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    Just became a CTR holder....The rest of the year looks good....$20bo 2p from just one well not including cash, NICE!!...I also like the fact they have their own rigs...Interesting times..
  2. Nice and peaceful around here now!!....I wouldnt be surprised if a few more broker reports surface over the coming few weeks...KL 4c and there are another 11 anomolies to test!!
  3. Your happy to dish out the criticisms in an industry where only a handful have been success storys, yet you cant even get selling a house right, when millions of Australias have......lol
  4. Must admit I am surprised the negativity being directed at the NCI asset, it is IMO a company maker and well done to management for getting it done..... The shortfall will likely be very significant I expect they can place stock with supportive holders......Lets not forget the DTE shareprice has lost over 90% with these directors at the helm....I would like to see the current directors stay in charge when so much is about to happen....I thinkthey will stay...though a drillingJUR would helpno end...
  5. A company making announcement and your jumping up and down becouse it came out at 10.35am instead of 10am!!! You cant be serious!!
  6. I am hoping BCC will take advantage of the JUR/first mover advantage to secure the best development opportunity available, which based on the significant number/size of fields in the CI could have a large impact on BCC.....Potentially this could turn the company/sentiment shareprice around and lessen the dilution impact of the RI....if (not that I think it will) it turns out an underwhelming project then things may get ugly if the major shareholders choose not to enter the RI...
  7. I dont care as long as the farm in is professional.....
  8. IMO development project is likely to be a nice value add......
  9. other than to keep your job in the face of an attempted clean out by shareholders....
  10. davo22


    23bopd net for well 21H......With 2 (3?) dud wells preceding it, was always a strong chance to be a dog, unfortunately the whole company was riding on it.......Looks like they will loose their only real project leaving only a few scraps to pretend it is a company.....1c may prove to be a dream too high in 12 months..
  11. No doubt my timing was wrong and I would much prefer to be buying now with less paper on issue, but the upside is is still very good from here and my 5.5c....IMO in hindsight down the track the focus here will be why those of you not holding didnt load up!!....with a rig drilling and some success the market is likely to start to value BCC on a reserves basis .....If Cosmo is anything to go by the new development project will increase reserves to help offset some of the dilution... A new chapter might be about to start... Cheers
  12. After the recent announcement of looking at strategic alternatives, I was hoping that some of the assets could have been JVd or monetised at a higher relative value than 4c which in turn may have led to a higher shareprice from which to raise...Clearly a load cr@p from management!!! IMO the primary attraction with the obscene size of this raising is to allow directors to place the shortfall and keep their jobs...From memory BCC can place the shortfall up to 3months after the offer closes...So likley to be easily placed we are drilling..... Wheres that 249D???? I expected things to go better......Feel free to say "I told you so"...I got it wrong to this point, though I still expect to make money (majorly diluted but lower risk)...
  13. Just watched Curtis on facebook....
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