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  1. 10 News tonight ......'ICE EPIDEMIC' Bring on the drug and alcohol trials....... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif Would be real nice to see a close above $1.30 tomorrow. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wub.gif latest price action has had me a little stressed again.
  2. Look at the hurdles facing TAH now and in the coming years. 1. Renewal of gaming licenses in Victoria 2. Smoking bans at all the casinos (most come into effect this July) 3. Increased competition from Macau for the casino industry 4. Star City's exclusivity license runs out in September. I personally think the State Govt. would be mad to grant another license, but how much will it cost them to extend the exclusivity period for Star City? 5. The complete hash they made of the racing debacle, and the slow recovery as a result of their stubborness. 6. The Victorian govt. has just increased the gaming machine levy by nearly 50%, which will cost TAH another $19m a year. I'm going short on this one today....virtualy all gamblers are smokers.... less time spent in the pub gambling. Todays action indicates desperation to break the flag formation to me......doubt it will work.
  3. http://www.promexgost.com/schemework.php Interesting related site, kill some time before registration and have a look.... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/ph34r.gif
  4. oops....I hope that wasn't a ramp....CHEERS ALL!
  5. Yo livas....sell me some cheap shares and buy into some other shares please...lol ....the graph could be perfect.....could break to $1,80, stop then rocket to $2,80 ...directors stopped buying.....Russian Postie may take a few days to get here to deliver the news.....notoriously slow due to frequent vodka stops on the way....lol.....but a phone call would have to have been made for them to pull the bids.....IMO The graph is perfect for a great run....and price support proved it today again.....obviously some have done their homework....not many sellers with the directors topping up by approximately 1% of the shares or around 0.5% of the total.... I have to laugh when Dennis said he cant believe the SP is so low in the last interview on BRR then starts buying up the weak and silly sales....it was so damn obvious last week...I have another 10k to chuck in tomorrow if the $@% hits the fan.........on chicken SH!t$ ....in for the long run still......so sad to see a few sellers bail.....especially now.....but at least they have the finger on the pulse/buy button. Not that that this approval means anything anyway....cause we all know it's a done deal......this ain't a Casino........it's the ASX they are playing with......guaranteed approval is guaranteed GUYS!!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/graduated.gif Wake up and smell the Ropren!!!!! http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gifhttp://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/ph34r.gif
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    Well It looks like they just missed perfect drilling so need to drill closer to Blue Spec, and once that's done we will know what's going on. Drill results taking time as expected in that all abs are working their buts off for everyone but still bogged down. SP down significantly lately but I expect that makes for good buying......I'd like the oppies to fall to SP level minus 20c....then I'd jump in. Patience is all that's needed IMO http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/weirdsmiley.gif
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    http://www.brw.com.au/searchresult.aspx?se...vices&x=15&y=11 You have to subscribe this is copied
  8. I see Putin taking as much credit as he can for the success of Solagran, and the cure of millions of fellow voters, in some propagandistic way, and I doubt he'd muck with SLA because we have the Russian Mafia on our side.......perhaps Putin is a shareholder too....... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
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    Page 61 BRW, titled "Small Cap profile: Neptune Marine" Things were grim when Christian Lange joined the small oil and gas engineering services company Neptune Marine Services in February 2006 as managing director. It had made the mistake of listing on the Australian Securities Exchange too early, and didn't have a growth strategy. But with the help of Lange, Neptune has undertaken an aggressive acquisition strategy, which he predicts will turn the company around and see it achieve a net profit of $12.5 million for 2008. So far, six acquisitions undertaken over the past seven months have attracted investors, which in turn have led to an increase in the company's share price from about 25c in December to about 80c now. The first two years of operation were tough for the Perth company, which listed in April 2004. It had three managing directors during that period, and while the company had done a number of small business deals, it was recording losses. Much of Neptune's turnaround can be attributed to Lange, who spent 17 years and held senior positions with the largest oil field services group in the world, Schlumberger. After joining Neptune, Lange began seeking investors for the company. His goal was to create a new strategy for the company and then expand its focus to other oil and gas services, such as inspection, repair and maintenance and project management. "Our biggest challenge when we went to the investment community was that it was very hard for them to benchmark us against another company, because there just is not a true understanding of what an oil field service company does." After numerous meetings to pitch the strategy to institutional investors, Lange say the company is finally achieving some growth. In October last year, it conducted an underwritten rights issue to raise $16.4 million, and is in the process of completing a share placement and riights issue to raise an additional $34 million. THe company's market cap has increased from $25 million in early 2006 to almost $100 million today (it expects to be closer to $170 million after the share placement). Earnings per share is expected to increase from 3c in 2006-07 to 5.2c the following year, representing a price-earnings ratio of about 12. "A year ago I thought if we could go to $100 million in market cap over three years that would be an achievement, but we have managed to do that in six months", Lange says. By July, the company will have acquired six oil and gas related businesses in Australia and the United States in just seven months. "Our recruitment strategy was to recruit by acquisition", Lange says. During the first quarter of this year the company secured $10 million worth of new projects in Australia and Mexico. Lange says he eventually wants Neptune to replicate businesses in the US and Asian gas services markets. He also won't rule out further acquisitions. "We're on a journey, but there's still a lot to do".
