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  1. mme


    Better one to get onto IMO if and when it lists is Nico Labs. Watching the IPO space for it to list.
  2. A lot of guts and glory if they've held but looks like RAP is now on a winner. If FDA is approved year end early 2020 this IMO is going places big time!
  3. Been a long time coming but finally FGR looked to have the "T"s crossed and the "I"s dotted. Interesting year ahead.
  4. mme


    Yep ground hog day again by management! Shame too as like last time it stemmed the apparent positive upward trend! :devilsmiley:Looks like they've shaft the loyal shareholders too with their loyalty options sabotaged after this raising. Can't understand why they just didn't underwrite these options???
  5. Matter of interest have you or Charles spoken to the Company and asked what their future plans are particularly with share holders of SLA? I take on board previous comments made with regards to the delisting etc.
  6. mme


    It's looking good and IMO it still has a lot of mileage to go relative to it's peers!
  7. Company may well of been thought of as smoke and mirrors once before but it looks like Budge has hit the motherlode equivalent of metal 3D printing!
  8. mme


    I'm liking that gas flare at T2!! Very upbeat comments by Scott in the Annual Report. Fingers crossed!
  9. mme


    Know within a year's time and probably six months if this will be a multiple bagger! Happy holding as I'm feeling confident.
  10. Great announcement today!! Roll on Christmas!!
  11. mme


    Well let's hope it's an early Xmas present for us!! News shortly of what long term share holders have all been waiting for. All positive and we can expect the share price to be many multiples of current levels. Fingers crossed!!
  12. Good chance to promote the recent achievements but went with as you said nothing to see! Seeing some nice accumulation so I'm tipping the price won't dip too much and might even travel back over a buck again today! My thoughts only.
  13. Nice run on this one! Be interested to see whether $1 can be breached in the next week or two as the word gets out of their latest achievements!
  14. Yes mate further grants and a couple of million of dollars of options well in the money due to be excised before years end.
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