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  1. Not much happening. I now need a share price of approx $2.05 to break even. Not liking my chances. I think I might be dead and buried before that is achieved. No doubt a lot of investors will need more than $2.05 per share and I commiserate with them. Of course, we will soon be asked to put our hands in our pocket again. Rufous
  2. Thanks for that. Did the 5 resolutions get passed - on a show of hands or using proxies?
  3. Received my docs today. Includes consolidation on 12 to 1 basis. Capital will be reduced to 95,211,263 shares. Interesting statement "-------value of each shareholder's holding -----------should not materially change -----------as a result of the share consolidation alone (and assuming that no other market movements or impacts occur)". No mention in docs of a share issue to raise funds.
  4. Received my Statement today advising Movement of Securities from CHESS to Issuer Subregister. I wonder if these shares will no longer be counted as an asset for my aged pension?
  5. Chiller, Some of us that have shares in SLA still like to read any info available. I look at Sharescene each week and tonight I was pleasantly surprised as sometimes we go months without a post. Sure, we may never be rewarded with a return but then again it is out of our hands and until they are declared bankrupt we live in (slight) hope. Your thoughts help us to be realistic and I thank you for that. Rufous
  6. This came up on my Facebook: http://www.pineneedleresearch.com/elite-sw...n-siberian-red/ Cheers Rufous
  7. Rufous


    Today received documents for SPP with lots of shares to be issued at 10c. With a last price around 60c there may be some value. The offer is to a friend who is overseas and I don't really know much about the coy. Any comment would be appreciated. Rufous
  8. From Valutech 15/2/13 SLA - Solagran Ltd. Quirky company drawing on technology from Russia. There has been little of substance presented on this company as clinical trials in Australia have only just started and any investment would be highly speculative at this stage. Following listing in September 2003, prices fell by over 60% to July 2004 with a subsequent 40% recovery and then a 50% jump in November 04 associated with completion of phase II clinical trials in Russia and a distribution agreement with Cardinal, followed by a gradual 44% decline and recovery in 2005 and early 2006 associated with approval of Ropren in Russia which finally occurred in July 2007. In terms of substance, the nature of the company and its products are very hard to interpret until trials are completed in Australia or the US. The market value of $44 million in 2010 was high with respect to fundamentals with revenues still minimal. There was a speculative jump (up 97% in 2006) associated with preliminary results for trials by Swinburne University and activities overseas and a further 242% increase in 2007 associated with distribution agreements and clinical trials in Russia, information on trials in Australia, the deal with Bioprospect Ltd and registration of Ropren in Russia. Shares fell 86% in 2008 as a result of fall out from Opes Prime and overall market malaise. The company still needs to gain revenue and carry out further trials in Australia to provide credibility. Until this is done, there could be further falls in value and there was a further 13% slide in 2009 and then a doubling of price relating to significant new investment in July 2009, forthcoming product launch in Russia and push for FDA acceptance of Bioeffective A as a dietary supplement (up 56% in 2009). Down 46% in 2010 with sales commencing in February 2010 and projected sales of US$15 million by December 2010 (not achieved). A dispute with Bioprospect did not reflect favourably on either company but was settled with Solagran selling its BioProspect shares. Due to lack of meeting milestones, prices down 57% to $20 million in 2011. There has been a further 33% decline in 2012 to $13 million and a new MOU with a Russian nutraceutical company. Shares suspended for nine months due to failure to lodge half yearly report and removal from the list is imminent. (7/2/13) Rufous
  9. Chiller's post 11/12/12 It is really very hard to see where anyone can derive any sense of optimism for this company. I am glad to be able to still buy their products but how anyone can watch what has unfolded over the past 12 months and still be filled with any positivity about what is happening here, or not happening here. Yes. it is the same old story that the director is doing his utmost for shareholders to keep the company going, I have heard this too many times in the past to give it much credence now. I am sure it is true that he is trying to resurrect the company but I doubt it is for shareholders. There have been too many missed opportunities that would have provided returns to shareholders but rather than taking these opportunities they have been pushed aside for bigger yet illusive prizes. Where are the Bio A sales to Malaysia, the Middle East, the Ropren sales to Indonesia, internet sales, let alone sales to hospitals in Russia - the list goes on. People who post unbridled optimism here do themselves a disservice, they diminish themselves in the eyes of all others. The company has a track record that no one can argue against, to say otherwise is an untruth. It is easy to post platitudes about directors efforts, tell shareholders to call the company, but to what purpose? Will it help the company to relist earlier so that people who have their life savings on hold can have a say about where to direct their investment, some how I doubt it. What is the point about contacting the company when there is nothing you can do with your shares? Until the company genuinely communicates with its shareholders through statements released to the ASX, everything posted here on what the company is doing is all lies. It is a truly sad state of affairs that we remain in the twilight zone, and the company has nothing to say. I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions as to why the company has nothing to say, it is obvious to me. One day something will happen. Regards Charles
  10. Maybe the company is having trouble with copycats. "Pine Needle Extract" from Siberia is available in bulk to add to medicines, soaps etc to provide some of the benefits of Ropren. Refer to http://translate.googleusercontent.com/tra...bw9drPpauEtOsRg. I got to this Spanish site by Google - Ropren - advanced search - last month. Rufous
  11. Rufous


