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  1. I rest my case. Incapable of answering a question. Enjoy the threads.
  2. Visit the guy in the rubber room? Give you your meds? Offer something more interesting than your endless drivel about companies that have zero relevance to PYC (yet)? Offer something different to your 5 year old drivel about Enumerate or Old Man Doug? I could go on but let's just assume instead that I posted something that helped me understand a little more about MYC and thought it relevant so I shared it. Let me ask you a straight question Plastic andI'll bet you don't answer it because you are like that. Do you acknowledge the hypocrisy of your unfounded accusation that I was inferring the article was PYCs work (I made absolutely no comment - it is all in your head) compared to your actual inference that PYCs shareprice somehow has any link to ARWR? You have 2 consecutive posts implying this and I said nothing.
  3. What inference? Because I posted it on PYC thread? You hypocrite - you bang on and on and ON about ARWR and Merck and anyone else that has nothing to do with PYC and when I put up an interesting article about MYC just to share then suddenly I am inferring it is PYCs work. Go back to talking to yourself.
  4. http://mobile.the-scientist.com/article/45...lps-cancer-hide
  5. We are aligned in one aspect - I sincerely hope you are right.
  6. "Some smarty pants are just to cock sure and glib for their own good. " Woah plastic - don't be so hard on yourself. Some of us pop into your padded cell occasionally to chat so you don't feel too lonely but no need disparage yourself. Just cause you have got nothing right in countless years of talking about PYC doesn't mean you won't one day. Just keep trying.
  7. LOL. Surely your buyout is coming one day right - you have a 100% fail rate so far. You are the Donald Trump of SS! Why don't you come and join us on HC?
  8. Totally depends on how fast you need the cash back. Online 'at call' savings takes a couple of days to get to for larger amounts. TDs much harder to break nowadays without penalties. I've just ended up putting it back into the market via high div ETF (VHY) cause the fully franked yield was about 10% and I ended up deciding that from here the 7-8% buffer over cash rates covers the risk.
  9. No idea. Yes BioExec is from someone like that - he/she apparently got to see the inside of PYC tech about 4 years ago and while they deride PYC on HC he/she have apparently been helpful within their firm If the guess on who it is is correct. I believe PW was in the UK last month (CancerUK collaboration grant maybe?) not US but RH was at JPM and had so further meetings afterwards - don't know who with of course but there was a trip to NE USA I believe. There are a few interested in the current direction and I believe Genetech oncology has been in touch since the other Genentech deal was done a year a go - who knows if that has legs. I think you have to assume the current strategy is what it is - they are going underground to produce a data pack for the 2nd half of this year that they believe will secure a multi hundred million dollar deal or valuation - at least that's the aim . . .
  10. It's new for me cause most of the other times I knew who was buying - always exciting when you don't know who is buying and a 10m+ day is a good day for PYC.
  11. Interesting trading activity for once . . .
  12. There seem to be a few pubs in Walgett . . .
  13. I don't know but I'm more interested in who they are meeting with after the conference. If you can figure that out you might get a picture of who might be interested in your ever predicted takeover.
  14. I'm losing track. Is it Monday? Tuesday? Jan 31st? Feb 26th or 20 days earlier? I will acknowledge that there seems to be a little sneaky buying going on which seems to have come from no where but coincidentally soon after the JPM fiesta so I have opened 1 eye to what is going on over the next couple of months . . . .
  15. You have been consistent if nothing else.
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