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  1. Hi Nebo Thanks for the reply, from AJX latest information qoute Over 20 patents in 9 different countries • 3 Patent applications regarding FR Chemical treatments, and flame retardant emulsions • Overlapping and complimentary patent library - constant effort put into expanding the company’s stranglehold on relevant IP • Trade secrets • Trademarks & branding unquote" So guess they are working on protecting their intellectual properties
  2. FROM TODAYS NEWS LETTER An important focus for 2015 is to secure Alexium’s intellectual property, which we will do by placing patents on key aspects of our technology. At this time, two patent applications are being put in place. One patent will focus on a new flame retardant product, and the second will be for a specific class of flame retardant fabric that Alexium has developed unqoute Does this means they have no patent protection at present?
  3. What is this "class action threat", nothing in the news? Happy for any information, thanks
  4. Ekman


    Ron Brierley is due Auckland 17th August according to news paper reports, to meet large shareholders and fundmanagers Cheers
  5. Ekman


    Good announcement today with a new distributor agrement in USA. We may at last see some traction
  6. The way I read it and the the way the world economy is heading with governements throwing money into support of financial institutions/banks and spending on infrastructure increasing national debts we are in for a slow finacial collapse world wide, somebody has to pay for this, it will reduce energy demands, todays intellectual properties such as held by Silex may not be as profitable as people think
  7. Ekman


    CarpeDiem I am all with you. Let's call for a share holders meeting with the purpose of putting Bryce in as a director, how do we go about this?
  8. Ekman


    What will happen now. The rights issue has closed. Money in the bank? Expanding sales efforts. Manufacturing sites in place. Searching for a cornerstone shareholder.
  9. Ekman


    Seems to be out of favour at present. However cost cutting, a favourable exchange rate and shifting part of their production into a joint venture in India should improve the bottom line. Appreciate any comments
  10. Ekman


    Is anyone following this company? Seems to have carried out some re-organization, received new contracts and aquired a small company in Malaysia. Also cash positive and paying a dividend albeit a small one.
  11. Reply to Finlen More info in regards to Thorium. www.world-nuclear.org/info/inf62.html
  12. Ekman


    In reply to: neutron on Wednesday 14/01/09 10:22am Surely Huddy's contract work in the mine in question is not the only contract that Huddy's is working on? http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif
  13. In reply to: Twobees on Friday 31/10/08 02:13pm ORG is a great growth stock although it will depend on how they will spend their cash. I dont like their buy back program. In my view their cash would be much better spent aquiring available retail energy companies together with developing the gas export side. The dividend could also be increased considerbly. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/ph34r.gif
  14. In reply to: hungry on Friday 28/11/08 12:40pm I bought a small amount of WOR recently thinking the search and development of future energy sources would continue even in the present severe economic down turn. I regard this company as having a strong dominant market position with equal strong cash flows and becoming more dominant in the present down turn. Any comments appreciated
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