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  1. G'day Plastic. Try: Free phone: 0800 148 148 Free fax: 0800 353 747 info@healthpost.co.nz www.healthpost.co.nz PO Box 9 Collingwood 7054 Golden Bay New Zealand / Aotearoa We get our supplies in Australia from https://www.australianvitamins.com/ They might be willing to ship to NZ, they are certainly well priced! Regards
  2. Just as things look good the ASX gets heavy handed.
  3. G'day Pepee, No to the Allopurinol. My kidney issue is cysts not stones. I am very wary of taking any drug as I have had a number of adverse reactions to things that should never have been prescribed in the first place. I try to stick with vitamins and amongst those has been about 1000mg/day of calcium ascorbate for the past 40 odd years.
  4. Hi Pepee, I have been taking Bio A for a few years. On rare occasions I run into a gout problem and have not noticed any improvement per favour Bio A. I have issues with kidneys and liver so I have annual blood tests for creatinine levels. Uric Acid is usually responsible for gout and certain foods will cause an increase in that. The two seem somehow interrelated when dehydration come into the equation. If I do the right thing and keep my diet reasonably low protein, watch the tomatoes and beer, I normally don't have too much of a problem. A few days of low water intake and my creatinine can be up around 135 and my big toe lets me know about it. If I don't take notice, my lower back soon gets involved and I have to resort to Indocid. (not good!) Bio A has been wonderful for reduction of allergies, prevention of bugs etc. I had a sudden gout experience a few months back, but as it was the first in a lot of years, I could not say that Bio A has helped or not. Regards
  5. G'day Arty, Another giveaway is usually the URL they want you to follow. Hovering the mouse pointer (NOT CLICK) will show the real URL, usually somewhere in Russia!
  6. Hi Arty, I had the same problem some time back, where wet days were slower than the normal slow! I live near the beach and it turned out the problem was in a Telstra pit up the road that was full of corrosion. Once they cleaned up the connections, I got an amazing turn of speed ( in comparison!)
  7. Mick, I had a similar problem some time back with a Telstra 3G/4G wireless router that for some crazy reason, was not passing the correct DNS settings to the PC. I got round that by fixing the ip addresses in the adapter settings and using Google's DNS FWIW
  8. Hi Mick, If your only problem is outgoing mail the problem is most likely the smtp server. You can check if bigpond has any issues at: http://servicestatus.telstra.com/servicest...?q=summary.html If they have no problems, I would look in Internet settings in control panel and see if some unwanted program has set a proxy server for you. Are you getting any peculiar redirections in your web browsing? that would further support the idea that something is rearranging things for you and you should run a scan on your system.
  9. The "Thanks" button problem seems to belong to Internet Explorer. Works fine in Firefox.
  10. Hi Pepee, A very interesting journal, parts of it are of particular interest to me personally. Thank you. - my thanks button is not working - disappointing.
  11. I don't know if it is meaningful, but another forum that previously banned discussion on SLA has lifted it's ban. I believe SLA were responsible for the ban in the first place and it would be interesting to know if they have had a hand in its removal. News may be forthcoming - I hope.
  12. Looks like the old girl is waking up!
  13. Bio-effective A could become a major player in all of this - if they can make enough of the stuff. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-07-24/infe...ug-risk/4841740
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