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  1. Wondering if someone might like to have a guess what the Ophir oil will be worth to ocx over three years (net of cost) ocx fully carried to production 2.6m to 3m barrels oil over three years net to ocx CAPEX likely to come in 75-90m ocx has 50% share $10-$20au ocx ????? Maybe dreaming, but company is very tight lipped when I asked the direct question.
  2. thanks arty, always appreciated.
  3. hi arty, could you possibly give your thoughts (chart wise) where this might travel to? Tempted to jump in but worried if gaps further down might need to be filled. salts
  4. at the same time, if someone wants a large slice of EDE they could take TAS out (cheaper option)
  5. hi kiril, just wondering why the income stated in the operations update is not reflected in the 4C quarterly ?
  6. salts


    some movement today, due for news on the second drill at Premier and assays on first maybe. No depth on the sell side could really see this one run on some good news (I hold). Salts
  7. Probably correct, have not followed syr for some time now and so are not sure how far syr are down the track of production (have they even started plant preparations). Either way, if Balma Central is an extension of syr resource should see a rise from current levels and at the end of the day, I'm in it for the money happy to take a profit and move onto the next trade. salts
  8. hammered today, little overdone maybe? 105 million shares odd @ $0.21 is market cap $22m and company has $27m cash and no debt.
  9. JORC resource due within two weeks. Market Cap $10M (TON $75M, SYR $705M). If these guys can pull a resource even at 50% of what TON have should see 3-4x increase. JORC I assume will not include Balama Central (currently being drilled) which is along strike from SYR resource. MD quote "These exceptional results are in line with our previously reported intersections and give us continued confidence that our maiden resource will confirm that we are extremely undervalued compared to our graphite peers." salts
  10. get the feeling this is about to move again.
  11. salts


    agree, I hold so am happy for any increase but xmas/new year has a habit of cleaning out species like this one (assuming no new project announcements).
  12. salts


    could be right melua but if nothing comes to the front by xmas I stand by my comment (will see under 1c)
  13. salts


    Only if they come up with more than just "we continue our search for .....' otherwise I see the share price drop from 1.3 going forward. I hold but did not take up my allotment.
  14. North bound at last, ground close to SIR so wouldn't it be nice?
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