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  1. I agree with them Charles but only because i'm in the buy queue for more shares
  2. I guess i'm a lucky one av. prive 16c personally and 10c in the SMSF. Own many more in the SMSF though and happy to top up each qtr.
  3. THe $472k govt funding is very interesting with further commitment til 2030?? Do we assume this amount has landed in October?
  4. Well we havent been given a Ropren monthly figure since I think the month of May. I wonder where they are at effectively 5 months further down the track now? Hopefully inside the report we can get some commentary explaining month on month numbers. (Not usually the SLA way however)
  5. For memory the quarterly cash burn is around $1.5mil and they had $2.5mil in the kitty at 30 June 2011. Possibly a raising just around the corner. No use speculating on numbers because we get update inside 24 hours.
  6. A zero balance on my credit card please Mr Vag. Do we expect any growth in the September quarterly sales for release this week?
  7. So now we have our "friends" positioned on the sell side at 7c and 9c. Interesting!
  8. So now we have our "friends" positioned on the sell side at 7c and 9c. Interesting!
  9. What did it achieve? Well it did allow a few of us to pick up some extra holdings at very low levels
  10. Yes Liva's i can recall them appearing over the past few years and dragging the price south. However they have allowed me to purchase another cheap parcel this morning.
  11. If you had the balls to be holding this stock in that sort of quantity we are seeing dumped by this party (prior to the update) you'd sure as hell be holding on for your life post update! You may all not be betting on the Big V to deliver the goods but you sure as hell wouldn't be betting aginst him right now!
  12. As i thought Livas. Something strange going on with the sell side over the past few days. Cheers,
  13. Good to see others share my confusion.
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