    Anyone watching this? From a recent report: "Approximately 40 kilos of doré was forwarded to Swiss refiners in the first week of this month. An additional 120 kilos will be forwarded this week, with a further 200kg expected to be shipped before the end of this month. It is anticipated budgeted stabilised weekly production of around 380kg of doré will take two to three months to be reached. Technical and mechanical equipment issues encountered during the hot commissioning of the Albion/CIL process plant are progressively being overcome but have resulted in delays to the ramp-up phase. Early bars of doré were running at around 30% gold and 70% silver but with improving silver recovery, more recent bars are assaying 11% gold and 89% silver with minimal impurities, as was expected from earlier pilot plant test work." I'm a little confused how the change in recoveries from 30% gold to 11% gold can improve the bottom line. Rufous
  12. This could be a re-hash of the Sauna Therapy product that didn't seem to take off. The fact that you used it in a sauna was a dis-advantage. Using a product in a bath would have a far wider and simpler appeal.
  13. Livas What is this link? Won't work for me. http://ved.gov.ru/exportcountries/pages/ru...cts/countries/1
  14. http://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=...NHy33Tg6_T6TIIg Wandering around Google, came upon this. Probably been posted here before. Can't seem to find a date that story was made. Rufous
  15. Thanks Livas. Doesn't 250 kg per month equate to 3 tonnes per year and not 3000 tonnes??
  16. I feel sick. Just goes to show my wife did the right thing to divorce me. Rufous
  17. To all those who have posted on SLA during the year, thankyou. I hope you have a great Christmas and a (more) prosperous 2012. Best wishes Rufous
  18. Guess the price of Ropren would come down as a non-prescription drug. Probably cheaper than Panadol soon.
  19. What a mess and what a great disappointment. I have stuck by the company for many years and have a commitment that keeps getting worse. I have bought and used the sauna product but noticed no benefit. I have bought and used BIO A and except for getting rid of warts on my daughter's hands, I received no noticable benefit. My local Health Shop propietor has asked me what are the benefits of products? I have trouble giving a clear answer. It's not like having a specific problem, such as shingles, that may be fixed. I can see that a lot of doctors would be very sceptical of products especially comparing with known and established other brands. I am starting to believe that the great hope Ropren is not as good as made out. If I had liver problems and this drug was put up as a cure I would bust all barriers to be treated. If cured I would then bust all further barriers to tell the world. That is not happening that I am aware of. I am in the process of retiring and I thought SLA would be an important part of my nest egg. Unfortunately that does not seem to be possible and looking back over 5 years I have broken every rule in the book by having too many eggs in the 1 basket. Good luck, Rufous.
  20. I'm a Victorian having a break in Tweed Heads then on to Cairns for 2 weeks to visit daughter and grand-daughter. Share decisions to be made when I get back home. Weather good Rufous
  21. And that also is holding me back from selling. Not a good way of investing.
  22. 20 posts in a day with no SLA sales makes for interesting reading. Having just retired my Investment Advisor has recommended I sell SLA shares (at a substantial loss) and to buy back in if they later start to move. I am reluctant to sell as it would not take much to knock a couple of cents off the price. I have been a long time supporter but there is a limit.
  23. Rufous


    Anyone watching this share? They have slid below IPO price of 20c. I was offered some by a broker but declined because I thought they would slip a bit. Lithium is mentioned but it's early days. Rufous
  24. Thanks Livas. Excuse my ignorance but I don't get it. Is the Children's Hospital bidding to buy or is Solagran (and others) bidding to sell? Funds have been allocated by who? Is there an approval process by the govt? Rufous
  25. I see BPO has made an announcement about horse trials using CGNC. Is this still SLAs product?
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