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  1. ncm up 3% today, and lgl 0.5% ?????
  2. mysterious


    when do we need to pay the $7.75 per share spp by ?
  3. At A$4.60 per share doesn't look very attractive
  4. mysterious


  5. mysterious


    Is Uncle Barry and King Baz the same person ?
  6. mysterious


    "The well was subsequently cased and cemented.....At 0830 hours Western Standard Time today, the well was being prepared for completion as a production well....." How do you interpret the above statement ?
  7. Hope that they didn't leave it too late to play they game. AM and his team are quite eager to get their incentives from Minmetals.
  8. good timing. i was too slow.
  9. are you guys planning to sell them or hang on until the next drill update ?
  10. I got the same reminder. I'll confirm with them about the date-stamped tomorrow. Hope there aren't any coming bad news from AED.
  11. Is it too late sending the spp by mail ?
  12. this current sp level is not for the short term is it ? still more announcements to come, hmmm wonder how big the new discovery will be.
  13. Some brokers believe that PH will likely be sold off to BHP, so why is there a need to sell PH ? http://business.theage.com.au/business/oz-...90429-ando.html
  14. looks like kb will be doing the nudie run soon http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/weirdsmiley.gif
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