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    In reply to: punter on Tuesday 31/07/07 12:03am punter: My cheque has been cashed. I went for the larger number of shares. Should mean I get them all. Here's hoping. Rufous http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
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    In reply to: swuzzlebubble on Tuesday 31/07/07 11:39am Thanks Swuzzle.. A very interesting fellow. Rufous.
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    In reply to: swuzzlebubble on Friday 22/06/07 03:57pm Bit of SP action happening. Up 22c to $1.79 close today. Issue of shares at $1.10 is very good value if price holds here. Any views around?
  4. Anyone get their notice of General Meeting to be held 15th August. Reading the comments of the two directors they seem to have made a good contribution to the company and the legal system in the UAE may leave a bit to be desired. Any thoughts? Rufous.
  5. In reply to: Nowhere Man on Saturday 26/05/07 11:55am This episode of Catalyst will be repeated in Melb at 5.30 pm on Friday 1st June on ABC2 Digital. If you are in another state go to your online TV guide and type in Catalyst and it should come up.
  6. I get a small sense of frustration building as we wait for the various announcements. We are entering the most historic period for SLA. After many, many years of research and development of a product that potentially will have an affect on health throughout the whole world it is this period that we will look back on with fond memories. If ever a line was to be drawn in the sand as to when the next major step forward was taken it is now. Any short delay must be taken in context with what has been achieved. I was always worried that if the product turned out half as good as promised there would be a demand that would be impossible to satisfy. The company has recognised demand by building supply pipelines so this eases my fears. I don't think the approval of ropren will make a massive change in the SP. What will make the biggest change is the announcement that $Xmillion of orders are on hand. May your patience be rewarded 100 times over. Rufous.
  7. In reply to: diana on Monday 21/05/07 11:07am Hi diana A friend of mine "acquired" a few Bio A caps at the last AGM. He hasn't used them yet. I wonder how long they keep for. Rufous
  8. Just testing to see if my picture shows. Rufous
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    Anyone got an interest left in this one? Any advice about the 1 for 4 share offer. Rufous
  10. Does anyone know when margin lending might be allowed. Is there a particular level of capitalisation? Rufous
  11. The following was posted by Nowhere Man on 12/8/04 "12 August, 2004 Company Announcement Update on New Technology Patent Application On 18 September, 2003 Solagran Limited (“the Companyâ€ÂÂÂÂÂÂ) announced that it had been granted priority by the Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks for a new and comprehensive technology patent application, which protected the Company’s leading position in the area of extraction of plant based biologically active substances. This priority enabled the Company to lodge an international patent application on 27 April, 2004. Solagran has received confirmation that the new patent in Russia has been granted, and the international application has successfully completed the preliminary inspection process. The international application has been granted a priority date of 6 June, 2003 in all Patent Convention Treaty (PCT) member countries around the world. The Company’s priority position in regard to the new patent is protected in all PCT countries until January, 2005. Under the international priority granted, Solagran will now proceed to lodge national patents in previously selected countries including the USA, Canada, several EU nations, Australia, Japan and selected Asian countries. The newly patented production process for the more complex Bioeffectives will result in increased extraction efficacy, improved yields (particularly for Bioeffectives R, S and N) and cheaper production costs. The cost implications will have a positive impact on the Company’s plans for commercialisation of Bioeffectives in the financial year 2006. Currently Bioeffective R is nearing completion of phase II Clinical Trials in Russia for the treatment of serious liver conditions including hepatitis and cirrhosis. In Australia, Bioeffective A is the subject of a current TGA application for a new pharmaceutical substance, while Bioeffective B is being successfully trialled in sports medicine. The Board of Directors is confident that given the Company’s current progress, commercial sales of Bioeffectives in the above applications should occur in 2006. The international patent protection afforded to Solagran’s production technology positions the Company as a potential supplier to the high priced polyprenols market. Currently, polyprenols are quoted at international prices of up to US$150,000 per gram and are available only in analytical quantities. Other polyprenols producers obtain their product from animal sources such as pigs’ livers at significantly lower yields (non commercial volumes) and much greater costs. Solagran’s new patented extraction process provides far greater yields, in commercial volumes, at a higher purity and significantly lower costs than the competitors. The Board of Directors view the granting of the Russian patent and the receipt of the international patent priority as a significant step forward in the commercialisation of Bioeffectives. The Company will now commence planning for production of the high value Bioeffectives (particularly Bioeffective R) in anticipation of entry into specified world markets. Peter Stedwell Director On behalf of the Board of Directors" Interesting reading. The ..."commercialisation of Bioeffectives in the financial year 2006" was probably a pretty good forecast. Rufous.
  12. In reply to: diana on Friday 30/03/07 03:28pm diana Cochlear - not really a Bio company but in '97 the shares were $5 and today with 55 million shares on issue (+<2m options) they are worth $65. Rufous
  13. In reply to: jezzabot on Friday 30/03/07 04:59pm Hi jezza, My guess on an announcement after trade today to stir the market on opening Monday was just that - a guess (and wrong). I don't have any inside info. - just a very big fan of this company. Went to the AGM and found it all interesting. It's pretty scary to think that a new product can be released to the market and could generate sales in the many 10s of 1000s (of units). The logistics of getting such products to buyers can certainly make or break a company. The internet can provide almost instant communication amongst millions. Families who have loved ones with liver problems will be desparate to hear about Ropren and people in the west will pay any price to get their hands on it. Rufous.
  14. In reply to: jezzabot on Monday 12/03/07 09:16pm After close on March 30th the big announcement will be made. Everyone will have time to get really excited over the weekend before trading resumes on Monday. Thankfully it's not April Fools Day.
  15. In reply to: jezzabot on Friday 02/03/07 04:57pm I have been a member for months reading everyone's posts but this is my very first. Reading that link raises a number of issues. There may be a serious link between Lipitor and Parkinson's disease. Lipitor sales by drug coy Pfizer in 2005 were $12 bllion. Since then many more people around the world have been prescribed the drug. The important point to remember is that a company that size is going to do everything to protect such a gold mine. We need the directors of SLA to hang really tough when the pressure is applied. Former Travelshop shareholder.
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