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  1. Bluehaven......COPPER is HOT atm......reverse them words and you'll be in.. Another to look at is Aussie stook fooorums.....Banned words apparently
  2. I thought I would throw these 3 posts from HC on here for a bit of a laugh..... 1) von Wipps - I'd wish each Russian would buy a bottle rather than a share. 2) Yes, lets hope they buy a bottle AND a share. 3) I just hope they share the bottle....lol So the conference is next week! 16th or so they say. Lots of intoxicated Russian scientists sitting around trying to work out how to save themselves from alcohol induced problems.....what a hoot that would be....wish I was there....hehehe..... Sellers today panicked at such a high open, but we read the news and next week should be a ripper! The SLA rocket ship is leaving.....All board!
  3. From hc The conference where the paper is being delivered from the 16th to the 18th http://www.gastro.spb.ru/ well im pretty sure thats the one. And will be on ShareScene Radio. And that is the Trial that will, according to the company, 'Make the world sit up and take notice'! The media coverage on this in Russia should be massive! All aboard for a one month trip in a rocket ship....... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/weirdsmiley.gif
  4. I think we won't be seeing any speeding tickets any time soon from the ASX....last time SLA got one it just turned into a big promotion for SLA.......It was great!..... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif
  5. In reply to: paulhart on Tuesday 08/05/07 11:07am So within a month we will have some big news....results to be announced during this trip.....sweet.
  6. In reply to: grommit on Tuesday 08/05/07 10:12am I would have thought you would see the sense in holding for at least a year, for tax reasons 50% CGT versus 30% .....20% difference in the profit you take is a fair bit.
  7. Ps when IS the Ropren Party and where? Sounds like it should be in West OZ to me with all the last posts.....hehe.... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif
  8. QUOTE (macrae @ Monday 07/05/07 11:37pm) Obviously no sellers....and why would you sell....too much news to come.....I see a slowdown on the SP and maybe a few happy profit takers but the fundamentals are there. There is more to come, and curing cirrhosis is massive....I need it.....and so will millions.....alcohol is an ingrained part of society.....everyone wants a drug, and alcohol is legal....it's a social thing..... Gawd knows what they have found out on the D&A trails to make it effective with drugs as well....not that I'm a druggie at all by the way! I personally couldn't care less if SLA went back to $1.....But I reckon similar companies will hurt a bit and say "well we have the same stuff", but it just aint the good old SLA, with the big research..... Perhaps they will merge....Perhaps I will send a merge Email to Dennis on the others....Because there are other companies that do Pine Needle stuff, and, perhaps it's already on the cards..... PERHAPS IT WILL BE COOL TO GO TO A PARTY ONE DAY AND SAY....'YEAH I GOT MY SOLAGRAN FIX TODAY!' Rock on guys.................. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
  9. I see a few West Aussies touching base here.....I will be onto the Maddiingon metro health food store and PROBABLY others asap....I have nearly $3000 worth of orders from family and friends.... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif .....since they all work and I do bugger all but trade, they figured I'd have more time to go sell SLA (Bio-A) to the locals....Hmmmm....I had to sell my LONG POSSIE in WPL today so that I could.....That was a nice score on a CFD trade anyway so what the helll.....GO SLA I'm going to spread the news a bit through the 3 big ones I know within 20k's of my area....I reckon this is the tip of the ice/pine berg.....time to show the world what we are made of.... Pine Needles.....lol I will collect no commision on the deal....It'll just be fun to get away from the flamin' computer..... ENJOY THE RIDE BOYS AND GALS........ http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
  10. In reply to: Spicer69 on Saturday 05/05/07 04:35am Ummmm...Dennis said that was funny but totally wrong....yep I sent that to him......except for the last bit about sitting on what bis potentially a huge company.....and the bit about the graph looking like a huge bowl to put our profits into.....this is a the ride of a lifetime ....Google and Microsoft an yahoo and stuff have done it...why not Solagran.... Bummer I have to wait 2 weeks before I get my BIO-A.....I could be dead by then.... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/sadsmiley02.gif Now what am I gonna do all weekend....to take my mind off sla....might try out my new fishing rod.....enjoy,,,,see ya all Monday
  11. I ripped this from ASF....Pacer is a crackup legend....IMO.....*8th Nov 2006.... Wouldn't it be nice to find out it CURES a few common bad diseases and got some big TV exposure......then we could see the 10 year graph looking like a big bowl...................so we have something to put all those profits into, lol. Anyway here's the story I heard about how they got started. When they just started, and were called Travelshop, one of the directrors was over in Russia sorting out the new booming USSR side of the travel business, just after 9/11 happened and the s/p was skydiving because no-one wanted to travel. Lamenting the company's severe troubles and sitting in a bar getting sloshed on vodka, he struck up a conversation with an equaly sloshed Russian scientist, who was lamenting the countries troubles and the useless government, and also the fate of the research he was working on, due to the fact the govt. was more interested in other things at the time. Anyway after a great night out with more booze and a couple of Russian spunks, they swapped numbers and kept in touch. A few months later the directors were in a pub getting sloshed and lamenting the rapidly dying Travelshop, when he started talking about the Russian trip and his mate over there, and his research, when in a haze of booze fueled discussion they had commited themselves to sell Travelshop, go to Russia, drink lots of vodka, meet lots of Russian babes and catch up with this Russian scientist to see what coud be done about his predicament. After a few weeks there they had managed to convince Russian officials, with bottles of vodka and Russian babes, that the only way to make any use of this research was to let a private company in on the act, papers were signed, patents applied for and here we are today, sitting on what is potentialy a huge company. I think I was drunk on vodka when I heard this story but I think I got it right...............
