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    Fine Art Landscape Photography, charting shares, big buzz is picking a big run and following it up!!! a long lunch with stunning company, and just sitting on a rock!

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  1. Its getting a huge re rating here worth a big look and doing dyor
  2. PNV Anyone following this stock couldn't find it in discussions?
  3. haspete


    Gave you the tip that that's a bottom now watch PAN MCR a week or 2 back some others have run as well WSA
  4. PAN Very good ann out today charts linning the ducks up again great Candle Patten on the Daily plus Weekly textbook stuff imo
  5. Hi Guy's , Here's the weekly forget the Rafft it's just a life boat Here's the Andrews...lol Note the break of Upper Andrews into new Weekly Andrews..may come off a tad daily but overall trend has broken out and up..imo Pete PPS Note Ind's more to go...
  6. Here's a good ole Kiwi Joke....But it maybe True...lol An Australian ventriloquist visiting New Zealand walks into a Small village and sees a local sitting on his veranda patting his dog. He figures he'll have a little fun, so he says to the Kiwi 'G'day, mind if I talk to your dog?' Villager: 'The dog doesn't talk, you stupid Aussie.' Ventriloquist: 'Hello dog, how's it going mate?' Dog: 'Yeah, doin' all right.' Kiwi: (look of extreme shock) Ventriloquist: 'Is this villager your owner?' (pointing at the Villager) Dog: 'Yep' Ventriloquist: 'How does he treat you?' Dog: 'Yeah, real good. He walks me twice a day, feeds me great food and takes me to the lake once a week to play.' Kiwi: (look of utter disbelief) Ventriloquist: 'Mind if I talk to your horse?' Kiwi: 'Uh, the horse doesn't talk either...I think.' Ventriloquist: 'Hey horse, how's it going?' Horse: 'Cool' Kiwi: (absolutely dumbfounded) Ventriloquist: 'Is this your owner?' (Pointing at the villager) Horse: 'Yep' Ventriloquist: How does he treat you? Horse: 'Pretty good, thanks for asking. He rides me regularly, Brushes me down often and keeps me in the shed to protect me from the Elements.' Kiwi: (total look of amazement) Ventriloquist: 'Mind if I talk to your sheep?' Kiwi: (in a panic) 'The sheep's a f***** liar......'
  7. haspete


    Good Answer Arty..... And Thanks to making the Charts Bigger for us Ole Folk.....lol Cheers Pete..
  8. haspete


    Hey Arty, Can you make the chart bigger it's hard to see anything. Cheers Pete..
  9. Financial Crisis and Employment http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/ohmy.gif This makes me want to go and get a check up, thank god I'm self employed! Dear All Due to the current financial situation caused by the Slowdown of economy in US since last Christmas, Management Has decided to implement a scheme to put workers of 40 years Of age on early retirement. This scheme will be known as RAPE (Retire Aged People Early). Persons selected to be RAPEd can apply to management to be eligible for the SHAFT Scheme (Special Help After Forced Termination). Persons who Have been RAPEd and SHAFTed will be reviewed under the SCREW Scheme (Scheme Covering Retired Early Workers). A person may Be RAPEd once, SHAFTed twice and SCREWed as many times as Management deems appropriate. Persons who have been RAPEd can only get AIDS (Additional Income for Dependants or Spouse) or HERPES (Half Earnings For Retired Personnel Early Severance). Obviously persons Who have AIDS or HERPES will not be SHAFTed or SCREWed any Further by management. Persons staying on will receive as Much SHIT (Special High Intensity Training) as possible. Management has always prided itself on the amount of SHIT it Gives employees. Should you feel that you do not receive Enough SHIT, please bring to the attention of your Supervisor. They have been trained to give you all the SHIT You can handle.. Sincerely, The Management
  10. haspete


    In reply to: haspete on Tuesday 28/10/08 05:20pm Lets try that again, Arty thanks for that I'll give it a trial.. ....lol Pete..
  11. haspete


    In reply to: arty on Tuesday 28/10/08 08:40am Hi Arty, Tanks for that I'll give it a trial.. Cheers Pete.
  12. haspete


    In reply to: arty on Tuesday 28/10/08 07:58am Hi Arty, What software are you running and how do you find it..?? Cheers Pete.
  13. In reply to: Tylergold on Thursday 02/10/08 12:00pm Tylergold, CNX may do that for you in the morning by the look of the buy up in the last 2 mins of todays trade.it is a sepc stock with great upside they should have news in the morning or Monday.imo Pete.
  14. Hi Guys & Girls, I'm looking at changing my live feeds.. I have Metastock 10 for EOD FOR CHARTING & MARKET SCANS and are happy with that...ATM.. So should I go for Metastock 10 Pro and deal with the US for a live Feed.. Or get a alternative for day tradeing...? What are you guy's/girls using? And are they any good do they give all the bells and whistles.. Cheers Pete
  15. In reply to: salts on Wednesday 01/10/08 01:32pm Hi Salts, Looking for undervalued stock.....Try all of mine...lol I'm still looking into it but PAN seems to be way oversold $6 to $1.40 Odd even with the drop in the PON... Pete..
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