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  1. I am disappointed with the general "acceptence" of this current offer, especially from our knights in shining armour, the CSAG. What has happened to change their minds? Nothing I have seen written today or previous days (including the webcast) has compelled me to change my vote to "yes". I will still be voting "no" for my significant holding. The rationale proposed by CSAG blog today spoke of the shareprice potentially falling, if this offer is not accepted. The shareprice has risen and fallen many times over the years, so why sell now- just when the company is gaining sales momentum. We only have to have a couple more years of 42% growth and the share price would follow accordingly. Qiagen themselves have indicated double-digit growth next year and substantial double-digit growth the following year. To sell now, after investing for many years (the majority of which we received no dividend) means we financed the company only for Qiagen to reap the reward. There has been much talk about valuations of this company and none of them (apart from IE and Qiagen) started with a "$3". I cannot understand what has changed from last week to this week. 25 cents has made an offer that was sneered at last week suddenly acceptable this week. I am perplexed. It feels good to have a rant!
  2. Very angry and disappointed and ready for a fight. We shareholders own this company - viva la resistance! Add our 415000 to the "NO" vote tally
  3. Thanks for the welcome and insightful feedback everyone
  4. Did anyone read the Good Weekend in today's Age "TB or not TB"? The article was about the process of the author being diagnosed with TB and his treatment. A bit disappointing that CST was not mentioned as a diagnostic tool. The author claimed that his doctor told him that "if we find that it's latent TB, you don't even have to have treatment". Is this accurate? I was under the impression that latent TB required some sort of antibiotic treatment. Any comments?
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