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  1. In summary, while i have great doubts, if MNS can bring a 3GwH plant into production in New York and can make CATL's AUS$20M in profit per GwH (despite lacking the economies of scale), on a PE ratio of 25, this values MNS at $1.5 billion market cap or $2 per share. I suppose I will hold my shares. This issue is MNS competing with the big boys.
  2. per this link: https://www.catl.com/en/uploads/1/file/publ..._isu5va488a.pdf it appears CATL says its global sales of batteries was 40.96GWh for 2019. This made a profit of $4.356 billion Yuan https://www.chinapev.com/breaking-news/chin...es-4-4-billion/ This would be a profit of AUD$21.3M per Gwh at current exchange rates. At that time early last year CATL was valued at a peak of AUD$79B or $2B per GWh. However, CATL's profit fell for the last half-year report to $1.94B yuan for the half year to 30/6.20, here: http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2020-08/27/c_139322201.htm Therefore, Franks' claim that 1GwH is worth $5B appears contrary to the above. CATL's share price has doubled since early 2020 (per COVID) but their expansion plans are also massive: https://www.electrive.com/2021/01/06/catl-t...acity-for-2021/
  3. while i hold some MNS, it appears the EV space is in a massive bubble with: * Tesla trading at 730 times operating cashflow from last six months or PE ratio of 900.based on last six months EPS https://tesla-cdn.thron.com/static/78Z2ZX_2...0-Update.pdf%22
  4. Frank gave an interview claiming 1GWh of plant is worth $5 billion and that MNS's New York plant with its $5M of 2nd hand equipment from a liquidation sale (i recall it was previously 1GWh to be upgraded to 3Gwh for US$52M per 2019 Annual Report) will be producing by end of 2021. The interview is here: https://omny.fm/shows/ceo-interviews/frank-...gy-technologies
  5. The last time i looked, this company has not yet issued a profit & loss statement however their quarterly cash-flow give the impression of making losses.
  6. Last annual report says: We expect to further demonstrate this in the future by delivering on our commitment to pay out 100% of free cash flow for the period to 31 December 2019. Today's report forecast US$326.6M EBITDA for the 2nd half, which is US$158M NPAT or, at 68 cents exchange rate, AUD$0.24 EPS. At current $3.20 share price, the annualised PE ratio for next half is 6.7.
  7. Market is selling it off, despite at $3.50: * Annualised PE ratio of 5.4 * Annualised dividend yield of 13.4% before tax (US$0.112 cents fully franked) * Capital return of AUS$0.44 cents Company has forecast US$327M EBITDA for 2nd half due to softer coal prices compared to US$405M last half. Some escrow shares are being early released prior to ex-dividend but the impression is they are looking for insto buyer
  8. Reported a big profit today with big dividend and big capital return.
  9. For me, the penny dropped two days ago regarding the transport costs. I can't believe how negligent I was getting caught up in the all hype; given I have done so much research over the years in transport routes in Africa and Australia.The transport costs would be $450 to $700 per tonne, dependent on the port. For example, in 2013, TGS priced 26 cents/lb from Lubumbashi to Durban (which is the longest route). Add another $100/t for road to Lubumbashi and its US$673/t from Manono to Durban. It seems the only way for DRC lithium to be competitive is a Refinery to export Lithium Carbonate.
  10. Looks like Klaus just killed DRC lithium
  11. While I don't mind having discussions with intelligent people like you; I prefer to not argue with a nincompoop like DDZX. DDZX should do proper research rather than listen to gossip.
  12. If GTT was not involved with the lithium acquisition then what is the relevance of posting about GTT? To my understanding, whoever wrote the above comment was/is misinformed. Rocco retired from 4CE months before the lithium acquisition, which appeared to be facilitated by Jason Brewer. I posted the chronology in my previous post. How is this related to 4CE, which is a company run by Sanders, Brewer and Fry? It seems like some VKA shareholders were/are very confused believing GTT brokered the 4CE acquisition.
  13. I think your inferences are baseless from possibly not being fully informed. GTT Ventures appear related to an earlier attempt to recapitalise the company and take advantage of the gold asset. I did not get the impression GTT Ventures were involved at all in the lithium acquisition because the lithium acquisition vendor shares were allotted to Jason Brewer's wife's company 1620 CAPITAL PTY LTD. GTT's Thomas resigned on 06/03/2017: https://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20170306/pdf/...l6fnwfysprm.pdf GTT's Tassone resigned on 28/03/2017: https://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20170328/pdf/...3fvnqttlzlg.pdf Darras. Stephens & Smith resigned on 1/06/17: https://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20170601/pdf/...nns2t8rxkyh.pdf Brewer & Sanders were appointed on 06/06/2017: https://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20170606/pdf/...rmxj02rn5m2.pdf Lithium acquisition was announced on 07/08/2017: https://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20170807/pdf/...6mmww50zsns.pdf GTT's Glovac probably stayed on to assist in an orderly transition and resigned on 17/10/17: https://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20171017/pdf/...9k1zvww9kv8.pdf
  14. GTT Ventures Pty Ltd appear not connected to 4CE anymore. Their ceasing to be a substantial holder notices shows GTT's Rocco Tassone was selling. Also, GTT's Patrick Glovac received 5 million director options, which he exercised on 11/12/17 and I assume sold (given the Annual Report shows the holders of the remaining 10 million director options are not Glovac). Since the GTT names are not in the recent Top 20s, unless they are in nominee accounts (which is doubtful given they do not have a history of this) they have sold out and moved on.
  15. 1620 CAPITAL PTY LTD (per ASIC search) is owned 30% by CLAUDINE MAYNARD, who also holds 10,000,000 shares in her own name and 5,000,000 director options exerciseable at 3.5 cents in the name of JBCM Consulting Pty Ltd (per ASIC search and per 4CE Annual Report), granted to Jason Brewer. CLAUDINE MAYNARD is/was obviously Jason Brewer's wife and nominee (as a little goggling will find). Given Maynard is the shareholder of these Pty Ltd companies and given Jason Brewer has not issued any director holding notices gives the impression they are no longer "associates" and gives the impression Jason Brewer does not have a "relevant interest" per section 608 of the Corporations Act and per the ASX Listing Rules. http://www8.austlii.edu.au/cgi-bin/viewdoc...01172/s608.html https://www.asx.com.au/documents/rules/gn22...f_interests.pdf
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