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  1. AVX is stealing the lime-light ATM....but will SLA throw their hat in the ring on AIDS treatment too, what ever happened to that AIDS patient they treated? Holding SLA is costing me money on the mortage so I hope they come through with news soon. You couldn't have asked for a better "buy" signal… Last year, a group of the most powerful investors in the world announced their intention to make one of the market's most ignored sectors their top investment priority in 2007. It's not the hedge-fund or mutual-fund industry, although they're interested in the sector, too. It's a much different crowd… one that has more of a direct impact on the targeted industry. The group I'm referring to is the world's largest drug makers, collectively referred to as "Big Pharma." Their target is the biotech industry. If you're not familiar with biotech medicines, you should be, as they differ greatly from traditional chemistry-based medicines. Biotech medicines are displacing traditional drugs because they work much better. They work better because they're built with a rational design. They're made from living cells, and are often actual molecules like proteins or enzymes... traditional pharma drugs are just different types of chemicals. To put it simply, the future of medicine is biotech. Four of the top five drug companies in the world have identified biotech as the center of their strategic focus for 2007. In fact, the CEOs of two of these companies, Pfizer and Merck, have publicly stated desires for their companies to become the top biotech company in the world within a few years. To reach the top spot, these companies will have to spend many billions of dollars in research and acquisitions. Naturally, all of this translates into the prospect of huge returns for biotech investors in the near term, beginning this year. In 2006, Big Pharma and biotech reached more than 230 deals – up 32% from 2005. And the transactions were 20% richer for the biotechs, a sign of increasing leverage for the smaller parties at the negotiation table. There were also 10 acquisitions on the year – a record number. Buyout premiums were up, with an average of 62% per deal. Yet, many of these buyouts took place at payout premiums greater than 100%. For example, one of our Phase 1 Investor holdings, Sirna Therapeutics, was acquired by Merck for $1.1 billion. The acquisition resulted in an immediate 100% gain. The increased merger and acquisition trend that took off last year will certainly continue into 2007. The big drug companies continue to face eroding sales from blockbusters coming off patent and ensuing generic drug competition. Pfizer stands to lose half of its $50 billion revenue to generics in the next five years. Merck lost $3 billion this year alone when Zocor, the cholesterol drug, came off patent. Big Pharma will continue to be forced to turn to the biotech sector in search of new products to replace eroding sales. Here's why Big Pharma is turning to biotech: 1. The bulk of innovation in drug discovery takes place in the biotech sector. Most big drug companies are nothing more than massive selling machines. 2. Because of their complexity and specificity, biotech drugs command premium prices. 3. Biotech drugs are immune to generic competition… at least for now. Almost every big drug company has laid out cost-cutting tactics in their budget plans for the upcoming year. Pfizer, for example, plans to cut 20% of its sales force. Still, the Big Pharma coffers are chock full of cash, and a good chunk of that money will be flowing to biotech this year. Investing alongside them will be one of the smartest things you can do with your money in 2007.......
  2. In reply to: jaolsa on Monday 12/02/07 10:05am http://www2.shawstockbroking.com.au/egoli/...9-09B61441C85D} THAT SUMS IT UP NICELY...GOT BACK IN MYSELF LAST WEEK.
  3. Riped and pipped some stuff...anyone want to comment feel free....I'll see you at the party if I'm right, or even 10% right....lol Below is barbarian bluff...maybe. Ripped a bit from hc ramping site, but my answers are here Q..........Does anyone reckon that the market has factored in (already) any upside due to the Russian rubber stamping supposedly coming in 2 to 3 weeks? If it is a lay down call (as already stated) then we are in a sort of limbo for awhile until it happens. We don't know if stock is available to sell to ther Ruskis do we? If it is they are in at the jump and a major milestone is achieved. If it isn't ready then how lomg do they have until stock is made up and batched? If they haven't got stock available for the pent-up demand then why not? I might give them a call tomorrow and ask them this stuff and post it when I get some answers. Sleep easy though rest assured it is all under control. A........Market will have factored some of the price in, but a rise is still on the cards anyway. Yes they do have stock on hand of Ropren, and a lot of the others too, read previous anns but I think is 24 kilos and worth $18 mill. Market will only stay flat if no more news is available...but we are expecting some before the end of this month. You best be going over 4 months worth of old announcements if you are new to this stock. A#2............IMO 70-80% profit, but remember the injectable form of Ropren will change all this if it works...ie if you only need 10% of the dose then multiply the $18 mill by 10 (which = $180 mill ) but reduce that by a % as well, to make it fair and cheap enough to distribute to a wider community, by say 45% and we have 100 mill=market cap.......I have no idea how much less they need using the injectable form of Ropren, and tests are still being carried out on this as far as I know.....so it's only a guess atm but even halving the amount necessary will mean about $30 mill profit on what they have on hand....also remember they will be ramping up production to 10 times the current level of 24kg/year when the sibex deal is done.... worst case scenario Ropren will not be registered.......whaaaaaaaa! best case scenario profits from Ropren will be 10(injectable)x10(production increase)x$100mill=$10000 mill....ie 10 billion $ per year...... middle of the road 10x 10x$30 mill=3billion$ per year Sound a bit too far out , have I calculated upper limits correctly......I think so, double check for me please(it sounds like too much)....is it too good to be true? I'm sure Ropren will be a lot cheaper but eventually if it is taken up by the wider community, including animals, and farmers as an insecticide/ fungicide (those poor cane growers in Queensland need it for their crops atm)and ......blah blah blah.....don't forget the BIO-B and sauna products and anti fungal/bacterial creams...ect and childs flue and...bla....blaaa...blaaa I'm sure we will make big $$ if it all comes together whatever the outcome..... DYOR.... And as a note I am happy to hold long term and so are the directors...why wouldnt you?.......DYOR.....especialy the last 4 months anns and calculate it yourself...please do and post, I am interested to find out what makes this one tick, and what makes the holders hold.....obviously I have my reasons! 200%+Sp increase in 4 months must mean some have done thier calculations.....post your numbers please...... __________________ doesnt' hurt as much when you have a bourbon in hand winner or what?
  4. In reply to: AtMarket on Friday 09/03/07 07:54am UTB ...the MTIP is not registered and is not natural and does not repair the brain or liver, or have the many other unknown qualities or ROPREN....it's a no contest Ropren wins hands down. I'm in for a large amount of $$$ compared to what I'd normally place on one share, and have been buying from the 20c mark, unfortunately not enough (too damn cautious)at that level but enough so that maybe I can retire happy and stinking rich in 5-10 years.....lol Find me a competitor and I'll show you a liar. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/blink.gif
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    I held abundle at around the 4.5c mark and sold at 3.9c and was not a bit happy except to say I'm another who diddn't hold longer, and thta is the only thing that made me happy. But I don't understand why Waller and co are still directors...why havent they been voted out. We all know how dodgy they are, I even heard they were being investigated a while ago. Lesson learnt ....and the trend is your friend. I suspect they will build another pipeline soon then test the well.......... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/grrr.gif
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