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  1. Market cap covered by expected cash inflows shortly. Drilling results expected and a fantastic acquisition just announced with drilling in two weeks. Low downside and big upside
  2. Triage I didn't actually read the article as it's subscription but is the concept so inaccurate? The Brazilian and Canadian economies have suffered far worse than Australia. You can add is Russia and Saudi Arabia with the price of oil as well. Comparatively we are doing much better with increased volumes of commodities (not enough to counter price drops of course). The lowered currency has helped other industries. At this stage we are not looking at a recession. Given the circumstances I think we are doing better than expected and certainly better than many of our peers.
  3. It's a miracle that CVN's price held for so long with oil plummeting and oil headed to $25 a barrel.
  4. flower Not only is the market in a bit of a muddle waiting to see what the US will do we have the unusual situation of the sharemarket responding to negative news in the hope that interest rates stay low forever...
  5. Mookie


    Seems to be the consensus. China making moves to keep the iron ore market well supplied and interest rates going down.
  6. Carsha It's a little befuddling to understand your continual negative comments on this thread. Perhaps you should take more notice of the actual content which is in part "... theories for when the crash will hit". As stated by Eshmun I don't think anyone has called that the crash has occurred yet simply a theoretical attempt to see if people could see the warning signs to identify a crash in advance. Although it was clearly articulated that some believed CBA was overpriced at the time of posting. Isn't this a worthy enough topic to follow?
  7. This topic has gone a bit quiet. Surprising since a lot of the discussions centred on the potential over-valuation of our banks primarily market darling CBA. Gone from a high of $96.69 to $84.07 today. Perhaps we all should have shorted it...
  8. Obviously not a great fan of our housing market...http://news.domain.com.au/domain/real-estate-news/australia-is-in-one-of-the-worst-housing-bubbles-we-have-ever-seen-20150327-1m8vao.html?expiry=1459044639&login_token=3ETtIQNkp_0ZKBtQgdqdRRH_6tIs_9UWxAz7nLxMl6CsBrIvOaBg4VgbYyXr3BnY vWNFmh3H6fFd4w-kJaFXNQ854191&member_token=be1P7RwNZimXmHp9VwxdGKFBA-H7-PoWjIUzl2MxBNl99Gh9ee7s1bRouN96jaOd2lc3yqLGh6-rF9cLodEk9w854191&utm_source=outbrain&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=newsnetwork
  9. I found this article very interesting as i'm looking for commodities potentially entering boom periods and based on rapidly declining aluminium stockpiles aluminium might fit the bill. Zinc is similar although the zinc price has already started to move and aluminium has yet to embark on a substantial move. Seems to have strong chart support around $1.60 so downside should be limited. Article - http://www.sharecafe.com.au/greg_tolpigin....AV&ai=34414.
  10. boy I bought a few more IBG as they retraced today. They are still awaiting the mining licence I believe so are still going through the approval process. Quarterly should be out tomorrow with an update. To be honest I am looking at them to run inline with an expected increase in the zinc price. I had a good run during the last zinc boom, but there is no ZFX or CBH around and very few producers. From all account the charts on IBG (breakout), the zinc price and zinc stockpiles charts are extremely positive.
  11. boy / carsha Some very interesting discussion. Why not start a separate thread to discuss further rather than discuss on the index thread?
  12. Been reading a bit about plunging zinc inventories and the zinc price has started to reflect this. This time around if there is a zinc boom the options are less clear (than last time) with ZFX and CBH both gone. IBG seems like a good option with some very big key shareholders (ie Glencore) and a world class deposit. I think with a couple of very large zinc mines closing this year thatt a boom in zinc might be coming our way. Bought a few IBG for 10c, but this might have run away from me before I could add as it was up 18% on Friday and zinc had a very good night on Friday. From all accounts the charts for zinc, zinc stockpiles and IBG all look very promising.
  13. There are some interesting questions from mistagear and cooderman. I like to buy companies with alot of potential and significant share price appreciation. Every so often I manage to find significantly undervalued companies although some failures have led me more towards producers or near producers as it reduces risk. If I were to buy CVN to me the significant cash backing and royalty reduces the downside. I feel successful fundamental investing requires speculating on future outcomes. Therefore I would need to ask myself what sort of price CVN would achieve if their latest oil field comes into production? Where do I see the oil price moving and what price CVN if their acreage proves to be a new oil province? If I think CVN could tick all three boxes the upside would be massive. Very high risk and very high reward. In regards to your question If history is any guide I am good at buying and terrible at selling. I am trying to become more disciplined in all aspects and this needs to be determining the best time to sell. If I buy and the stock falls or if it rises and then falls this presents a very difficult challenge to myself. If I believe something is likely to happen and then it doesn't then accepting i'm wrong and selling can be very difficult. I don't mind when a stock falls due to sentiment ie the value of the company is the same, but it can be very difficult to determine when the value of the company is falling and you only find out once insiders have sold. Sorry for rabbiting on but I find answering questions like these makes me more focused and therefore more able to determine the best strategy going forward.
  14. Hi flower I am still holding and expect to for at least a while. Lot's of price driving announcements coming up, low market cap and plenty of free cash flowing into the coffers. Quarterly report has previously been flagged as excellent. Been a gentle pullback so not concerned leading up to the quarterly report.
  15. Mookie


    flower I would tread very carefully with BDR. They recently downgraded guidance (again) and did not state the expected AISC in the announcement which may mean that costs have blown out this quarter. Additionally the exploration update while excellent might have been released prior to the quarterly to soften the blow. That of course is just speculation. Personally I am hoping that if poor quarterly figures are announced then the share price might be savaged and I might be able to buy in around 19c. Going forward as you revealed the depreciating Brazilian Real (Brazilian gold price is at an all time high) should have a significantly positive impact on profitability going forward. I have no idea on where gold is heading although it doesn't seem to want to fall below $1,140 which actual gives good profits given the AUD and BZL currencies. Good luck with it and I will be watching closely.
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