  12. If that aint the wickedest BIO graph on the ASX I will eat everyone's hat.....as long as it is coated in BIO-R......lol Far out man.........I just can't believe it looks so good on fundamentals and even better on tech analysis..... Go you good thing.............go...! Still undervalued IMO.....a cheeky ramp?
  13. In reply to: BSA on Friday 04/05/07 11:33pm Ahhhhh ...HMMMMM love this once in a lifetime opportunity, It's way good! Never ever really thought I would ever find a great company that can supply forever like this, unlike mines they can just grow another tre...lool ....well as long as we have tree's in Siberia and they give away the pine needles I will be happy.....wicked....a cheap and inexhaustible supply of ingredients......truly wicked! My tradfing buddies are soooooooo jealous, and cant work out why I dropped 1/3 of my $$ into this from 20.5c......to an average of 50c....Yes I bought heaps more at 65.5c.....and most of my mates got in about then....for small parcels... What is there not to like about SLA....hell... even that rat that they gave cancer and cured id happy....remember the rat......bring on Bio-A sunscreen b4 next summer..... AAchoooo....where's that children's flue stuff again..... Ouch......Friday night.....My liver hurts.....Bring on the Ropren! ROFL
  14. Spicer69


  15. QUOTE (Livas1 @ Friday 04/05/07 02:42pm) Done exactly the same Greg....nice one mate....see you at the Ropren party with all my family and friends who have a slice of this EFFECTIVE cake/pie..lol I'm off to order some BIOA from 5 different pharmacies and health shops....all my mates want a go at it so why not do the round and spread the word....
  16. In reply to: Livas1 on Friday 04/05/07 01:36pm Valuation would be hard to gauge and was a waste of time and money IMO...every other valuation I have seen is by companies desperate for recognition....we don't need it now .....and it will fly to wherever it see fit and let the market decide the SP
  17. In reply to: Livas1 on Thursday 03/05/07 11:12am Never tell the missus how much you have made on the markets....new designer dresses depreciate and cruises are for old people.....lol
  18. Spicer69


    QUOTE (Spicer69 @ Wednesday 02/05/07 07:40pm) repost from hc.....some spelling mistakes and ramblings going on but one of my best posts lately....been iff the booze for 9 days and no haze....lol....enjoy Jojo......thanks for the vote of confidence......I have done upgrades before of this size and bigger (as a fitter turner welder, boilermaker crane driver rigger and supervisor.......no lies and not pumping mysef up....much....haha)and also help commission mines such a Yandi Cogina HI (Pilbara area) and have seen what happens....it wont be a problem as long as we have the best people and they don't hire a bunch of Drongos to run the show, ie get a big name company on the job (I'm sure they know this already having been in the game before)....always my experience has been to spend the $$ to get the results and reduce costs in the long run....never buy the cheapest of anything..you will suffer in the end....I always buy quality and pay the extra......proven and tested! Upgrade of plant to 100000 tonnes should take 3-4 months maximum, but all of the plant would need to be shut down, so I guess they want a BIG find on the drilling side to make it worth while, to upgrade, before any production, well that's what I reckon....no point starting production only to find out that 6 months down the track you have to stop production and lay everyone, well almost everyone, off just to do a quick upgrade.... BHP did that at Brockman but they had Tom price to send people to (only a 3 beers away...lol) and made some take annual leave....I was on that one too operating a 60t Kato crane, as they had to sack the operator cause he was a drunk....I was boilermaking till they found out I could operate a crane...hehe. Anyway I'm gettin' off the subject. In summary....find heaps of gold ( I'd like to see 500,00 oz before startup, minimum), do a quick feasibility, get another cap raising going to upgrade the plant, upgrade the camp (to verry good standards or you will loose good workers), Get a reputable company in, with good fitters(cause all oil and grease and oil/grease seals, and even some bearings, and seized rollers on conveyors needs changing), and start producing the lovely yellow stuff at above $700 an oz.........too easy if you ask me.....then it will be the worlds best share! Well it wiil be when drilling continues to upgrade resources to 2 mill oz then it will be twice the size of Lihir!.....maybe.....I think they have 1 mill oz resource..... and they are $3.....I must research more before I make unfounded statements....or leave it up to my fellow NWR holders to do some quick searches to confirm and compare where we could end up on share price......please do! I'd love some input on where you guys the sp would be if say we hit 500,000 oz and the sp rose to say 60-70c then we did a 5mill cap raising, at 50c, to Upgrade the plant (my high estimate) and use the rest to continue drilling and other operations....... Id love some feed back on this even if you have no experience in the mining game. Anyway the monthly volume is still up and the price is stable (could mean those in the know are picking off small traders that are impatient)......I'm accumulating....hehe...and biased Drill results this month...mid may....sound good but I hav all my funds in SLA and NMS till next week.....then I get a litle payout to play with...perhaps it will go here, perhaps not....DYOR....but all the above is tru and factual as far as I can tell ya. Enjoy the ride when it starts.
