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    Its been an absolute disaster roller coaster.... General Meeting Resolutions: 1. ratifying 35,584,502 shares at .001c 2. approval to issue the $500,000.00 convertible note shares......546,666,666 shares @.00075c and 546,666,666 options exercisable at  .001125c  With expiry in 2019 3. approval for director Nathan Taylor to participate in $102,500.00 of convertible note mentioned in resolution 2. above. 4. approval for director Andrew Houtas to participate in $15,000.00 of shortfall @.001c 5. approval for director Nathan Taylor to participate in $100,00.00 of shortfall @.001c What are peoples thoughts? We have all been torched and kicked around.... My thoughts on the AGM resolutions: 1. I can stomach punters @.001c.... we all got offered to take up .001. - I will vote FOR 2. Excessive money taken ($500,000.00!! when less was needed imo) at .00075c with a 1:1 free attaching 3 year option exercisable at .001125c is unacceptable IMO..... as a torched shareholder....wish I was offered this to soften the blow. At a humble .002c share price the Lucky Privileged and the New Kid on the block director position is worth $1,093,333.33 in stock value and $478,333.33 in options value = Grand total $1,571,666.66 ......for a mere $500,000.00!....done at well below distressed SHELL value........  - I will vote AGAINST 3. The New Kid on the block director has cut himself into the above sweetheart deal to himself and a few Lucky Privileged mates - I will vote AGAINST 4. Another director has participated smalls at .001c  - We all got offered at .001c - I will vote FOR 5. The New Kid on the block director participating at .001c - We all got offered at .001c - I will vote FOR Anyone going to attend? Interested in others thoughts.....
  2. Got a bit of a mention on the radio today.. http://www.2gb.com/article/ross-greenwood-...drug-resistance Looks interesting imo. Dyor
  3. Something looks like its brewing - exciting times ahead IMO. Dyor
  4. omegaoil


    (WMN) to Acquire Grafindo Nusantara with 8mt Graphite Resource! http://www.westernmining.net/wp-content/up...mt_Graphite.pdf An excellent bit of news imo dyor
  5. omegaoil


    WMN Enters Graphene Technology Race The Next Mining Boom http://www.nextminingboom.com/wmn-e...sour...ontent=20150626
  6. omegaoil


    This is the company WMN is acquiring now. Looks like some revenues will be coming in soon... http://www.carbonnano.co.kr
  7. omegaoil


    Michael Schwab http://www.theaustralian.com.au/bus...ys-i...x-1226988911895 Big Sky Partners - which Michael Schwab is Founder and Managing Director http://bigskyvc.com/ Look at the Big Sky Portfolio......alternative energy. And they are very good at it.... Solaicx was a great success which made them and other investors handsome amounts. Would not be surprised to see more US buying/support come into WMN over the next little while imo The more I dig and research....the more excited I get http://hotcopper.com.au/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png DYOR
  8. omegaoil


    55c close...
  9. * Gold encountered near surface 1g/t in shallow areas <50m * Compares well with challenger at similar depths * Early stages but gold deposit discovery possible * Deeper drilling could encounter richer zone * 2014 drilling 4m@5g/t (also 1m@15g/t) so clear signs of rich gold! And there is the Fraser Range stuff. The share price certainly looks overdone down here at 4.6c imo
  10. omegaoil


    chart looking super imo dyor
  11. omegaoil


  12. omegaoil


    Nice chart day for WMN imo
  13. omegaoil


    Possible chart breakout here IMO ...DYOR
  14. omegaoil


    Bit of a turn around..... chart improving
  15. omegaoil


    Don't know if anyone has seen this article in fairfax media today but looks as thought the company has secured an off take agreement with a Korean group and secured funding above market at 40 cents per share. If this is the case then this is seriously good news and one would think the stock is going considerably higher. Look forward to the news flow! DYOR http://m.smh.com.au/business/wester...hart...425-1msvac.html
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