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  1. The numbers rushing into the programs are pretty astounding: "SHOPPERS are switching loyalty from other carriers to Qantas as a result of the alliance with Woolworths, which has delivered 700,000 new members to the airline's frequent flyer program in less than six months." "Since the tie-up went live in June, Mr Hickey said 1.7 million of the 4.2 million Woolies cards in circulation had linked their cards to the frequent flyer program." http://www.theage.com.au/business/woolwort...91203-k8x2.html Looks like Woolies have got it right again...
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    James Brown teaches us to .
  3. Three clips from CDs I've reviewed in the past 10 days: Cold Sweat Chan Chan
  4. If you want some sense of the likely strategies of an acquirer of Foster's you might want to look at InBev's strategy with Anhueser-Busch (as reported in WSJ (http://digg.com/d1ptv9)). There was a lot of fat to trim. Have to assume such a duopolist as Foster's would be pretty similar.
  5. I suspect any likely acquisiton premium is already being priced in. Fosters still doesn't represent a clean beer play for any potential global acquirers due to the very poorly performing wine division. The recent announcement that half the Aussie winery properties are up for sale doesn't smell of particularly clever timing either (surely there'll be big losses to write off there)...
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    It is big news. Here's what I had to say about it on my blog yesterday </h2>
  7. Here's what I wrote about this on my blog yesterday:
  8. Very good question Zio Ricco. I have been stunned by the enormous size of the Bs in my collection (70+ with probably a good 30 to go). I suspect the biggest might well be "t" followed by "s" and maybe "w"... A histogram may well be worth doing... Keep an eye on the blog to see how I go..
  9. They are just going from strength to strength... also points to the difference between US and Australia during GFC - our retail sector is holding up very well (as seen in HVN's reporting, JBH's sales performance, and also in Westfield's retail data (see inside their most recent reports to ASX where comparisons between the US and Aussie centres show startling differences).
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    No discussion of their recent moves?!? It seems a big mia culpa to admit that the brand portfolio is misaligned and too large... and perhaps opportunistic to (finally) shut down all Aussie manufacturing.
  11. And the market has been very happy with outcome. Up 14.8% today on results release...
  12. I am currently listening to ancient Beck album One foot in the grave. It's all part of my endeavour to listen to and review every abum in my collection... 38 down and about 1200 to go!! See it at http://onealbumaday.wordpress.com/
  13. I'm pretty sure this doesn't consitute a "finance" book per se, as it is about the experiences of starting a business: Brewing up a Business by Sam Caglione (founder of one of the US's most successful and extreme microbrewers. Also can highly recommend Christos Tsiolkas' "The Slap".
  14. This fund manager seems very enthusiastic about JB too: Making Money in a Broken Economy
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