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    QUOTE (Spicer69 @ Wednesday 02/05/07 06:56pm) copied my hc post I'd like to be sitting in Clives back shed with him right now with a few beers and working on his next project/invention which he come up with....surely that is the reason for quitting all those shares....stocking the new walk in fridge....lol Betcha he's going on a really long holiday...time to destress and reap some well deserved rewards, and let the PLEBS move the company away from a backyard workshop to a Blue-chip company asap, before the patents run out, and any old welder can start his own underwater Co. Sp guaranteed not to hit 60c at least...like the last capital raising.....much more confidence here....wont even hit 70c IMO .................... and another.... I would have to say it's new and unusual, but if I was a broke old boilermaker one day and a millionaire the next I'd be tempted to sell a few and take a well deserved break and sit back and enjoy the ride a bit more, especially if I had worked my butt off for a few years...perhaps stress is playing games with his life and the excitement is overwhelming. Institutional buyers are 25% over booked....a deal must have been done behind the scenes with them and him and he would have sold in parcels for an average of plenty. I believe still, do you, that we are on a winner and, in holding, it's just a matter of watching our baby get huge. They should have enough earnings to fund more acquisitions along the way and increase share value, which is better than any dividend as the SP rises, because SP rise will be much more than any dividend we could receive from current earnings, after all it was $150 on hype before the tragic fall. I'm sure that Lange knows what he's doing and this will be forgotten soon. I'm not in it for short term gains anyway. Long term I'm hoping for a blue-chip company with worldwide acceptance. Don't panic my friend, there's a bundle of cash at the end of the NMS rainbow.
  20. Spicer69


    In reply to: denpal on Saturday 28/04/07 06:21am So mid may we should get some ation on the drilling results....tempted to top up on the oppies. Yawn I'm off to more exciting share threads...... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif
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    In reply to: Spicer69 on Saturday 28/04/07 02:53am Langley enjoying the success he deserves....a wise decision and he can still use part of the funds to buy into the 60c deal. I don't think it will phase investors like it normally would.
  22. In reply to: Vilmac on Tuesday 01/05/07 05:53pm It was only a small on market buy but I thought they had to release all relevant information they are holding before they can purchase more....ie where the heck are the alcoholics trials results...and the rest.
  23. What does BIO-A do again?......I can't remember...... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/sadsmiley02.gif Perhaps I need some Ropren......... Sellers drying up and all is looking well to find support above $1 by the looks of things.
  24. So what will a practitioner tell you about Bio-A? Chiller, what if anything does the packaging say and is there an instruction/information leaflet inside? Cheers mate.
  25. QUOTE (utb @ Sunday 29/04/07 12:57am) I appologise for my over enthusiasm on this and other forums.....I just can't help myself..... Just ignore all my posts if you don't like them......here's a copy from hc from me.... .............................................................................. ....thanks for the vote of enthusiasm....I enjoy being enthusiastic and ranting and raving...occasionally I have to apologize and settle with anyone taking me too seriously (EG NEO POSTS).....It can get a bit out of hand...but I am a nutter for taking the mickey out of even my best mates.....they have learnt to take my BS for what it is...slapstick comedy....haha...hehe...lol.....but the reality sometimes gets confused with my RANTS.....eg my brother thought I was kidding when I told him about SLA at 25c.....ummmmaaahhhh he's not laughing now....he's just happy as a pig in poo...hehe....but Puised at me cause I dddn't get him in below 25c........whinger.....lol Hope you all understand my possie....bored and stuffal else to do.......I do try to post sensibly, but it's not in my nature....BIPOLAR is a wierd thing to have... When are the new results coming.....I'm over-excited as it is.....
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