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  1. In reply to: dgrant on Saturday 12/07/08 02:09pm Im trying to be positive for you here. - last year they raised a similar amount from memory thru Hartelys. and they issues themselves options. I thought it was too little. Now they are giving the shareholders a crack. Good. - but again too little - those funds won't go far (excuse the pun) BUT - to be honest they would struggle to raise anymore. Now if these funds get you thru to some success at Waller - they will then raise a bit more on that news at probably a higher price (15 - 18 c) and put their oppies in the money. Waller is the key to this company - not Senegal!!!! Senegal will be your jackpot but you wont have any cred without Waller and with no cred you want have much equity of the Senegal project. You ppl better hope Waller finds something or you're stuffed. Good luck.
  2. In reply to: Right_for_me on Thursday 10/07/08 03:34pm Told you so! Told you so! told you so!!! I haven't been in this one since this monkey ME raised last time thru Hartley's and crapped on every other holder. Some players did quite well out of that share placement - in fact they creamed it. - all at your expense.
  3. In reply to: smallbear on Wednesday 09/07/08 10:03pm oh oh oh ...trading halt!!!!! oh oh wait for it everyone - your all gonna be mill yonaires !!! - surely its not a trading halt on my lotto numbers.???
  4. In reply to: alkimos on Wednesday 09/07/08 08:42pm 3, 12, 16, 32, 36, 40
  5. In reply to: smallbear on Wednesday 09/07/08 12:22pm ....and FAR wont be able to raise anymore tin.
  6. In reply to: dgrant on Wednesday 09/07/08 12:07pm Im making a prediction. Stokes will be sub commercial!!!! Waller will be just. Senegal won't happen.
  7. smallbear


    In reply to: ComUnNoTerms on Saturday 24/05/08 07:15pm can someone pls explain this one too me. whats going on?
  8. smallbear


    In reply to: smallbear on Monday 10/03/08 09:15am zzzzzzzzzz. wake up market.
  9. In reply to: dgrant on Tuesday 24/06/08 05:09pm still cant believe that any punter with half a brain would own this stock!!! - its better in the bank people. In fact - mark my words right here right now. Buy BBP and lets compare in 12 months. previous post has had his eyes closed for over a year on this one. whats the saying ..."the blind leading the blind"
  10. In reply to: boston on Monday 19/05/08 08:57pm FYI Hows this for a new price sensitive announcement to excite the market. - please note the date! 8 April 2008! FAR might be lucky in its expectations considering it is really up to Hunt not Far! Hunt begins farm-in search for Senegalese permits Filed from Singapore 4/8/2008 4:59:53 AM GMT Senegal SENEGAL: Hunt Oil Co. has begun a global search for a farm-in partner to explore prospects in the Sangomar Shallow and Deep-Rufisque Shallow licences off Senegal. Data rooms have been opened in Woking, UK, and Dallas, Texas, to allow interested parties to review the technical information on the licences. The Sangomar Shallow and Deep-Rufisque Shallow offshore licences cover 14,981 square kilometres (5,784 sq miles) in the Senegalese portion of the Mauritania-Senegal-Guinea Bissau-Conaky Basin. The joint venture for the licences has identified a deepwater play with giant hydrocarbon potential in the area. The partners are processing some 2,050 square kilometres (792 sq miles) of 3-D seismic data acquired last year for detailed analysis in 2008. Partner First Australian Resources (FAR) expects the farm-in partner to cover the drilling costs of one exploration well in the permit. Hunt Oil operates the licences with a 60 per cent stake. FAR holds 30 per cent, while Senagalese state oil company Petrosen holds the remaining 10 per cent.
  11. In reply to: smallbear on Monday 19/05/08 12:48pm .. Ive also got to add. Why are they still searching for farm in Partner/s??? ...and why in this fashion. Why is Hunt putting more of their money where their mouth is? They have been drilling for decades. Surely you could almost choose your farmin partner if it was good enough???? You would just knock on a majors door???
  12. In reply to: King Baz on Monday 19/05/08 12:33pm I dont want to necessarily rain on anyone parade - but what really has changed since recent announcements? This announcement seems more of a marketing exercise to me. It an interesting little structure but it would need to be. Remember this! Its not always about a play. Its about getting it to market and growing reserves. - Is Far a one horse wonder? Not even that is determined yet. (anyone remember Sterling Energy???) Holders will no doubt enjoy a run on this in the short term but dont be surprised to see some of the sophisticated boys or even directors jump pre-drill. ...you never go broke booking taking a profit! Good luck.
  13. smallbear


    In reply to: nash on Tuesday 11/03/08 02:25pm well thats great news about blackwood - all we need now is Heron to be redrilled and we should all be in the money. this company has a lot of potential but it needs Heron success to avoid complications. NWS could be interesting too - but the key is heron. Im wondering whether cap raising might be a bit tricky these days? No doubt the chinese may be intersted in a slice????
  14. In reply to: mosaic1996 on Tuesday 26/02/08 12:07pm SPC now 14%. Cant be long until they are warming a seat!
  15. smallbear


    In reply to: paulhart on Friday 07/03/08 07:45pm paulhart last annual report events subsequent to balance date + US M $7.5 cash from ENI OMV deal above the AUD M $ 2.5 they already had. additionally + US M $15 from previous announcement last couple of weeks from Shell deal. hope this helps.
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