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    NMS seems to like cup and handle formations.....will be interesting to see next years quarterlies.
  11. QUOTE (bullwinkle @ Tuesday 12/06/07 06:13pm) Perhaps they have been snorting some Bullwinkle.....Goes straight to the brain then...... That'd make them the smartest guys on the planet if BIO-R works.....lol Always look on the bright side of life.................. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
  12. I agree, Jezzabot, that Ropren will/should be sold at a reasonable price to the Russians...the Yanks can fund my retirement though, $3000 was bandied about, and the $18 mill for 24kg of Ropren was stated in an announcement a while back, and the Yanks will pay, and pay, and pay....because most can afford it....the rest of the world will too, and hopefully it will be sold to poorer country's hospitals at a discount...... I'm not greedy but, I deserve a fair whack of compensation to repay my foresightedness in investing heavily in an especially risky trade, and [/u]UNBELIEVABLE claims of what Solagran had to offer......... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif So far so good, and SLA has made up for all losses, 30 fold, on my first foray into the markets 4 years ago..... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif
  13. Correct, got it twisted in the market cap... and ammended the extra 0, sorry... Below $1000US...I don't think so, as SLA STATED in one ann that 24KG is about $18 mill.....6000 courses approx....equals $3000 US, but that was a while back, and the cost may have been scaled back a little, and is still under speculation, for initial sales to Russia. Perhaps it may be below $1000 when the injectable form is fully developed and in use, but not till then IMO....like Plasma/lcd TVs used to be extremely expensive I think SLA ma charge a premium for Ropren to begin with IMO......bought a 108cm Plasma last week for $1000..... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wacko.gif
  14. A relay rough estimate that may be way off...does it make sense? 3-600,000 courses of Ropren per year to be manufactured within 3 years. 600,000 X $1000 (per course minimum) = $600 million ..... SLA is worth approx $300 mill (market cap. including options)...so earnings could be approx 2 times the worth of the company on current share price just for Ropren sales........ assuming reasonable earnings of 10% then the share is valued at $600,000,000 x 10(%) / 300,000,000 (shares) = $20 AU per share on Ropren sales alone, assuming sales of 600.000 courses per year can be sold for a profit of $1000 US. Please tell me if I'm wrong somewhere here..... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/weirdsmiley.gif
  15. Only if the injectable form can produce 10-15 times the number of doses IMO, otherwise it's not possible to charge only $100 IMO
  16. It says they have 12kg of Bio-R on hand not 120kg...sorry to burst that bubble. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/sadsmiley02.gif
  17. I wonder if/how much funding Solagran has received in the past from the Russian Govt., and whether they will apply for, or have just applied for (On this trip) funding, perhaps for a price reduction to supply Russia's multitudes. Lots of questions to be asked, let's hope most get answered this week.....I'm still holding my breath........ http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/puke.gif
  18. I agree Atmarket, and I've experiment with worse drugs in my time...... BIO-A isn't a drug really anyway....it's just an extract from a tree...as long as it aint gonna kill ya is all good by me and a 3 month course may just save your life, if there is anything wrong, that you don't even know about......it's gotta be good for you...
  19. QUOTE (mudskipper @ Thursday 07/06/07 11:52pm) Muddy....skip to the SLA website and post off a query....it may actualy provide a response....ie other uses of patented extraction of other disease cures from wicked new sources....lol That's where the patent's come in IMO.....there's more to this than just a cure from pine needles....and the patents do not give much info on the 50 years of research done in the USSR...that was sold to SLA and I reckon the actual process is missing a vital link that is in a safe in Russia next to several $$$million$$$ worth of diamonds an guarded by some of the best security agents in the world....hehe More research needed...yes... the process is patented (although not immune to potential corruption....), it does make you think of how many other plants, and things, the process is capable of extracting..... eg....BIO-2356 (it is/was only 15 from conifer needles) made from the testicle hair of the north western Wombat, has been proven to cure .....BLA BLA!.....get it? IMO Phiser and Merek started like SLA, but went with mechanically and chemicaly inferior compounds that caused more harm than good.....and alters the physical make-up of your body.....personally I think that if you take these, chemically based body altering drugs, from 'un-natural' companies, then you shouldn't have kids for at least 5 years after taking them....SLA provides a natural, alternative to chemically unstable pill popping, and hopefully on a grand scale. PS....my Gastro reflux is almost totally cured within 8 days..... it cost me me about $8-12 a month over the last 25 years to just buy Quickies and mylanta.....I have used 95% less medication for acid stomach, and Reflux in the last 2 days (But I was on the turps again, which is way bad for reflux....lol)..... Just wondering what else it can cure....definitely not the flue....I'm still crook after 2 weeks., maybe a preventative if you get in early..... The placebo effect is not something Bio-A can be used for ..... For reflux though.....I was damned impressed and wasn't even looking for that...just a flue cure, For the last 25 years I have been spewing in