some reaction but not quite what I was looking for to re-enter. So.. Now waiting for 17.5 and see what happens if it gets there. On the fundamental side, which I do try very hard to ignore, but sometimes I fall prey to the stupidity... Anyhow I'd prefer to be reading about SALES exceeding current supply
  13. Looking for another trade, 9.2 level entry my theoretical swing point. Probably need 5 more trading days if its going to reach my level
  14. On May 17th my system created a target price of 27c, then on May 23rd price closed lower which gave a new target of 21c. Since then price action exposed lack of buyer strength resulting in relatively low numbers of sellers who were prepared to cross the spread and lower the price. I'm looking how sellers react if we once again test the low around that 21c target. Am looking for a reason to buy back in based on the number of sellers and their willingness to cross the spread lower, basically ignoring the buy side because it will be the sellers who set the bottom
  15. Solomons better find a customer in next day or two, otherwise EDE price is very likely to take a 6c-8c swing lower imho. An announcement around 9.30 in the morning would catch me out, as I've been reducing my position since last week to around 1/3 and looking for re-entry somewhere south of current. Although the lack of sellers has me on edge that I've sold too many. Hero or Zero, I'm about to find out which
  16. I got this one wrong, stopped out
  17. closed my short pos AUD/USD
  18. Good chance of another trade in this one, on watch for a Monday entry. General market headwinds might hold it back for a bit, but am v interested
  19. You've done your best to be rude and insulting, I dont care what you say or think. Enjoy your losses, LMAO
  20. EDE travelling along nicely again today, continuing to outshine TAS by 7% for the month and about 28% over the last 12 months on a two party preferred basis
  21. I trade for a living and do many more trades than I mention, not the other way round. Have my Cvn profits in my account, unlike yourself.
  22. CVN up 39% from Feb when I mentioned to this thread sentiment was changing. Nice profits for those who can trade
  23. No threat intended, simply wondering just how rude you could be, and you answered unambiguously. Will leave you to enjoy your bad manners and your lost opportunities, but I have no intention to leave the cvn thread
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