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  1. Been a long 4+ years waiting here mme, but looks like the end game is well and truly underway.
  2. I'd say one of the insto's found another insto or two to transfer to.
  3. The in-ground valuations done 12-18 months ago don't really apply these days. eg. EQX has virtually zero enterpirse value currently. Only comparison that might be done is finding a recent transaction of similar nature and applying the sums, but its comparing apples and oranges really. Any suitor will pay hat they think its worth, based on a miriad of factors, not just in ground tonnage. Only tangible indicator yet is the NPV provided by the Co in its recent PFS, being US$420m (at 12% discount).
  4. Nope. Never held, unfortunately. First alerted in the high 60's (April 2012) but couldn't bring myself to buy something that had risen over 1200% in the previous 12 months. That's life. At least my mate is rich. I am happy for him. He works hard and deserves it.
  5. Hi Guys, I have been watching too and will likely wait until the entitlement stock is issued mid-Sept. Well done with SYR melua, I have a mate with a very similar story (but all at 5c).
  6. So a raise of $911,284.68 overall, with 40,376,156 shares issued (including 10m shares to exhaust the $300k loan from directors last quarter). Plus a maximum $850k to come in from Lanstead over the next 18 months, giving a maximum of $1,761,284.68 cash receivable overall. Shares on issue increase to 341m ordinaries (from 272.3m) with a further 68.7m options in play above 8c. True market cap at 2.8c is $9.548m.
  7. http://www.thisdaylive.com/articles/fg-chi...-sector/182354/
  8. They wouldn't have any idea as to prospectivity or otherwise yet, as this area hasn't been drilled, though it would be reasonable to expect homogeneity with the rest of the plateau. Perhaps someone at the Co inadvertantly pre-empted the awarding of these areas, which have been in train for a while I believe, hence why they haven't been formally announced as yet.
  9. Nice pick up Roy. Possibly the area of the plateau between our existing large southern region (drilled) and the smaller north-eastern area (yet to be explored) which would essentially mean all our plateau leases now adjoin.
  10. As is this one: http://www.moneymorning.com.au/20140419/wh...eep-rising.html ‘The Chinese growth story is likely to continue for years to come and the heads of the iron ore divisions at BHP and Rio agree. They believe that Chinese iron ore demand will remain stable at one billion tonnes per year by 2025.’
  11. My tip is private equity. They have exhausted the well as far as shareholders go.
  12. Poor timing, what's it called?
  13. Hey Sparky, I cant open that first link. What does it say re the status of SLA's application and when will a decision be made?
  14. Nice move today. The next 5-6 months are going to be very exciting I feel.
  15. "By then imo they would be taken out or have a financial backer given the figures currently mentioned seem pretty impressive to me!" This will likely be T/O before mining stage IMO. And rather than just waiting for that to happen, all the bases are being covered to progress it towards that stage so that the greater potential is realised. Even 20m t p/a thru Port Warri is a massive cash earner.
  16. 20-50M t p/a.....these are massive numbers.
  17. Well here's an idea - let the Greeks decide their future and if they vote against the bail-out, cut them free and use the bail-out money to sure-up the Euro banks instead.
  18. I am starting to think its a smart political move. Either way, whether its: a. they vote against the bail-out and the country fails, or b. they vote for it and are forced to finally pay their way, he can blame the Greek people!
  19. Jail for Opes Prime directors.....12 months for Emini, 6 months for Blumberg. http://www.theage.com.au/business/former-o...0727-1hza0.html http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/natio...f-1226102589309
  20. SR, I started using it as a Sportsdrink back in 08 when playing footy. I would drink 3ml in 1 litre the day before, and also throughout, a match day. Because of the taste, I had to chill it first in the freezer. I found it helped keep calf cramping, which I encountered regularly beforehand, at bay. As an aside, I used to tease my kids that it was blood as they watched me add it to water with a plastic syringe. I think the taste also had them convinced.
  21. When where the scientists incentive options due?
  22. If the stock had been available (350 now into May), the increase would have been 100%, from 500 in March to 1000 in April. This is academic though, its the high volume govt purchases (or the actual receipts from these) we all know will produce the re-rating.
  23. Well after a stella run from 0.6c mid last year up to 7.3c early March, we are now back to fill the gap at 2.5c. With drilling almost upon us, not a bad entry point now for those that missed the first run IMO.
  24. Thanks for the link, what is the relationship to the 'real terms' column?
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