my sleep sometimes.....once a week usualy, minimum ...and more oftren after 5-6 beers...now not at all.....AWESOME! PS ...Reflux is sometimes associated with drinking too much Vino....not a problem to most, but is associated with drinking too much when we get closer our 40's....I tried a glass of white wine the other day....usually it goes down like barbed wire.....but was not too bad this time....and guess what......apparently it is curing all the other problems I may have in my gut and intestinal tracts, while pumping in a heap of anti-oxidants, and supposedly giving me a lift in the mental stakes......WOW...... Ok I'm mental.......Later guys.... PS ANZ is still a long CFD possie for 2 weeks IMO......Burp....maybe CBA short.... Anyway I've packed my bags, and am off to get a life in the bush, and take a few lives while I'm at it...ie a few fish, crustations and hopefully a few hairy beasts ... a 'pig/rabbit /roo'on a spit .....Yumy!............... Long live SLA...... ....who knows mate... So far so good.....The $ made on a cure for reflux would pay for itself alone IMO.....IE at this SP......Pizer and Merek 'can suck-off for alll the damage they have done to the populace over the years with their chemical cures and concoctions...show me what we have always realy known......'Natural therapy does work'....and SLA will have an unequivocal position in the production of polyprenols..... ....SLA has just topped everyone else......IMO....cant wait for the book to be published.... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/devilsmiley.gif
  20. Yep...SLA technology has many plant materials to work with....how many billons?......lots...and then there is the animal secretion aswell...snakes and spiders ect....betchya never thought of that... What else will SLA be able to do:lol:....Burp....liver disease is a good start anyway for us greenies.
  21. In reply to: hokeypokey on Thursday 07/06/07 08:41pm Give Vagif a break man...he's just done the rounds and needs some sleep....Monday minimum before any Ann......Let the man chill a bit....Eh Chiller.....I'm sure you agree..... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/weirdsmiley.gif ....Vagif and co. have a bunch of info ready for us.....they need some time to formulate announcements and suck on a few coldies.....perhaps even do a Quick detoxifying session from all that Vodka....lol....perhaps even a Bio-r and Bio-B milkshakes over the weekend.....hehehe PS.....ANZ long looks good for any CFD traders here...the difference in ANZ SP from this little ramp is ZIP....But may put funds available for another SLA buy on any weakness IMO. Also.... http://www.egoli.com.au/egoli/egoliStoryPa...ection=Warrants Looks like CBA for a short too...No risk really....
  22. Speaking of bots...this is a very interesting read on price manipulation. http://users.tpg.com.au/asavoy/manip.htm http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/ph34r.gif
  23. In reply to: Livas1 on Tuesday 05/06/07 10:53pm Prsonal Apologies sent on the 'babble' Livas....but a break will do us all good...preferably a breakout on the high side...lol. It's possible the anns were put the way they were, to encourage a drop in the Sp so they could pick off the panic sellers, and it wouldn't be the first time I have seen this happen, but this time I was aware of the technique to create sellers...ie purposely late critical information, then a big buy by the directors, by intimating an announcement is due on a certain date without stating it 'WILL' be announced on that date they create a buying opportunity for themselves and their mates.....I lost last time....I won't be suckered again!...DIDDN'T BOTHER TADING IT AT ALL...COULD HAVE MISSED THE BIG ANN. I BOUGHT MORE AND AVERAGE IS STILL ONLY 54.6C....HAPPY?....YOU BET!
  24. QUOTE (Livas1 @ Tuesday 05/06/07 08:11pm) Quiet day all round with the Chinese playing again....IMO we are on a winner.....the playing has been intense over the last week or so, but intrinsically there is a lot going for us holders.... 'Tomsk has a special economic zone with significant and ongoing Government Subsidies and tax concessions'.....is just one of many valuable pieces to the SLA puzzle that , for anyone who has done their research, will be able to find... Go back 12-10 months when is was 20c a share, and research from there, and write down all the bad stuff VS the good stuff, and you will find the only bad thing to happen was expectations of Ropren approval last month, which didn't happen...and why...some people misread the doc's and ramped the date, when it was only an indication and the ministry has been (as Russia is) disorganised lately....and I wouldn't be surprised if bribes haven't been paid, or the level of bribery has increased and the bribers are getting greedy.....gotta love the old communist vs capitalistic conundrum eh. Buying opportunities are popping up left right and centre till all comes to light then, 'We the hard nosed holders will reap the rewards'....and with any luck suck on a few coldies over Xmas knowing we done fine my friends....real fine. PS....livas1...take a day or two off mate....you are starting to babble....go fishing or something....trust me it works wonders....I'm off pig hunting and fishing again this weekend myself....made a few $$ else where (SGX long CFD trade) and am off to enjouy the fruits of 5 days labour....with my laptop of course. No need to wish you all luck...we know what's coming....see you on the high side.
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    Macquarie has announced that it has raised its NMS shareholding from 32,955,008 shares to 39,621,675. That's a little over 13% of the 50m placement going to Macquarie. Good to see the support from Macquarie still there...and that their voting power actually decreased. Should see some shares in the account shortly then I suppose.
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