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  1. As noted the funding will be up to 1 billion rubbles, and need clarity of T&Cs to allow them to state facts and not half the story. Yes point 5 should read ... Cash will not be allowed to be redirected to AUS. It's great to see the company have continued to push through to where it is now! Although as mentioned there is still a long way to go before relisting.
  2. Ok ... Spoke with company ... 1 Confirmed that the Russian Govt will provide the $30m AU funding2 Condition of the funding is that it has to be spent IN Russia3 Awaiting other T&Cs regarding cashflow of funds eg milestones etc4 Upon confirmation of details will issue market announcement approx 2 wks5 Will allow for this cash to be redirected to support AUS operations6 Can then progress to relist should be approx 6 mths legals, audit etc7 May need to undertake a prospectus to secure funds required to continue operations in AUS and repay debts that have maintained the coy over last couple of years.8 Securing funding will be a lot easier and should be at more positive rates than those of last share price. A lot of water to still pass under the bridge, but at least it's not a leaking ship !!!
  3. So from boiled lollies to potential Swiss chocolate !! Is this the next CSL ??
  4. What the !!! Is that $30 million AUS dollars the Russian's have donated !!!!
  5. Many thanks, was wandering whether the lack of news may also be associated with the litigation as the impact of this also will affect the shareholders structure. Noting that still there are unresolved claims in the courts.
  6. Does anyone know the outcome or status of the court action between Khouri and Vagif ?
  7. So does that mean we have a set of annual accounts to be published ?? Cant wait to see these ..... The company, must be solvent otherwise I'm sure the directors would be moving to winding up the company ... As we know if trading while insolvent based on current legislative requirements brings along other aspects ie 'trading while insolvent' ... Not just ASX more ASIC requirements !!! Not sure if the ability to pay the invoice would inhibit any aspect around the process. I'd question the ability to not being able to pay the auditors .... Maiden, can you elaborate and/ or confirm ?? Are you saying SLA is trading while insolvent ??
  8. As I maintain the vigilant wait for something new to be published I keep refering to information on the website. 80 years of Russian Medical research. The batten being passed to the Dr Vagif, nominated as the 4th generation leader to drive this research an technology. The Russian govt acknowledging the impact these drugs can provide and supporting the coy in gifting the coy land in a growth economic zone. Slowly but surely .... ????☀
  9. Still trading .... No liquidation sales here !!!!! Trading insolvent is a whole different league which we thankfully have not entered. Really i have joined this conversation to add some 'glass half full' comments and grown tired uninformed speculative comments. The investor number is one, how about trying the general switchboard number !!!!
  10. My sentiments exactly .... It's great to see we haven't had to resort to that 'selling out'. Great management in ensuring limited revenue and existing financing meets cost outflows ....
  11. The extension of the comment should also note ... What mgt are willing to accept as an investment. As noted previously by another, it also depends on what the Dr is willing to accept ?? Unlike a lot of mgt in many companies does not obviously want to dilute current holders investments. More than happy with his approach .... Protecting his, scientists, mine and other investors interests. No news is good news ... We must be still trading !!! Albeit on the smell of an oily 'conifer' ???
  12. The question is what's the real value of the IP and patents ??
  13. As suggested by others on this post, I pick up the phone and ring. Ask questions and they respond where they can without breaching any market disclosure requirements. My link is I'm purely and investor ... who is concerned and have been speaking with the company as to where things are at due to my investment. In reference to ASX market updates do we really wnat then telling us repeatly what they have initially advised ie financing - not sure if people know what is happening wioth many economies in europe but banks and investors aren't throwing money around. Personally happy it remains suspended until financing can be sorted out or otherwise !!!
  14. Has anyone really rang the company to ask any questions ??? I think you will find that they are very responsive and open as to the status of proceedings. No news to date would indicate that they are still trading ... otherwise there are broader legal connotations. Yes financing must still be an issue and linked to going concern regarding fulfilling audit requirements and linked further to compliance requirements. I would love to place more of my hard earned on SLA not only existing past Xmas but making significant growth in 2013.
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